Ryu Tier without Daigo

What do you guys think ryu’s tier position would be if daigo wasnt using him?

Also, if i look at any tier list and take away the daigo factor for winning, i would say certain matchups should score different.

ryu would have bad matchups against:
guile, abel, dictator, boxer, dhalsim, rose, fei long, and adon.

his akuma matchup would be even.

also, how come dhalsim vs ryu is not considered a 7-3 matchup? i mean the best ryu in the world has to counter pick against ryan hart, who doesnt even main dhalsim.

i understand that sabin has to say this matchup is even or maybe 5.5 in dhalsim’s favor -> he is the sim player :). obviously he doesnt want anyone to take away from his performance against daigo.

If daigo didnt play as ryu in vanilla then ryu wouldnt have received the nerfs to his dp in ssf4. Ryu is the victim of daigos success and therefore all ryu mains suffer as a result of the nerfs that follow. Sim vs ryu is prob 7-3 8-2 in sims favour, lets see if sim gets nerfed. Boxer should have to fadc is headbutt to land u1. I dont see sim or boxer being nerfed. Daigo should start playing with boxer or sim to prevent further nerfs.

None of this is true. It is all your personal speculations.

None of this is true. It is all your personal speculations.

None of this is true. It is all your personal speculations.

Did someone just call sim-ryu 8-2? lol…

at least Seth Killian acknowledges that it’s pretty much only Daigo making Ryu look that beastly. now if only that translated into Ryu not getting nerfed anymore…

The fact that he can make Ryu that beastly just means that we aren’t using Ryu to his full potential…

I agree. I think Ryu is fine. Everyone has bad matchups.

His tier position? Probably the same. Would Ryu be winning as many majors? Hell no. People would have no reason to bitch at all about Ryu if Daigo wasn’t playing him, as there isn’t any other Ryu player that wins so consistently.

I see what you saying but if that is the case then whats not to say some chars who are gettings buffs shouldnt be simply because they dont have a player like daigo to expose their true potential?

Exactly :). Imagine daigo mained another char, would ryu be getting buffed and the other char getting nerfed??

I pretty much made my opinion on this clear in the other thread. Tier listings are based on a few things such as the opinions of top players as well as tournament rankings. If you take out Daigo, then no one would see Ryu used at that level and he would not have anywhere near the same kinda tournament success (seriously, name another Ryu who consistantly wins at tournaments… yah, you failed). To the dude who said “if Daigo uses Ryu that way then we obviously dont use him to his potential” No offesnse but this is absolute BS. Daigo could pick nearly anyone in the cast and win with them because hes that good (and dont sight his use of Cammy at SVB as a counterpoint, hed hardly used Cammy that much).

Ryu is absolutely fine in Super. hes not top tier. He is good but not great. Now some peeps are gonna say his footsies are insane. REally?! They are nearly the exact same same as kens (c.mk is the exact same hitbox for both characters except for like 1 frame here or there and Ken gets the awesome F.MK and F.FK). His footsies are nowhere near as good as Rogs. His ultra isnt as good as Abels. He has a reversal SRk, sure, but that shit gets you killed in no time. There is no single reason why Ryu should be considered as “great.”

Now I know some you bitches are gonna cry cause you lose to Ryu. Guess what? Thats cause youre shit. and its because of you noobs that Capcom are doing this, because everyone cries “theres too many Ryus!!!” and loses to them. Thing is, nerfing Ryu is not gonna make him less popular (not by much anyway). His popularity has nothing to do with his power, but is rather because he is the most archetypal character in the roster and cause peeps grew up playing him. so yah, nerf him. He’ll still be popular. Bitches will still cry. nothing will be accomplished. But meh… dont take my word for it. In a few months this shit will become clear anyway.

Itt: Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

I hate ryu (it’s all I see online, plus I main honda so it’s not fun) but this post is 100% full of win

Lets put it one way, if daigo dropped ryu today and changed to full time guile we’d soon see people saying guile has insane normals, his sonic boom charge is too short, his air throw is broken, his AA’s are awesome yada yada yada. To put it simply, ryu isnt broken, daigo is.

People forget Daigo uses chars that fit his style, but he doesn’t exactly go out and pick mid/low tier either. In ST, he used Boxer and Ryu, both very good chars. In this game, uses Ryu and some Cammy, who now people are FINALLY seeing as top tier (took long enough). In 3S, used Ken. I don’t fully believe the statements of “Daigo can use anybody and win”. He’s a great SF player, not god people. He’s smart enough to use top/upper mid chars in every game

I don’t believe that, either. Case in point: [media=youtube]IimXkzeWu5I[/media]

Ryu would be mid tier without Daigo. Ryu is not that great of a character. People who complain about Ryu are stupid.

^ He played as rog who he hardly uses yet did OK. If he used Rog all the time hes win tournaments with him.