Ryu Final Volume 2 Discussion Thread

Didn’t use “Speculation and Spoiler” in the title like I usually do with SF related threads since it’s a little too soon, so I’ll just be talking in general here. Anyway, Street Fighter III Ryu Final Volume 2 is out now, make sure you pick it up, read it and then come back here to discuss! :woot:

Wow, just, wow! Ryu vs. Sagat was awesome! Gouki (Akuma) vs. Gouken was like a Dragon Ball Z fight, MASSIVE PROPERTY DAMAGE! :wow: It all came down to the final battle, Ryu vs. Gouki! Man what an intense fight! Sniff, sniff, it was beautiful man. :sad:

The conclusion to the back up story, “The Kanzuki” was great too. Only after reading that I have quite a hard time believing that Karin loses to Sakura. MAN KARIN IS ALL KINDS OF BROKEN! :lovin:

As usual big up to Studio Udon for translating Ryu Final along with Masahiko Nakahira’s Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) and Sakura Ganbaru! manga. I’ve had these books in Japanese for YEARS and I’ve been waiting a long time for them to be translated, so alls I can say is THANK YOU! :pray: :woot:

LOL what are you waiting for, GO GET IT! :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:

love the book but is akuma dead or not,and would you say ryu beat him,it look like gouken was going to do a rag demon on akuma?thanks

Oh thank god the book is out, now I have to wait for it to turn up in my country. Can’t wait!

Ryu Final


Yeah Gouki AKA Akuma’s not dead. If you pay careful attention to the dialog the answer is there. Hey if Ryu is still alive… :smile:

i picked up my copy today…it’s great to finally know what’s going on…but i think i gotta return it and get another copy. it’s weird, there are quite a few pages where the art doesn’t look…sharp. like, something messed up with the printing.

sano…does your vol have the same thing? here’s a page that might show what i’m talking about.


it’s like 3 pages after ryu blasted him pointblank with a hadoken. on that page, the top right panel is sean screaming “whoa whoa, akuma’s falling apart?”

take a look at the middle panel where ryu is EFFED up, and akuma tells him to pull himself together.

does the art look…kinda weird? if you have the untranslated original, you can definitely see what i’m talking about. it’s like it’s out of focus. a couple of pages are like that, and i’m kinda upset about it. if it’s the same, i guess i can save myself the trip to the store to exchange it.

This book was so good I kind of want it to be canon. After reading this it’s just ridiculous how much better Nakahira’s stuff is compared to Udon. I love the slightly philosophical angle to it, and the gorgeous artwork, just superb. Somehow there’s a depth to the characters as well, which is something which doesn’t show in Udon’s comic. " Must avenge my master! " That’s about all you get from Ryu in the Udon comic, however in this he has a real personality, and his goal seems much more noble.

Think I better pick up STREET FIGHTER ALPHA.

Are there any more volumes of Ryu Final left?

After the second one, nope, that’s it.

I cant find this in my book store anywhere :shake:

Comic Book stores and regular Book stores (Barnes & Noble, etc) recieve books on completely different days and I for one don’t keep track of regular book store dates or even know if they keep an online tracking system for them the way comic books do. Go to retailers in the store and ask them to check if it’s out or not. Though sometimes they give you wrong/useless information, they really do need a better system…

I went to like 3 different book stores at malls and what not. I asked about it and they all tell me they were supposed to get copies in feb. but never got any copies. So something tells me they were not informed about the push-back date and then failed to order.

I got a few questions…

1- Is this translated properly? What’s the deal with Akuma being a half-demon or whatever? I thought the whole demon BS was American Cacpcom’s doing?

2- Is Akuma “full demon” at the end after he starts falling apart? Where he looks kinda melty?

The short explanation is he’s not a demon. At all. 100% human. He has just gone beyond human limitations. A lot of that is along the lines of say, calling Wolverine a monster when there’s nothing supernatural about him.

Think along the lines of how video game, anime, and manga characters can accomplish amazing feats simply through training. In Dragon Ball, humans can learn to fly. In Hokuto No Ken someone can blow you up with one finger. Similarily this is where Gouki is at in his life.

Much of the dialog is symbolic, not literal. Demon as it is used isn’t referring to Gouki rising from hell or anything like that. Maybe the easiest explanation is how you call a boss a monster sometimes…

To leave you with a thought, in the SF Zero manga Ryu was struggling with SNH and that gave him the power to heal from a bullet wound. What if someone gave into it completely, what could they survive? Again, Ryu wasn’t a monster or anything. This is why you shouldn’t lose too much sleep over Gouki.

We have radiation and gamma rays, Japan has training. Get it? Got it? Good. :rofl:

I got from the story that Ryu died. I never expected that. Good to see Alex make an appearance at the end.

Have to say I probably preferred Vol 1 just because it had more characters drawn by Nakahira.

once again i’m thrilled that these are translated…but i gotta say though, i’m a wee bit disappointed with VOL 2.

i don’t know if they rushed this book…i mean, the 1st vol was close to immaculate…but then with this one, you have multiple typos, a few pages that weren’t printed properly and also framed incorrectly. i went back to the comic shop to exchange it…it’s better, in terms of what i posted a little earlier…but a few DIFFERENT pages still had that non-sharp look.

what happened udon? where was the quality control on this?

i’m happy to know what’s going on in the book and all…but it sucks that it couldn’t have been perfect.

my rating…VOL 1: 9 VOL 2: 7

^ Damn that sucks. My copy is perfect.

Crazydiamond: Did you read it all? Cos…

This was an awesome read, that for sure. I just hope Udon will put out Masahiko Nakahira’s original work “Hakaima Sadamitsu” aka Sadamitsu the Destroyer:woot::wgrin:

I didnt like the first translation of RF. All Im finding is RF1 and not RF2.

I really wish I could see an extended or continuation of this. Also in the last RF thread from a while back they said there was a Remix addition with extra Nakahira artwork in the back?

Indeed I wanted alot of this to be canon.

As kid when I saw this, it gave me so many ideas of a counter SGS super. I remember any fanfic I made too was somehow an extension of Ryu Final.

I noticed the US version is bigger. I think it was the problem when they printed from the smaller pics from the Japanese version. Also, I dont like the paper they printed this with. The JAP ver was like printer paper, the first volume felt like construction paper and had a slightly beige tint. Weirded me out.

SPOILERS: damn man, that sucks :wink:

I lost excitement after RF1. When I found out what they were actually saying, it lost a bit of wonder. It’s a rough translation / very literal. You’re nice to RF1. I’d give it a 7.

^ I like how literal the translation is. It just gives it this real melancholic vibe which is awesome.