Ryu Final Volume 2 Discussion Thread

To me it feels like it takes away the mysteriousness. It’s a nitpick but really I dont know how else they would do it for the english audience.

Anyone else get the feeling that the people who translated these didn’t get the sense of epicness of it. I always felt that Sakura and SFA the mangas by Nakahira were really cool, but I just dont get the sense of epic-ness like in Ryu Final.

It sounds odd but I kind of wish instead of releasing them all at around the same time, waiting for around SF4 to release the Ryu Final. Just for the sake of publicity I felt it deserved. It kinna feels like no one else besides us knows about RF.

I definitly know what you mean man. Ryu Final didn’t get as much publicity as it should have for it being as good as it is. I just heard about it maybe a month after Book Heaven came out only once. I just picked both of them up last week and they are pretty amazing. The amount of origin they put into it, even for the secondary characters is great, as well as the detailed description of how the Shun Goku Satsu works. BUT… I kinda wish they showed the Ken vs. Gill fight =[

I wish Barnes & Nobles and Borders Books would hurry up and at least ORDER this shit. The book is available. Why the fuck do they NOT have it?! My local comic books store (the only one that isn’t riding Marvel’s dick, and not carrying independent stuff) got 1 copy in 3 weeks ago, and they claim it will take them 5 weeks to get another one in. So the big bookstores are my best bet. At least I can look through all the copies they’ll get and pick the best-looking one (hopefully without scan errors). Now, wtf’s taking Udon so long to release this stuff (Kanzaki sf)? Are ALL the staff busy on the games (which, as far as I know, are only being worked on by the artists)?

Edit: Barnes & Noble had it. FINALLY. Pretty damn good. Naw, Crazy Diamond, he survived. Didn’t you see the scar?

what did you start typing that, go out for a break, and then get it? b&n doesnt have it here i feel the pain

It definitely felt epic to me. I wish this was kinda the official ending of SF. Though I would love more games to follow after the canon of SFIII before it happened.

I think that was the perfect ending to this particular manga. Hypothetically for the SF series, I wouldn’t mind it. It’d be a great ending. I think there might be a better way to end it similarly with tweaking. I would def like an ending like this rather than them just do a bunch of SFII and SFA re-versions.

Hopefully Nakahira will get to work with Capcom again

Yeah…kinda. I typed it yesterday before noon, then last night gave B&N one last call to ask them why they don’t have it, even thought their website has it. The guy who answered was like “Is it the volume labeled “Earth?” I have one right here in my hand.” I hauled ass out there, got it, and well, here we are. And no priniting errors. I was worried about that.

I found Heaven at my B&N and Earth at my Borders. Both only had 1 copy :confused:

I found it they had 2 copies left … I didnt have any money in my pocket though, just browsing. Cant wait to get it

How much do these Ryu volumes cover?

they cost about $13. they cover from ryu trying to figure out what a true warrior is to him finding oro , revealing a bit about ryus past and then ending pretty much with ryus fight with akuma

get it if you can

Truth is, we are doing our best to get more of these manga out on a more regular basis. It took us 3 years to convince all parties to make us the deal for the Nakahira trilogy. The Kanzaki mangas has some slight delays due to the new covers that we wanted Kanzaki-sensei to do for us. And once a book is late, Diamond need to “recount” their orders with the retailers, telling them “Hey, this book is finally coming out, do you need to adjust your order?”, and this “order adjustment” process takes another 3 weeks before they can get all the numbers back, and then send us an order, and we print, and ship.

All 6 volumes of the Nakahira Trilogy is out now. I know nowadays, Borders, becoz of the latest financial trouble, will not be ordering any new stock until they have sorted their problem out. Barnes and Noble do carry our SF books but on a limited basis (well, SF is no Naruto afterall…). Best bet is to get them from Amazon, which I know they have always been stocking up on our mangas, and they have a good discount too!

SFII (Kanzaki) #2 should be in stores already. #3 is shipping to Diamond before end of this month.

We actually have been trying to get more SF & Capcom mangas over. But nothing is set in stone. Will make the announcement when we got the contract signed!

everything sounds great,Erik! thank you so much for getting the Ryu Final translated over. it was great! can’t wait to Udon puts out their own sf 3 comics as well!

The drooling fan of Ryu Final, I, finally found the translated version and bought it. I got a few questions and comments and found a cool little link. I’ll post back

RYU FINAL shows how simply badass and incredible the street fighter 3 characters can be when given a little exposure. Nakahira, the artist, did an amazing job with all the characters. Every one of them is epic. Oro is funny, but an incredibly power master, indeed, and helps Ryu on his way to becoming a better martial artist.Hugo and Poison make a dynamic duo and may even bump into Ryu on their way to Momma’s house. If anyone thought Gill was ridiculous, think again, proving he be done chilling and extreme with an awesome appearance as well. Dudley, Elena, Alex, Sean, Yun and Yang(also a page with Necro and Effie, but not part of this story) round out the sf 3 cast, with Akuma, Adon, Sagat also featured in this manga. Each one of them is done amazingly well. Various other characters seen in flashbacks are also in it.

The Karin mini was excellent and funny. Nice to Dan as well. Anyone who is a street fighter fan should check this. Even if you are too familiar or just dislike the sf 3 characters, this mange still features a lot of Ken,Sagat,Akuma along with Ryu. Go check it out!


It seems I have missed out on some pretty interesting stuff. I have to see if I can track down a copy for myself. Thanks for the kick ass reviews.