Ryu combo video premiered at evo2k9

there was an extremely awesome combo video premiered on sunday created by the guy that runs sonichurricane.com, i forgot his name

does anyone know where i can find or view that video online?
i tried sonic hurricane but had no luck

My guess is wait for the 2009 dvd or whatever site that was hosting everything for 15 bucks or something. I’m sure someone will try to post a bootleg version somewhere but doubt it would be up for very long.

this one? [media=youtube]ekPjLbdTJAA[/media]

Give me a day or two yeah? Trying to sort a couple things out but i’ll have it for you asap.

Don’t bother watching that terrible u2b version. The real video runs at 59.94 frames per second, not 5. Also it has a top right corner.

That is good news!

Impressed a lot of people with your Ryu combo vid. Nice job you did on the video.

gs maj!!

i like the crowd reaction

Great stuff Maj! The transitions blew me away!

This was too sweet! Always good shit from you Maj! Standing ovations well deserved.

thanks! it was really great, i loved it

hope you really can get it up asap cause im dying to get a nice quality version of it

wow maj these people waste no time leeching on your hardwork by putting it on youtube right after the event.

About that, any idea how that guy managed to download it from ustream? I tried a bunch of different things but nothing worked for me.

the one posted here was shot with a camera phone. I haven’t seen any others yet…

The first time I saw the video, I thought you have a lot of luv for Ryu, you brought the best of him to the whole street fighter freaks out there. I can’t hate on them, good stuff g, next year I’ll buy you some hennessy n coke and will try to provide some ladies in the mix! you in san diego, holler at thehater619

“more hate bring loves” the hater619

Isn’t it the one from the Evo stream? You can hear the commentators at the beginning, and the entire thing is still on ustream. In fact the one on youtube still has the ustream logo in the corner. Maybe he used some ghetto screen capture software to rip it, because i couldn’t find a way to download from ustream.

I’m guessing a screen recorder.

the rest of the videos on his account are copies of the stream. I’m not sure how he did it (was at evo so didn’t need to do it lol).

maybe he had his computer monitor hooked up to a VCR or something and recorded it like that. which would explain why he’s still on saturdays footage and none of the finals on sunday (unless some moral code told him to only do the semis and 5 on 5…)

You can download from ustream using Replay Media Catcher or Replay Video Capture. RVC records anything you inside a custom sized window, while RMC records the actual stream. Lots of other apps can record RTMP streams btw.


Just checked that youtube link of the combo vid. Some really slick editing. Great work Maj.

that was sick!!

I cannot believe the legendary editing that went on there. This was just an amazing video all the way around.