Russian Nazi lynched in Cancun, Mexico

Good luck with that.

Dude made a video talking about how he raped a woman and then stalked her so she wouldn’t go to the cops.

Yeah, i’m just gonna go ahead and not feel bad about this one. :coffee:

Russian Nazis don’t really seem like they would be a thing. I don’t know anything about this guy, but he was living in mexico while saying this stuff, correct? I am surprised he lived this long.

They technically shouldn’t, but they really fucking are and they are terrifying. Mid 00s they made it a point to release vids online of them stomping random minorities in Russia. Some of them were just ass kickings in publics, a few people they kidnapped, tortured and then released.

those guys are not fucking around.

He made videos berating people in mcdicks, stomping on kids ice cream at the beach and pushing old women down like it was funny.

Before they rushed his house he stabbed and killed a teenager and the cops didn’t do shit because he “locked himself in his house”.

He community took shit into their own hands… good on them.

Natural Selection at work.

Don’t fuck around in Mexico kids.

Lofl, didn’t like a mob attack him and he and up kill one of the mob memebers?

Extra lol at anybody east of Germany being a “nazi” given how they felt about slavs.

Super lolz at going to Mexico and starting shit with locals.

According to most of the sources, the guy was classified as mentally ill before he left Russia.

This piece of shit got what he deserved. They should have went harder on him though and the headlin should read:

man who beat and murdered local citizens gets vigilante justice

Well no shit. Did you think normal people are nazis, who walk around assaulting people, making up bogus stories, and being racist as shit in a city surrounded by all the very people he supposedly hates. lol

Dumb fucks did a poor job simply killing him. Then recording it to snitch on yourselves is also stupid. Dumb fucks couldnt even kill this prick quietly and efficiently in mexico of all places. lol

Yeah, its really funny how many people that technically nazis wouldve gladly murdered, picked up this ideology. Just shows how stupid racist always are. Thinking their white skin alone was just all that mattered. They didnt even at least create some new racist shit. They just piggy backed off nazis. Running around with a fucking swastika still like hitler didnt jack that shit from the indians(brown folk). lol

In a perfect world, all racist would be burned alive. Not the oh i think they racist, but not really racist. Those ones that are out and about, and proud of this nonsense. Toss em in a fire. Aint nobody got time for that.

Yeah dude, Mexico has like the worst violence problem in the world, and we are descendants of what’s arguably the most blood thirsty culture in existence, but that doesn’t mean normal folks are gonna be efficient with murder.

Must be nice living in a world where Syria resolved its problems.

this is what happens when ur 42 and dont know how to separate online from irl and try to shitpost racism in the real world

Lets ignore how syria is only a provlem because obama funded and backed foreign rebels who would use citizens as meat shields.

Ayria problem ia people running from isis, not fellow citezens killing one another

Ill adnut thst you finally got me ramkn

The fuck?