Running Mates: Teams/Assists

Who supports Haggar well? Who does Haggar support well? Does he work with them better as an assist only or as the main pointman? Whatever teams you find that work great for the Champion of Metro City, post them here and discuss! I’ll add more teams later with explanations of why and how they work as we develop them!

More later

--------Teams with Haggar as an Assist---------

From what I’ve seen (pure theoryfighting) Haggar goes great with Arthur.

Their DHC’s work together (Rapid Punch into Bracelet)

Arthur’s projectile assists can help Haggar get in and Haggar’s invincible Lariat assist can help keep people off Arthur.

i was think arthur too…if im totally awful with iron man i might switch it up to him.

I came to this place because i heard about haggars lariat, and im thinking he’d go well with MODOK and trish, since im thinking about using them anyways.

I just wrecked at a tourney using Hagger pluss Aurthur with super armor fire bottle assist, it was ridiculous

Haggar assist goes well with any projectile in my opinion. However if you reverse it and put are Haggar and saaayyy you use chun li’s lightning kick assist and connect you can do Haggars pile driver super…havent’ tried it but should work.

You can’t land grabs off of hit or block stun, so comboing into grab hyper won’t work.

Dog cold star works well for Haggar, as do Doom rocks. Both help pin the opponent down for Haggar to advance. Cold star in particular because it beats most other projectiles. You can Assist+:d::h: then tech towards them, having the assist cover Haggar’s recovery.

I Think Magneto would work good with Haggar

A possible setup would be Sentinel / Magneto / Haggar.

You could OTG with magneto’s assist and Sentinel’s and Haggar’s assist should cover both Sentinel and Magneto good from rush-down, and you will always have a otg pickup.

or do someone disagree?

Personally, I’m thinking Chris/Haggar/Taskmaster. Chris benefits from Haggar lariat shutting down rushdown and Taskmaster’s sexy anti-air arrows. Haggar befits from Chris’s projectiles and the Task anti-air. Taskmaster just plain kicks ass regardless of partners.

Ive played the game quite a few times over the past week and as of now i have been using Haggar on point with Storm vertical tornado and Doom’s air missles. I like Storm’s assist because it gives me some room to come in and rush, Doom’s assist however is way better and here’s why. When I call out Doom, it takes a while for the missles to rain down, I chase down with the opponent with jumping towards down + S ( the midair pipe ). Midair down + S has great range and puts the opponent in some decent blockstun, those enabling you to pursue with this move with relative ease. IF down + S connects, you can link into Abortion Punch Super EASILY (by this time the missles will come down and rain down during the last couple hits of the super, thus interrupting the super and stopping your super animation, there might be a way to tag on more hits while the missles are raining down, but I havent experimented yet)

Darkshine, you have a good point!

I will definitely try that setup out when i get the chance :slight_smile:

or you maybe could combin both setup’s with a Chris / Haggar / Magneto. Magneto is great and fun to play. nice with a good otg assist also!

Ironman(unibeam), Taskmaster(h shot) Haggar(lariat) helps haggar get in and lariat keeps them locked down with doing rush with task or ironman. The DHC’s are really good on this team as well. lots of CKC’s

I agree with Darkshine completely. I’m finding Chris to be a good running mate for Haggar. Haggar’s Lariat assist is practically tailor made for Keep away/Chippers like Chris.

I’m getting the game tomorrow. Thinking about running Haggar (Lariat)/Iron Man (unibeam)/Skrull (tenderizer). I’ll be up late tomorrow so I’ll post stuff as I find it and see if I can find a good team for Haggar.

The more I think about it, the more I think Chris/Haggar/Taskmaster or Chris/Haggar/Doom sounds like the way to go. Really, it all comes down to whether I’d like a better assist or a more versatile third character.

Also, Chris/Haggar/Task is now officially Team Swaggar. The misspelling of swagger is very much intentional and for reasons which should be obvious.

This is an exact team i’ve been experimenting with, except I start Haggar on point and Sent as 3rd.

I still think its a bit early to edit the OP but in a few days when we learn more about these teams I will add info.

I’m using Taskmaster/Sentinel/Haggar at the moment. Haggar is mostly used as an assist, but Rapid Punches is a decent DHC from Plasma Stone, which is a good DHC from the airborne Legion Arrow that ends a lot of Taskmaster combos.

I’m using sentinel and haggar, my third character keeps changing, havent found a good fit yet, but sentinels Sentinel force (upward) is a fantastic way to cover haggars approach, So far its the best tool for the job, there may well be better ones out there, but I havent found them yet.


double lariat is THE BEST MOVE EVAR for protecting sentinel from rushdown, when you see they are about to get in, you just call haggar and backdash. Your opponent eats a lariat and with sentinel you can combo them out of it, its especially nice if they are relying on an agressive assist to try and set up some sort of unblockable, if you back dash out quickly you ruin their plans and your all set to X-Factor cancel and then go into sentinels sparky hand thing and kill two characters before they can say FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

The two of them also provide two VERY different strategys, if your opponent seem completely immune to your keep away antics as sentinel, swap to haggar and see how quickly they can adjust to the sudden change in playstyle. So far people dont seem to cope with that kind of shift very well, one minute they are trying their damndest to get in your face, the next that is basically suicide, if they dont recognize the difference quickly they get reamed for their error in judgement.