Run it back

Hey srk… i would like to let you know about a little group were forming in Nor Cal called Runitback.

So far we’re a group of people trying to keep CVS2 alive.

We have been attending the new Southtown arcade ran bats (in SF) which are being streamed by iplaywinner.We also just held a 16 man side tourney at the MGL tight or fight tourney (milpitas glof land). Last year we had 25 people sign up for CVS2 at evo and only one setup… this year I think we want to at least double that. This group is held up by Mr. Warzard , 2000watts and LionX. Please show support if you still want to play CVS2. Contact us if you want to get involved to just send us some info on your local tourney so we can advertise it on our blog. Srk and Evo are going to support the new stuff , thats a given but we dont have to let it die.

blog: (updates on tourneys and matches, lets us know about yours)
youtube channel:

shout out to Leezy for coming out and taking our money.

Tyram… where are you, you got second at evo … you dont live that far away, come out to a Southtown ranbat.

Southtown ranbat… old school games…

CVS2,3s,Super Turbo
sunday, Nov 27 2011
Southtown Arcade

opens at 3pm

Awsome thing you guys are doing there.

Southtown just held its November ran bat . Here are the vods…

Stay tuned for upcoming ranbats and checkout the blog for upcoming events

Hey yo! I think I played you at mgl. I was the day 1 scrub ken rock cammy

This game just needs to come out on xbl/psn already.

well if we dont hype this shit up with wont happen… south town ranbats are back so nor cal will be streaming some competition soon

If anyone has recent tournament footage of a scene in the US please pm me the link , I would like to get the word out that this fucking godlike game is still being played and get exposure for the game

brb buying plane ticket

we are on the front page of shoryuken… hype that cvs2 up …

listen to some of my commentary and watch me get embarrassed by Ghost’s S groove… there will be more ranbats and probably some other tournaments held by
runitback group so stay tuned to the blog …

nak regeneration+win was hilarious

We (me, Rugal B, caliagent, BMore Chun) were playing yesterday at Xanadu Monthly tournament in Baltimore.

Gonna play more.

Good deal! Hope you guys come out to Evo this year. Last year everybody flaked :frowning:

just subscribed to all of your links! if i cant play, next best thing is to watch!

Why you guys playing this still? All the “pros” said Sf x tekken is the new Cvs2. Kappa

WHO the fuck are these “pros”? because other than the large roaster, sfxtekken is NOTHING like cvs2.

hey bro, gems = grooves AMIRITE?!?!?

Lol comparing that broken SFxT to Capcom vs SNK2 is an insult. That’s one broken game. :slight_smile:

Edit: Calling this… travesty a game is giving it too much credit. It’s a broken, messy scrubfest. I’m sorry, people can play what they want but still…

cvs2 is broken too but on a VERY different level/scale.

I don’t know if I’d call it “broken”, but it has it’s imbalances. I don’t see it as bad as Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter 3.

But the thing is, the powerful stuff is out of reach of the vast majority of gamers. It takes a lot of practice and execution to pull of roll cancels or the paint the fence/shosho consistently. Compared to what you can do in games now with little to no effort.

I agree with you somewhat. The powerful stuff is on a different scale, wouldn’t call it “broken” though. Different thoughts I guess.

Also when I call SFxTekken broken I mean broken in terms of many glitches, mechanics, weird bugs and things that just make the game almost unplayable. Not even talking about character balance so much.

I said it before and I will say it again, I dont mind easier/forgiving inputs. I WANT people to be able to do things and have hopes of winning. I just dont want the game itself to be so fucking retarded(ie marvel3).

yeah cvs2 has more balance issues than ‘broken’ I guess.