Rumble Fish 2 Announced!

I can hardly wait… :tup: :pleased:


Loke test is this weekend.

Oh joy.

lol i didn’t even know part one was out.

Really? I coulda sworn I heard CTF had Rumble Fish, at least for a little while :confused:

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the dates are apparently the days of the loke test, not the release date.

was the first one any good?

Ehh, so-so. A lot of people think it’s too slow, and the gameplay is kinda broke, plus the small roster of 9 characters (10 if Greed is set to be playable w/ the atomiswave password) turned people off (I guess there’s so few characters because they obviously spent a lot of time making the game look absolutely gorgeous.).

I still liked it though… and I hope this sequel will up the pace a tad and fix some of the problems.

Really? I coulda sworn I heard CTF had Rumble Fish, at least for a little while :confused:

It’s in the Chinatown area, not at CF. And yeah, the general consensus was that the game was too slow.

If they can tweak the gameplay so it doesn’t devolve into (chain hit -> combo -> reset into chain) or (blocked chain -> guardbreak -> combo -> reset into chain…), then it could be great. Maybe tone down chains or something. Just give the game some variety instead of just rushing down into resets all day.

I think the graphic style could mean a great future for 2D fighters, especially if they tweak the animation/limbs a bit.

Here’s hoping for some positive feedback from the loke test.

dash crouching short xx combo all fucken day. the game does look pretty though!

The was kinda slow but the combos were fast, overall though the cancels made it broken. Was like Marvel on Normal Speed without SJs and assists

Ah yes. I saw that link on the site with the #R matches. Never played the first one…I wonder how good the second one will do.

The first one kinda sucks.

Game needs a turbo/speed adjust…
…or maybe that’ll be in the next version, Rumble Fish 2 Turbo?

2-D gaming is ALIVE.

Me wants it!


I still haven’t played the first one…grrr

Here’s some info from CHAZmaru at MMcafe:

4 newcomers (Cheryl, Mito, Bazuu & Rad), new system with LP+LK, three stocks for OA and DA gauges, Orville has a few changes

Can we get some images/photos? I’ve heard of the first game, but never saw any media. I’d be interested in seeing an Atomiswave fighting game.

Awesome, this is pretty hot. Now all we need is a North American release of the PS2 port (stranger things have happened - looks at Katamari Damacy), and I’ll be in heaven.

Drives to Richmond Hill to play Rumble Fish and eat Korean BBQ