Rugal Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

Just the facts:

far and close s.LP 500 +5/+5

far and close s.MP 1100 -8/-8

close s.HP 1300 -14/-14

far s.HP 1100 -12/-12

d.LP 400 +5/+5

d.MP 1000 -1/-1

d.HP 400+1200 -10/-10

close s.LK 600 +2/+2

far s.LK 500 +2/+2

close s.MK 1200 0/0

far s.MK 1100 -10/-10

close s.HK 1300,1100 -9/-9

far s.HK 1500,1300 -8/-8

d.LK 300 +2/+2

d.MK 1000 -4/-4

d.HK 1500 knockdown/-9

j.MK 1000

Cross-up attack.

j.HP 1400

j.HK 1500

punch throw
2000 damage
52 pixels
3 frame startup

kick throw
52 pixels
5 frame startup
2100 damage



LP 800 -4/-4 15/40
MP 900 -5/-5 15/40
HP 1000 -5/-5 15/40


All versions
1100,1000 knockdown/0 19/63


All versions have no upper body invincibilty frames.

LK 1100+400,400 knockdown/-22
11 frames feet invincibility


All versions have 13 frame startup, -23 on the block.


Rugal’s Supers:

qcf, qcf+K

qcf, hcb+P

Move Comments/Opinions:

far and close s.LP

Beats your opponents pokes. Safe to whiff. Very useful.

far and close s.MP

Most reliable anti-air.

close s.HP

Cancelable. Hits mid, but will whiff on all crouching girl characters with the exception of King and Cammy. If you’d rather not worry about your close attack whiffing on crouchers or not, always use close s.HK in combos instead.

far s.HP

Book says to use this move, but I can’t understand the Japanese…

Far s.HP is reasonably safe when blocked and does good guard damage. You can use it at the end of a block string when it’s no longer a good idea to do reppus. It’s also a good whiff punishing move for small characters in instances where crouching fierce will whiff. Of course when you have the meter, it’s still always better to do standing forward -> super to punish whiffs instead.


+5 frame advantage makes this move very useful.


Four frame cancelable attack. Can be used for punishing and will link after a meaty close s.MK. Other use is as cross-up defense. Do it late for best results. Rugal will turn around.


Not cancelable in any way, but this move has a lot of range. Poke your opponent or punish their whiffs with this when you’re confident they won’t try to roll on you (as it is a rollable 44 frames total…).

close s.MK

A powerful meaty attack. Potential +10. Move is cancelable as well. Corner --> Counter hit close s.MK xx hcf+K —> Death Juggle.

-Meaty close s.MK, d.MP xx super!

far s.MK

Far range. Super cancelable. This move is amazingly useful. Blocked Bison two hit scissors kick --> far s.MK xx level 3 --> death!

close s.HK

Book says to use this move. It comes out in only four frames, so it makes great anti-air/anti-cross-up attempt whenever you’re opponent is jumping from close.

When using this move for combos, keep in mind that only the initial frames of are special cancelable. In other words, be quick!

far s.HK

I don’t use this move. It’s slow and hits high. Is this suppose to be an anti-air attack? s.MP is way better if you ask me.


Three frame, rapid-fire low attack. This move is very important. It’s 90% of Rugal’s up close offense game. Short, short xx super. Enough said…


Five frame low attack. Good range too. Cancelable. Use it!


One of the best sweeps in the game. Look at that damage. 1500 is huge. The best part about something that damaging is that it always takes off a CHUNK of guard meter whenever you use it in a blocked string. Fast 6 frame startup, far range, cancelable into Reppuken.


Cross-up attack.


Looks deceptively like startup for Air Dark Smasher special. Fake your opponents out with this move all day.


Ten frame startup is really slow. Unless you’re low jumping, the “coffin kick” is probably best to use only when the opponent’s dizzy.

punch throw

Sets up all sorts of CRAZY mixups in the corner.



Jab reppuken is one of the best meaty attacks in the entire game. In the corner, Rugal can combo anything he wants after making the opponent block or eat one. Dash up, throw too!


Rugal is even on frames after hitting with this. Will combo off a counter hitting, medium attack. An excellent, highly useful special.


All versions are bad anti-air (unless you’re roll canceling), so don’t bother with these for that purpose.

LK 1100+400,400 knockdown/-22
11 frames feet invincibility

A great psychic dp move.


All versions have 13 frame startup, -23(!) on the block. So combo this special always. Only scrubs do this move at random.


Rugal’s Supers:

(Too much damage to list. I can’t contain the power…)


*Contributors so far (keep it coming!):

Hey man, thanks for the post! BTW, in C-groove, after i counter hit, I think Rugals counter hit was genocide cutter right? The opponent will fly a little… to execute the death juggle, should I dash up to the falling opponent catching him with med. kick then dark barrier(qcf+k)? Would that really juggle the opponent? And how many times can this be done? (I was hoping this can be cycled for many times if not infinity)

I tried to link any special move with Rugal’s far MK (the sweeping-like), but I just can’t! Maybe you mean the other MK (the knee?) BTW, when you say Death Juggle, did you actually mean his special Genocide Heaven?, coz I misinterpret you bud. I though when you said “Death Juggle” means you can MK+dark barrier in the corner all day long (infinity).

far standing fierce is very safe if blocked, does good guard damage, so you can use it at the end of a block string when it’s no longer a good idea to do reppus. It’s a good punisher for small characters because if you try to punish cammy with crouching fierce it’ll wiff. of course, if you have a super meter it’s better to do standing forward -> super to punish pokes.

I have to disagree with you saying close standing fierce as a better combo started. True, close s. fierce isn’t as tight on the distance as standing roundhouse (by only one or two pixels anyways), but it WIFFS when standing roundhouse will always connect. All the little bitches like sakura and cammy can duck under standing fierce with ease, so use standing roundhouse instead.

I play Rugal in K groove because his supers are just too damn good, and running helps him even though his hop is also very good. Short short wall super takes off more than half life, ratio 1 or 2 regardless. now if only he had a teleport then I can fight A-Sakura :smiley:

Actually, Cammy can’t duck under either of Rugal’s fierces. All the other girls can though (except King, but she’s manly anyway).

Hmm… I must of gotten the two moves mixed up. Alright, I’ll edit the post.

I think Rugal’s strongest groove is either P or K. Any groove where his level 3 super is the main focus.

C-groove Pros:
-great dash
-can store level 3 super
-Level 2 corner cancels do a LOT of damage
-doesn’t need low jump, since his jump is low already

C-groove Cons:
-Level 2 wall grab super will NOT combo at the most random times. After I did short, short xx super? After a d.MK that’s just one pixel out of range? Arrgg!! :mad:

*C-Rugal CAN do d.LK, d.LK, d.LK xx level 2 kick super xx wall grab… But that just seems like a total waste to me.

P-groove Pros:
-great dash
-can store level 3 super
-he doesn’t need the level 2 to do an enormous amount of damage in the first place
-parry, combo into wall grab --> instant control (since opponent is cornered)
-low jump, coffin kick or cross-up j.MK

-can be cheesed to death by A-Sakura

K-groove Pros:
-the damage!
-low jump, coffin kick or cross-up j.MK
-running down fierce or sweep xx reppuken

-can be cheesed


I think S and A-groove are for scrubs, so forget that.

So anyway, yeah, I think P-groove is the best Rugal. Anybody want to argue with me?

Anybody want to explain death juggles and all that good stuff in the Rugal Strategies and Tactics thread? List the combos with the damage/stun, followups, setups, etc… Whoever posts first gets the credit. :slight_smile:

k,n, and c are his best grooves imo.

k is self explanatory. too much damage with very little effort.

n is great because you always have access to bar. any wall press followed by a level 1 is a great incentive. you get run and low jump to add pressure and continue to build bar. and you still have a damaging level 3 if you decide to break stock. and of course rc’s always help. very solid.

with c, you get to play him more defensively but his level 2 cancels are way too damaging. and you always have one at bay so the ability to cause nasty damage is there.

for me, i think he needs run though. i don’t like his dash. i’ll admit it’s really good, but with run he just feels more aggressive and you can keep your opponent on the run.

Um, I don’t know the damage or stun on either of these, but I believe his most damaging combos would be

cross up mk -> -> c.lp -> XX Level 3 Gigantic Pressure (followed by a Level 1 kick super if you’re in S or N) or Level 2 Gigantic Pressure <super cancel> fp God Press

whatever -> God Press -> Whatever level kick super or Level 2 kick super <super cancel> fp Air Shield thing -> Level 1 kick super

and then like standard short short short kick super, etc.

death juggles are just combos that go forever because he’s bouncing you around painfully with supers and speical cancels i believe.

I use c.lp, s.fp after a cross-up into a wall slam into the lvl2 cancel. It’s hurts. Not sure if it does more than yours though.

to kcxj

Hehehe… man I got one freaky combo… I just found out that Rugal has one of the most damaging grabs! Hehe, yesterday, I just got this habit with Rugal. I let my opponent corner me! After a little timing, when my opponent rolls onto me, I grab 'em to the corner where they put me into, then super lvl2 ++ u know whats next! Now i got a new bit of strat for a cornered Rugal! Thanks kcxj! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: BTW, I call this the “Turtle-Rugal” strat (C-groove) :slight_smile:

to kcxj

Man, maybe its because of me excessive drunkeness… but why would someone roll into you when they have you cornerred? That’s just plain stupid… makes no sense…

Obviously the competition in the Phillipines must not be that great cuz people there think it’s cool to throw God Presses out at random…:rolleyes:

the phillipines sucks, get over it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Rolling at someone in the corner is about the dumbest thing you can do. Even Iori’s roll is a little iffy when the opponent is in the corner. A roll is much easier to anticipate when you are in the corner. I hardly ever use any rolling grooves so it wouldn’t matter to me. Though rolling at someone in the corner? Really? What’s the point? Even in a tournament situation I can control myself from rolling into someone when I have them cornered. One because I mainly use P/S/K grooves so I won’t be able to roll any ways. Two, you get no advantage for rolling at someone in the corner. You just give them a free chance to bust you with a combo into a super. Let’s see…I can pressure him with some normals and try to get a knockdown on him or I can just roll into him and give him a free chance to bust me with a level 3 super. That’s ok. :rolleyes:

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