Rufus Combo Thread - You can't learn kung fu in a day!

Post your Rufus combos here! I got no combos right now tho.

My main Rufus Target combo:

Dive Kick, LK, HP, EX Galactic Tornado, (Wall bounce), HK, Snake Strike H.

The timing on the standing HK is abit tricky, though, as it requires you to time it just right as the opponent is bounced off the wall.

I use these combos:

Anywhere: Dive kick, lk,, HP Galactic Tornado (The new bnb)
Corner: Dive Kick, lk,, HP Galactic Tornado, target combo, foward HP, HK Messiah Kick or EX or HP Snake Strike
Anywhere: Cross up Jump mk, lk, hp, HP Galactic Tornado (old bnb )

I’ll post more when I discover some later.

dive kick, st. fp, fp gt, lk->hk hold forward, f. fp, roundhouse messiah kick xx lk

Off at to air trade:
Divekick, Tc,
Divekick, tc, c.hp(if they’re too far for to hit)

Divekick, tc, tc,
Divekick, cs.hp xx ex gt,, tc,
Divekick, cs.hp xx ex gt,, fs, hk,
Divekick, cs.hp xx hp gt (to push towards corner)

Corner combos:
Divekick, cs.hp xx hp gt, tc, f+hp,
Divekick, cs.hp xx ex gt, f+hp, f+hp, f+hp,

How can u guys consistently perform the one frame link after the first dive kick in these combos?

Off a launcher/Switch Cancel [Juggle state]:

[,] cl.hp xx hp ss
[cl.hp, CADC,] tc,
[,] tc,

Midscreen Meter

[,] cs.hp xx ex ss, cs.hp/ xx SA/CA
[cs.hp, CADC,] tc, SA/CA, tc, SA/CA

tc, f.hp xx hk messiah ~ lk/mk followup
tc, f.hp,
f.hp, f.hp, f.hp xx hk messiah ~ lk/mk followup (Only possible after certain switch cancels)

Corner Meter
tc, cs.hp xx SA/CA,, xx SA/CA
f.hp, f.hp, cs.hp xx SA/CA (Only possible after certain switch cancels)

[___] = Optional

What 1f link combo?

I thought any move after the dive kick was a 1 frame link?

Dive kick is +16 on hit.

guys try not to use lk or lp after dive kick , as the damage of the combo will be reduced

a good comboi use
dive kick > mp , hp xx EX Tornado > f.HK , f.HK , cr.HP
and if in corner u do snake strike after f.HK
around 408 damage if i am not mistaken

Has anyone done better than this damage for the meter?

NB: all ground combo’s start with dive kick

Air to Air:
0 Meter: 210
1 Meter: -
2 Meter: 411
3 Meter:-

Mid Screen:
0 Meter: 264
1 Meter: 455
2 Meter: -
3 Meter: 580

0 Meter: 427
1 Meter: -
2 Meter: 513
3 Meter: 580

1 meter corner = 494 maximum IMO for 20 damage the extra meter isn’t worth it.

What 1 meter combo does 455 mid screen?

divekick, cs.hp xx ex gt,,,

it does 480 with j.hp instead of divekick

Jump HK acts a lot differently in this game than AE. You have to catch them just right in the air to get the snake strike in after. I have found that after a JHK in the air the best finish is SMP MP Snake Strike or SHP HP tornado. Some times I can get SHP HP snake strike or even FHP HP Snake strike. Anyone else got anything better to follow JHK

Erm…you’re doing the wrong combo.

Divekick> hp > EX GT > f+hp x 3 > HK mesiah > mk followup

s.hp > hp snakestrike > call in partner > combo

with 3 bars i can get 700 damge if i hit someone with jumping hk air to air.

you asked for the midscreen 1 meter 455 combo, i posted it
off j,hk you can get tc, s.hp xx hp snakestrike tag cancel as well

455 with counter hit, 440 without… guess thats why i was confused.

Also I can’t get TC to work period after on kazuya/ryu.

Whats are some good combos to tag Rufus in with?

How are you landing the hp ss after s.hp? Are you doing the target combo that juggles? When i try this the ss just goes over my opponent.

hmm yeah looks like it whiffs even on counterhit/1 hit of

just omit the s.hp, and do hp snake strike