Rolento's rushdown(pressure) strings


is rolento’s st mk a good poke?

its amazing.

Dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but…

When jabbing like a fool, try to watch for that counterhit! It’s real quick and is hard to react to, but if you can catch (anticipate even) the counterhit s.jab go into d.forward x pipe twirls.

When going for KK jump, crossup forward after your knockdowns you can try the old (but still sometimes works) fake crossup trick if they’re blocking your j.forward. j.RH looks the same so use that instead… it will whiff so you go low with d.forward. Shitty part is that if they DO block d.MK x patriot cirle, chances are that you’re screwed. However, d.MK x tripwire can be pretty safe even if blocked. Hell, I guess you could go for valle CC if you can get it to work… >shrugs<

Alternately, you can use the KKK pogo bounce to bounce back over the opponent to their front (like a little jump) and mix it up even more by bouncing back over, kicking them in the face, landing and going into combo. The weird part is that when I go for this, most times I have to hold d/f (the direction i am jumping) and KKK in order to bounce BACK over them. ? Somtimes though (rarely) he will bounce in the direction I am holding. I guess it has to do with my timing and him turning around or something… Either way it looks l33t. :slight_smile:

anti-air Tripwire is neat-o. I always laugh at my opp when i land it. :slight_smile:

I havent been able to do pogo hop games after a knock down… i tried before, but i play a lot of a and k and they just quick get up… so those type of games only work against like p s and c… then i always forget to do it - or get supered, so i stopped trying.

Good way to eat a level 3.

Couldn’t you scouter jump after a throw or far knockdown to catch them as they quick get-up?

I noticed something about the patriot circle… that thing is damn long and quick to come out. I’m thinking it might be a great move to counter long pokes. I was playing Iori once and blocked his far sweep (the tip). I couldn’t slide afterward and hit him, because he would block it… but I could reverse patriot circle and nail him.

Maybe the sweep is just as fast to reach out that far, I dunno… I could be screwing up. But i’m going to experiment with it more.

No, I’m fairly sure you will get like cannonspiked (depending on the character, there is lots of things they can do)… but Id have to experiment more to be sure. Maybe a punch throw, definately not patriot circles or kick throw, I dont know what else will set it up… maybe after grenades … as they cant quick get up…, but again I dont know all the exact situations, I tried all of the above at some point and it didnt work out in my favour…

notice that i said from a distance

i put that last on the list because it is the least safe.

besides, not all characters can retaliate with a level 3. i know i would not use that on blanka or balrog. characters that doesnt have an instant level 3 works well.

or cammy s.roundhouse, s.fierce, spirow arrow!, blanka c.fierce, ball, sweep, sagat c.fierce, tigercrush, it doesnt have to be a level 3. It can be a lot of things because his hands stay out there and the recovery on that move is like 2000 frames.

cammys standing fierce can whiff at times. tiger crush will get you one hit only so sagat will be left wide open.

yes i know a lot of things can hit hit afterwards because his hands stay out there for a long time, but he can go into another patriot circle. from there, its basically a guessing game.

i know this is not the safest block chain, but it works once in a while, especially when you have the momentum going.

Pogo-hopping a corpse (or standing opponent)

The first thing I noticed is that whoever brought the topic into the thread was right:

If you jump over an opponent (and land behind them), and hold forward (direction you are jumping) as you press kkk you will bounce backwards (towards the opponent), if you hold back you will bounce forwards. The converse is true if you land in front of the opponent. So if you do jump at a corpse and intend to do this, know which side for sure you will land on.

You can normal jump, super jump, and scouter jump into this. I havent tested with wall jump as of yet but I dont see why you shouldnt be able to use it.

If the person is standing and you pogohop right next to them, they can throw you out of it.

When I actually got this mixup to work it was fuckin sick, you can combo off the pogojump attacks you do, and Im almost certain you can activate in certain situations (although I didnt have time to test because I was playing in arcade - I dont have it on dreamcast…). When I first started using it I got punished a lot, but the more I tried it the less I got punished.

I havent tried it when knocking someone down in the 2p corner (If you jump into the corner and pogohop which way will you go).

It’s cool isn’t it? :slight_smile: I know what you mean when you say it’s not the best… But it’s fun.

I can’t really mess around with it at home, but i was wondering can you do a jump attack and THEN pogo bounce when you land? That would be too good., pogo, pogo crossup… :slight_smile:

The best bragging-rights move you can do with Rolento IMO is towards+mk pogo and kill with it. You call a sweep, pogo that shit for the win, and laugh at your opponent.

Anyone use meaty

No, Im pretty sure pogohopping can only done on empty jumps. And yes, although pogo hop isnt the most reliable mixup, its got mad style and also can be very unexpected - if you set it up properly its sick.

Meaty is great (especially when they dont have a good wake up :)). You can Meaty s.strong, s.jab, c.forward xx patriot circles. You can also mix it up more. Doing s.strong, s.strong is fun (although leaves gaps!) and can extend your poke string a lot. s.strong into c.fierce can often lead to a counter hit. Depending on the groove you are fighting and the character the opponent is using this move can be very useful.

I was actually wondering about the frame data of towards+Forward. I want to find a use for this move. The risk/reward for this move is garbage to use for predicting sweeps.

That’s why you laugh at your opponent. It’s humiliating. :slight_smile:

has that move EVER been good? I know if avoid low stuff… but the delay seems awful. I haven’t messed with it much in the newer games… too bad it doesn’t knockdown. :frowning:


comes out in 9 frames, stays out at 3, and takes 37 frames to recover.

baka! lol, maybe if it got a knockdown and was more meaty… i think that move is there just to give people problems, lol :slight_smile:

Im determined to find a purpose for all his moves though.

I think it’s to discourage people doing walk up mk. Ha! You accidentally did pogo hop instead? EAT COMBO OF DEATH!

thats why i like c. fierce more.

it also discourages people from alpha countering with him. a whiffed AC = :wasted:

which is really a damn shame since his alpha counter owns.

Im not sure what you are saying in this post. When you alpha counter you are in block stun :confused: