Rolento's rushdown(pressure) strings

I just started using rolento and i was wondering if anyone Can tell me some of rolento’s rushdown(pressure) strings ive seen some like umm s.jab, s.jab,s.jab then kk and then pogo? Also when is it safe to stop the string and run away?


Just rush away twitch! Get prez to teach you man…

Prez is already annoyed with me asking him question bout eagle :lol: And popoblo thx but like they dont dicuss about like the psych out side of his poke strings thats what i really want to know…


Just play prez then, ask him to fight against you with rolento…

ok and next time u come down ill ask u to show me some shit 2

I wont be down till the January tourny i think. If Im coming i’ll post in the mtl thread… but still prez is your best bet, I only have a few pressure strings with rolento, most of it is rush away :slight_smile:

I don’t really use Rolento, but how do you do the pogo stick hops. It’s like a taunt without giving away Super Meter.

you press kkk when you are about to land. It is invincible to low attacks, builds meter, allows you to change the direction of the hop and attack after a hop…

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YES, is that you?!

JS master’s mai does some random 3 or 4 hit combo with jabs and shorts, and some idiot says, “oooooo, too good.”

“it’s over”

“roll cancelled”

i really hope that isn’t you gwai lo, because i agree with kcxj that you are a fucking idiot if that’s you.

No, no I am not. I dont know who is yellin in the back of JS Master matches tho, is it from this year? I dont even think ive seen the videos.

edit: and why the fuck would you assume its me?

Rush away! Rush away! :lol:

well this thread has become interesting…

mr.gwai didn’t even go to ecc8:bluu:

haha @ twitch

what’s the button combination for rolento’s move where he bounces off the ground on his stick after his KK jump? when i press down and mk, he just goes down quick, but i want him to bounce back and ish.

press KKK right before you land and a direction (optional)

ya its not that bad ur invulnerable to low attacks and u build bar

oh yea, its almost always safe to stop a string and run away, just cancel a move into a wall jump or roll or kkk jump …

basic poke strings with rolento

repeated lps while walking

(c.lp),c.lp, c.lp, c.hp

standing or c.lp x2 or 3, standing mk (use this if you feel your opponent is about to retaliate the previous one)

(lp),lp, lp, mp (great if you think your opponent is about to jump)

(lp),lp, lp, into…

-lp roll

-hk or mk knife

-scouter jump mp

-scouter jump d+mk

-scouter jump mk

-scouter jump back

-wall jump from a distance

-patriot circle x1 from a distance