Rolento Team Synergy

Ok guys, Rolento is a boss! His combos, mix ups, and just straight up damage is amazing but i haven’t really been able to find a super decent partner that I can do some easy tag in damage with and then sustain the rest of the match. I run Rolento on point all day and a lot of the times this is all that is needed but i know that in later games that I’m gonna need more synergy. I run Rolento/Hwoarang right now and Hwoarang’s combos are awesome but it takes forever to get some damage off sometimes. I’m thinking about switching him with Marduk, Hugo or King for an easy combo** (cr. MK-> Patriot -> ex tag-> air command grab)**. I just want to know what everyone else has noticed working/not working with other Rolento/_____ teams. Post up your teams and let’s see that Synergy!

I’m using Hugo ATM… works fine until I can decide on some other teammate

Right now, it seems like Rolento/King gives some pretty easy big damage off of a tag. Triple knee > command air grab is just too good. He can then go for a 50/50 for 400+ damage off of one bar.

I just started using Hugo today and he does some pretty massive damage and can combo very well after Patriot Circle.

P. Circle> Cross Cancel> L Shootdown Backbreaker
P. Circle> Cross Cancel> cr. LP> Super
P. Cirlce> Cross Cancel> LK> Super

Still testing out:
P. Circle> Cross Cancel> Leap Attack> LK> Super
(In Corner) P.Circle> Cross Cancel> EX Giant Palm Breaker x2> cr. LP> L Shootdown Backbreaker

Itsptar the max tag combo you should be using with Hugo is

Cr jab, lp slap, mk backbreaker

P. Circle > Cross-Art does more damage.

I’m reppin Rolento/Hugo, and I’m happy with that at the moment. Rolento gets in easily, and Hugo hits like a train up close.

I am trying Rolento/Raven atm I need to find a better way to get Rolento back in when Raven is under pressure however.

Rolento j.HP -> cr.MK -> PC x3 -> Switch cancel -(Raven) cr.HP(loop) -> cr.HP(loop) cl.HP -> qcf + K

Does 399 damage and sets raven up for a good mix up afterwards since he is right at that middle distance of roll or normal wake up. I usually decide to use his overhead/low or cross up / fake cross up with HP or RH. If they roll i just jump cross up or i walk the other way and do a lp. ninja star teleport cancel mixup.

What about Rolento/Ogre?

My friend and i actually play Rolento/Ogre Doubles and it works pretty freaking well. P.Circle>EX Tag>MP>Command Grab is really decent. Ogre also has lot more ways to get in so its good if people are starting to figure out your Rolento too. Cross Art (starting with Ogre and into Rolento Super) does a lot of damage too. Together we’ve reached over 2k BP with that team.

I started out with Rolento/Marduk, but I can’t seem to get the air grab down. So, I went to Rolento/Kazuya. But this is early on, I’m starting to find some synergy.

im using rolento juri, but have zero synergy. rolento takes them to half life and builds 2 bars, then i bring in juri and just hit confirm into super… day 1 tactics but i don’t have any good tag combo’s because im terrible at this game

I actually just started to use Kazuya cause he looked fun but i can’t seem to find any synergy in and tags or launches. What about you?

Still learning it myself. I have found after the 3 Patriot circles, Kazuya use a c.LP or c.MP into God Fist, or his Flash punch combo to juggle.

Rolento/Heihachi over here, for combo purposes this is a solid team as heihachi’s follow-up off a tag-in meterless does very good damage. Also their cross art is very damaging.


Build a ton of meter and carry my opponent into the corner and Rufus with corner pressure and butter is just game over.

Rolento/Gief. Gief needs meter and struggles with long ranged poking characters, so Rolento fills in both those gaps.

Rolento/Bison seems to be one of the worst teams in the game :<

so i’m using Ken/Rolento at the moment. my gameplan is to land xx hk tatsu as ender in all combos, switch cancel, jump in HP, close HP, 3x Patriot Circles, [ in corner], slide (very good damage and very easy to perform)

also if i’m desperate to tag with Ken i do a HP Shoryuken, switch cancel and if it hits i can juggle with jump MP, slide (very good damage as well)

PS: if someone finds some synergy with Rolento/Bison, that would be amazing

I’m using Rolento/Rufus. Good damage, nice meter build for Rufus to use on EX Messiah Kick and EX Galactic Tornado.

how that team working out for you? i play rolento/akuma but i come to the conclusion that both rolento and akuma are better point characters since they build nice meter and have really nice ways to tag in their teammate. i also play sagat but i think heihachi can fill the spot out better then even him.

also anyone try using rolento and bob since bob a character i want to play on the side like my other characters.