Rog's Tools of the Trade

Hey everyone,

I’m creating this thread for everyone to explore, discuss and explain some of the tools they use with Rog in order to win. It could be something simple such as escaping wakeup pressure with ex punches or various option selects.

Discuss and share.

Btw, give 3nigmat1c credit for the thread. It was his idea.


cr. jab (2) x cr. short x Rush Upper x Throw

If your opponent is blocking low and not a masher, this throw fake-out will catch them. :slight_smile: If they start to anticipate you’ll throw then you can start a cr. jab hit-confirm once they start tech’ing.

TAP on wake up can get you out of most meaty cross-up situations. Watch out for them fake cross-ups though.

Also for people who like to stick out pokes after a blocked dash straight, just charge TAP immediatly after the dash straight and reversal it. It’s best to wait until you have super and combo into it, as people won’t be hit with this set up more than once or twice.

Jumping short can beat alot of normal anti-airs. Also useful for messing up peoples tech timing if you occasionally safe jump with it instead of roundhouse/fierce.

oh yea: and mastering the cr. short ~ cr. jab link has won me the round more times than I can recall. Straight up free combo if you hit them while crouch teching.

Norieaga, I like to keep pressure via FADCing after the upper to mix it up via throw or just another combo.

Whats the best way to deal with fake crossups?

Nice, maybe we’ll get some really outlandish new stuff. This is a copy of what I posted from the MU thread:

Also want to add lp.smash to headbutt as a frame trap (thanks pumpkinbomber!) and xx ex.OH. As well as blocked TAP to ex.rush punch as a frame trap for non ex.DPs (works on everyone’s DP except Sagats Angry scarred dp which breaks armor and akuma’s hp.dp)

I use Rog’s FocusAttack a lot. The range is horrible, but I mainly use it on jump ins and on my opponent’s wake up. If I know that my opponent likes to mash lp/lk on wake up, well timed quick FA will hit as a counter hit and crumble. Also FA backdash covers more range than a normal backdash, so it can be useful in some situations.

Good shit rocky. I’ve been using FA now on wake up for people who like to mash jab. Been working out pretty well. Who knew there was a use for Rog’s FA?

Lol. If you manage to catch ppl jumping in on you with it, then you can jab, or far st fr/rh to reset them.

How do you feel about some of Rogs tools in AE?

You can aa w/ and cancel into a rush punch to get out of the corner. Haven’t had any opportunity to use it. Also i think that no-one cancels into super. I can see it being REALLY useful when opps get smart and try to lvl2 FA

yea. I do that all time actually. Remember 3nigmat1c? I’m going to try to AA and cancel to get out of the corner.

yeh, i remember that we’d spoke about that a **while **back. Although it’s probably a bit easier to bait the FA’s out with then buffer in Ultra or lk.torpedo to catch them in the backdash.

True. lol. damn it’s been that long??

Just a quick note on the Gief matchup:

If he jumps in on you with j. mk, you can AA him with ex RU and it will cause you to switch sides. Useful if you need to get out of the corner. :slight_smile:

Since the cl.MP is now better, it is also a better frame trap tool. I had some success with c.LP ~ cl.MP xx dash/rush punch. People blocked the first jab, but then tried to crouch tech or something and got blown up by the cl.MP. This is nothing new, but I’m just saying that it worked for me.

It has worked for me a bit as well. Hmmmm…

Think would be linkable to super or u1?? I tried it with super and I think it may be possible.

U1: You can’t link into ultra 1 directly, but cs. mp does give you the ability to combo into something that does.
Super: it’s super-cancelable (for the record, links and cancels are different things); but you’re probably better of canceling into a dash punch first, and then super canceling that.

I don’t think so, on CH it’s at most +7, it’d need to be really meaty for it to be able to link super or ultra it seems.

Edit: rainscape beat me to it.

Thanks Rainscape. I know the difference between links and cancels, but I was just curious. Already messing with cancels into super.
It seems you cant cancel a raw into super or ultra. Wishful thinking on my part I guess.

Anything would be useful for? Btw 3nigmat1c, thanks for that into on crouchers. It’s sick.

In that situation it appears I can’t link into jab after hitting a crouching opponent with after a

Is it just me or has anyone else tested this out?

the medium or heavy links after put you at max distance for just about anything, i think the only thing you’ll get out of it is super or a cancel into And that’s if you use cl.hp/ etc.


I know this may sound crazy, but do you guys think there would a way the nerf to hb’s recovery could work to beneficial effect such as baiting?