Rogs headbutt overpowered!

rog flowchart scrub edition=jump in jabjabjabjabjabjabjab headbutt ultra1 or super

Fuck you

Someone ban this douchebag. Please.

The level of trolling these days is so bad. Nobody even tries anymore.

Anyway, to feed the troll - OP, I think you’ll find that if that is whats killing you then you could just, y’know, try to block those jumpins, eh? Jumpin jabjabjabjab headbutt ultra/super… Man I wish it was that easy… :*(

Yeah, it’s one attack that pretty much can only be hit to punish retarded mistakes or used in combos. If you don’t like it, don’t let it hit you. Plus, you’re an idiot, you said it’s overpowered, but then said nothing of it’s actual power. You just said “jump in, jab jab, headbutt ultra.” It actually goes. Jump Rh, cr. jab, cr. jab, cr. short, fierce headbutt. Get it straight son.

But since you think this is so cheap. What about other characters? Ryu can do two low jabs into fierce shoryu. Dudley can do standing RH to any MGB to U2, Chun Li two low shorts into EX legs into U2 (not the song lol), Sagat can hit a number of low shorts into fireball or uppercut. Are these characters all overpowered? I don’t understand your point. Well, I do understand you’re just trolling but really? You really have that little to do you’d come up with something so retarded?


Please don’t mention that it’s one of if not the most extremely easy to punish specials Balrog has. Please don’t mention that doing above into U1 causes drastic scaling and damage loss compared to other characters setups. Please don’t mention that it’s not the most reliable AA out there in comparison to other Rog tools. Please don’t mention that to get a combo into Headbutt against any half-decent opponent can, at times, be a long-shot or a slim opportunity against a blatant (and often rare) opponent mistake at mid/high level play.

As said, I wish I could just flip the “Ok, bored of playing normally, time to randomly jumpin into X amount of jabs into my overpowered headbutt to Ultra ftw” button and beat everyone.

I love the laugh Balrog makes when he uses his headbutt.

I’ve said that on so many other forums its scary you said it.
I know it’s personal preference but I can’t stand the ENG-Voice for Balrog, it just doesn’t do him justice. When I land an OMG JUMPIN JABJABJAB HEADBUTT ULTRA1 Overpowered combo and hear that giggling scumbag laughing in that Japanese voice I crack up every time.

I think at times I just randomly decide to squeeze in as many headbutts into a game as possible just to hear it:

Forward to 1:00 and listen to the end. Everytime I see/hear what happened to that Ryu I just laugh.

In addition it further proves the point. Jumpin Jab etc to Headbutt will not work regularly against anyone with a braincell and knows how to play - The OP’s gripe is clearly a low/midlevel complaint, which I can relate to because I love dishing out scumbag giggling headbutts to people who can’t even block a jumpin jabjabjabjabjab overpowered headbutt.

It’s like the other thread where someone complained that the Rog they fought was doing nothing but down-back and down-fiercing jumpins… And… You just can’t help but say… Stop jumping, then?

There’s a reason people are recently having big Balrog Epiphanies about his offense because, and I agree, it can be very difficult to land the OP mentioned combo at anything equal to or above midlevel if the opponent has half a clue.

Lets face it… It’s been well over a year… I THINK most people have learned how to block a jumpin and avoid jab-mashing into anything by now!

throw is over powered please take them out the game… and make ken able to shoot fire ball in air after fierce uppercut. K thanks.

Even if HB hadn’t had a damage nerd, had been made able to FADC cancel… It STILL wouldn’t be overpowered. Even if Ultra got full damage after… Wait, that would be broken.

HB isn’t broken. Not in the slightest.

best thread ever


Stop feeding the troll.

Everyone knows it’s Trolling, Gillette, it’s been said at the start of the thread. People will reply, though, and at least it isn’t in arguement to his point, just explaining headbutt or having a laugh about it all.

I can’t see it being deleted so may as well salvage something from this poor quality troll attempt, much like the other thread about Turtle Rog.


That laugh is too awesome. I love hearing it. I can’t go to sleep at night without listening to it a few times. I listen to the laugh a few time to build the confidence to talk to girls. When I’m stressed and lose motivation to work, I listen to the laugh to energize my mind.

Ok, I don’t like it THAT much but admittedly if I watch a YouTube Video of Boxer or rewatch my recordings and hear/see a Boxer combo into BAM Gnree-hehehehehehe it makes me want to play SF4 instantly :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. Your avatar is funky 0.o

doing the ultra after a combo into headbutt will net you like 20% damage from the ultra, if that. and that is from a -> headbutt.

if you do the jab jab jab jab short headbutt into ultra, the ultra isnt even worth wasting 1/2 the time. i save my ultra a lot when i could land it free after a headbutt, because just the threat of having it vs getting like 12% damage or whatever weak shit it does after a BnB is better than the actual damage.

if you have an ultra you basically can make it so your opponent can’t do focus attacks, can’t toss fireballs to you, can’t whiff an SRK, etc.

but it totally depends who i’m playing against as well.

this guy knows nothing…if a rog is jumping aa his ass…if u have problems with rog jump ins u r unfamilar with your tools…its as easy blocking and watching 4 any throws… several jabs b4 a headbutt into a ultra mean a rog is inexperienced 2 some capacity…because it doesnt do much alot of damage as opposed 2 other rog setups… the headbutt is easily punished on block…and if u get hit with it constantly u must b fuckin up as far as your game plan goes…


Somewhere between balrogs laugh, and Hakan’s Japanese byte for oil shower, lies true happiness.

if the HB wasn’t as good as it is, boxer would be low to mid tier at best

definitely not overpowered, just balanced