Rising Thunder - FIGHTING ROBOTS

Yeah, I was drawing more comparisons to KI myself. Still a bit confused as to why every robot had a female voice when they looked kinda…guy-ish.

Yoooo just saw the trailer between MKX matches. Color me intrigued! Unfortunately my comp sucks so I know I won’t be able to run it so I’ll be depending on you dudes to show me how good it is!

I mean honestly the artstyle alone drew me in. Here’s hoping the mechanics are as slick as dem robotzzzz

Spiritual successor to the greatest fighting game ever made, Rise of the Robots. Jokes aside, actually looks pretty nice. Might be cool

I will admit the trailer was more like a teaser instead of a trailer, which I think is why its so bland. But I definitely made an account and will be giving it a shot. You cant really argue with free.

The animations aren’t roboty enough. I want to see compartments opening up, chainsaws, rayguns, telescoping limbs, etc. Cyberbots is a good source for inspiration.

roomba dlc or fuck off

I dunno it just looks like a normal-ass combo heavy 2D fighter with robots.

Not to say that I’m not curious, but overall it just looks really token.

This looks like something Bob survived in Reboot.

That speculation sounds correct to me: FBA is their first implementations of GGPO, what has been seen on consoles in certain titles could be the second implementation, GGPO3 can possibly be the next-gen implenation of it GGPO. This could mean GGPO/rollback becoming a standard for new next-gen console fighting games!!

Got a feeling that this is going to be very PacificRim/RobotJocks esque in terms of designs.

I was hoping for a more cyberbots look/feel to it.

Doesn’t feel a whole lot of “robot” is what i’m trying to say

The feminines voices must be the pilots. I wonder if you can pick and choose the pilots and if they do bonuses.

PS4 has a healthy selection of F2P games. You don’t need PS+ to play them.

this looks fun i’m going to sign up.

I subbed to the alpha :slight_smile:

As a Hit Box player, yeesh. This does not instill confidence in me. I hope with the style of game this is that the easy inputs don’t lead to easy to mash high damage combos.

Also a Hit Box player who’s kinda iffy about it. I signed up for the alpha but that was before I heard of the easy inputs. Hopefully it feels better than it sounds.

I don’t think they’re piloted at all. The way they’re designed makes me think that they’re talking “human” robots like Transformers. Which is a shame because I really would like to see another 2D game with piloted robots like Cyberbots someday.

Short match.

Damn, so S-kill and the Cannon’s are behind this?

Is it just me, or does that female voice sound like Sally Cahill, the announcer for Marvel vs. Capcom?

So special moves have a cooldown? Meh