Rising Thunder - FIGHTING ROBOTS

I’ll add a trailer when one gets released anywhere, saw the teaser at EVO earlier and I’m really impressed with what I saw from it, the game was pretty to look at and the gameplay looked fun. There’s a technical alpha starting on the 28th and I’ve signed up, the website is www.risingthunder.com if you’re interested. This game looks promising. Oh, GGPO as well for all of you rollback enthusiasts.

I’m slightly interested, it’s great to see a new free to play game that isn’t attached to an existing ip. It’s looking alright but I thought the trailer was kinda bland

I’m interested in how they’ll make robot characters stand apart from one another, could just become another Yatagarasu in terms of character design. Free to play always comes with many questions also.

According to Spooky, apparently this game is being made by the Cannons. If that’s true I’m surprised by how little coverage it’s getting.

I guess sponsorships and the CPT take the headlines in advertisement. But considering it’s in an alpha stage I really doubt they have much to show at this point that’s concrete anyway and want to keep it short.

It looks a bit too much like SFV for me to really latch onto it personally. I’ve never been one for the giant fighting robot/mech genre.
It looks pretty, but it didn’t really draw me in, and I think that the FTP model is gonna be wonky as a fighter because of the influx of casual players trying to have too much influence over the devs in terms of buffs and nerfs.

It’s not even listed on their site yet. Looks like evo has the debut.


anyone else notive the ggpo3 logo at the bottom of the trailer?

I remember the GGPO logo being fucking huge when I watched the trailer on stream

I have a toaster so hopefully this gets ported to PS4.

Doesn’t having a free to play model make porting a game like it a little more complicated? I’d like to see it on PS4 anyway, that and PC seem to be the new mainstays for the FGC especially now KI is heading to PC.

What is this

Why do these robots all have sexy lady voices

I was under the impression that KI is free-to-play.

Dammit i need more info! I think i saw a roman cancel in there!

Not really.

The free version is basically just an expanded demo that only allows you to play as one character, both online and offline. Paying money gets you the full game with all characters.

Not a fan of robots but signed up anyway.

Just looked like a dash cancel to me. Frankly I’m probably wrong, but I’m seeing a lot of HnK inspiration in here. Boost cancel, that feminine robot with Rei’s jump cancel into j.D, looks kinda interesting so far. Curious to see what the game is actually supposed to be. I can’t tell if it’s trying to be KI Lite or anime.

They’re both distributed through platforms that Microsoft own so that isn’t an issue for that game, if Rising Thunder were to head on over to PS4 terms would have to be met with Sony and I can’t imagine that would be a walk in the park for them and take a while at least.

It’s beautiful, can’t wait to know more about it

That’s what interests me the most. I wonder what GGPO3 means. 3rd generation GGPO? Does that mean FBA client is 1st gen and what Skullgirls, 3SOE, VRes have is 2nd Gen?

The way the hitstop seems to work makes it feel more like KI to me.