RIP Harold Ramis 1945-2014,0,4983189,full.story

Probably best known for Ghostbusters. One of the best movies of all time.

RIP. Great comedic mind.

Man, this makes me sad.
Love CaddyShack
Love Groundhog Day
Love The Ice Harvest.
Love Vacation

Sad day indeed, I love the whole circle of filmmakers Ramis was typically involved with, always liked seeing him pop up in various stuff.

Ahh, this sucks!

Great body of work! Ghostbusters, Animal House, Stripes, etc…

Its kinda sad that this happened on the 30th Anniversary of GB

:sad: RIP Egon

Goddamn…now Ghostbusters 3 can never come true…

His movies were also pretty witty too.

RIP Harold.


right in the feels

edit: who’s he gonna call?

well shit

R.I.P. :shake:

Damn… I just Youtubed a recent Bill Murray interview on Letterman last night too. RIP

Egon was always my favorite character, and Groundhog Day is a classic.

Rest In Peace Mr.Ramis.

I have no words, only feelings. Sad, ugly tear feelings.

My day just got a whole lot shittier. This act runs near the top of my “why fucking monday sucks in every way” list.

Harold was huge in my city. He attended McMaster University right here in Hamilton, and met a lot of the guys from SCTV and his future projects (Ivan Reitman, Joe Flaherty, Dan Ackroyd, Martin Short, etc). Animal House had a lot of history based on that university.


R.I.P Harold, provided the world with a lot of joy

the universe is out for my childhood in 2014. gawd damn.

RIP, one big reason why 80s comedy movies are classics.

So so much this. :sad: :sad: First Uncle Phil now this? I can’t deal.

RIP Harold Ramis…thank you for my favorite Ghostbusters 2 scene.

Has anyone confirmed this to be true? I am now seeing conflicting information cropping up?

It’s poorly written so I can’t verify if the accusations of it being a hoax are actually false…