Rhode Island Thread; Getting Up There

We need some local activity for our barely breathing scene.
oh yeah the last two threads disappeared so uh

if anyone from RI or New England in general has something about a spot to get gatherings going on then that’d be cool too

Current Events:

One of RI’s own (besides Cozby) is hosting gatherings at their house for those folks that can’t make the trip to Mass for whatever reason; http://shoryuken.com/f19/ri-se-mass-saturday-gatherings-%40-streetryders-268769/

Past Events:

There was a gaming convention at URI on March 5th, entry fee was 5 bucks and the tourney fee for mvc3 didn’t exist!

The guys at Bubble Tea hosted another tourney for SSF4 and Tekken 6.

WOW! This thread is amazing! You are a good person elDark. lol RI needs reviving

I really want to go back to the Bubble Tea venue for the tournament, but I think it’s a bad weekend since there is a major in Philly.

hi guys.

I think most of us will be @ NEC during that time.

Wow, wish I could find my copy of Tekken…

cant make it to NEC but are they still playing on PS3? if so bleh. 360 is where its at.

lol edit I just read x2 ps3/360 setups nice. Ill be there Dec 4th?

I’ll holla at you niggas when marvel drops.:nunchuck:

oh man really
i’ll see if they’d be willing to push the date back to the next week

Just so everybody know’s there’s a tourney at GU this Sat. at 3pm. It’s singles,HDR, and a 5v5 event so if you can show up and bring as many player’s as possible!



bump to this!

tell your friends

SF4 and Tekken tourny moved to the week after! Super Street Fighter 4 is gonna be on the 10th and Tekken Tourney is gonna be on the 11th

goddammit I was excited for a RI tourney, but I’m gonna be busy on the 10th! I had to miss this past souper bowl tournament because I was out of town.

sign-ups are gonna be taken in the separate bubble-tea tourney thread coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to show up!

Times please?

the actual tourney thread should cover that, i don’t know when it starts


Im pretty happy for the change, I’ll try to make both! :slight_smile:

that’s good stuff man
just wondering, aren’t there like 40 other RI players

WTb tourney thread, I already signed up sat night but ppl need to know about this lets do it get hype!

tell your friends
tell their friends
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Mag looks like Leslie Nielsen. No AVHB.

What u gonna do