Revisions rejected by the community

I get the feeling that this may have been done before and if so lock this thread.

How many times has a community rejected a new version of a game? It seems to happen to Capcom a lot:

Alpha 2 Gold
Alpha 3 Upper
Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter
ST Anniversary Edition

And if we’re counting console ports

3rd Strike Dreamcast

I can’t think of too many other companies dealing with this but interestingly Mexico has rejected both of the KOF UM titles and China/HK still prefers KOF97 over 98.

with 3s I think it’s both 990608 revision and Dreamcast, both of which are different IIRC and no one wants to play on either of them.

I don’t think AE was rejected. people liked SSF4 more but at this point people play whatever Capcom gives them.

Truth! (at least when it comes to Marvel and Street Fighter)

I remember reading that a lot of top players stopped playing AE for several months and decided to just wait for the 2012 patch. I believe Justin Wong was among them.

Tell that to Cross Tekken.

they still play Cross Tekken!

Besides SFIV and MVC3, what gets MORE play than SFxT?

Vampire Hunter 2/Vampire Savior 2 were pretty much dead on arrival. People kept playing the original Vampire Savior.

Every patch of BBB1st after 1.03.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

That’s in China only. Hong Kong arcades almost EXCLUSIVELY run 2002 and 2002UM machines. I rarely see a 98/98UM cab here, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 97.

Tekken Tag 2, possibly Injustice soon…
Not many people really play SFxT much anymore. It’s the CvS2 of this generation… only CvS2 is a great fighter.

A3 Max
Samurai Showdown 3 and 6
King of Fighters… A lot of them, which is why most KoF players stick with 98, 2k2, and 2k2UM. I think MadKOF went back to 2k2. 13’s a great game, but sorta derpy with the HD stuff… The game is essentially “first hit > combo video > rinse wash repeat”

SFxT pre-patch deserves all the hate it can get.

SFxT v.2013 is better than both UMvC3 and SSFIV.

I agree with this entirely, but being better than those two doesn’t make it a great game…
I mean, I’d rather play half of these “rejected revisions” than either of those.
At least in the rejected 3S, still got Chun.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Well, not me.

No, I think the serious players loved that lol
Before MK9, it was the go-to tourney MK game.

It’s more fundamentally sound. You got proper footsies going on and none of this 50-50 vortex shit.

People love UMK3. Mortal Kombat Trilogy, that’s the one that got rejected.

I was just joking around. I haven’t played SFIV since Super, haven’t touched MVC3 since 2011, and I have never once played SFxT. I just know it’s okay to hate on SFxT and had thought your comment was going to prompt a turd-storm from the masses.

Was Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers rejected at one point?