Return of the hot tamale train: SYTYCD Season 8 thread

So, tonight is the premier of season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance. The format this year is going to be a top 20 with all stars coming in when it cuts down to the top 10. It will be a mixed version of the 2 formats. Personally, I like this because I felt the all stars season last year neutered the amount of new dancers we got to see.

Wonder if Alex Wong will be back?

Alex Wong will probably kill it if he makes it in, the guy was raw talent.

Every time I’m reminded about SYTYCD I keep going back to visit my Season 2 favorite- Natalie.


As Kat Deeley would say, “Sex Bomb!”

Somehow I knew WS would be the first to comment…

Yeah, Alex destroyed the hip hop number he did with Twitch, a style outside his comfort zone, proving how talented he is…

When something is good it’s debatable, but when something is great, it’s undeniable. I remember that routine and he killed it. The only thing that would’ve stopped this dude was votes, not lack of talent.

lol It’s funny because it’s uncharacteristic of me to like a show like this after all these years, but I guess the main draw is that I have no dancing talent whatsoever, so I like to see something very exotic for me being done extremely well.

Also this is by far the most demanding reality show on television, the work these guys have to do (esp. the multiple routines in the season finales) is truly insane.

I was happy last year when my fav. Lauren Gottlieb came back as one of the “pros” to dance with the contestants. made me happy.


so hawt…

Dance also produces the hottest females of any competition show…dancer’s bodies are like perfect…

As for all time favorites:


Several seasons later and still by far the best solo I’ve ever seen on the show. The epitome of music and dance.


the legs in this show…omfg

sytycd legs>All the legs on tv!

Overall, Twitch is by far my favorite contestant on Dance. He just had that perfect blend of personality, ability and a willingness to try things outside his comfort zone…

Also, I agree with Maxx. I’m a leg and ass man, and dancers have both…

I think Twitch was emblematic of what the show represented.

Natalie’s legs were wooooow! I do appreciate a good pair of legs, especially well-proportioned thighs so yes the show had a fair share. Chelsea Hightower was the queen of legs objectively speaking, even though she wasn’t a personal favorite.

Courtney Galiano glares @ lib, Kherington, Comfort, and a few other are my personal female standouts (not in legs just in general.)

OMG, Courtney…I was so happy when she came back for the all stars. I loved Lacey when she was on Dance, but I don’t really care for her now…

Courtney’s “Wishing on a Star” routine is only topped by the single hottest dance number ever performed, which was Travis’s freshman choreographed number, the locket one with Jason and Jeanine…

I only remember the “Wishing on a Star” and kinda remember the locket one. The other routine I also distinctly remembered was the one Travis choreographed withe the bench and the cancer one. The guy’s majorly talented.

I wonder what happened to his adopted bro?

Travis didn’t choreograph the bench one, he performed in it. It still remains as my favorite routine of the entire show. Benji beating Travis in the finale was an insult.

Wishing on a Star -
Locket -

C’mon now, I wasn’t a big fan of Benji (and his awkwardly erotic team ups with his cousin) but the dude had one thing above Travis that gave him the votes every week-charisma. He was just more enthusiastic and charmed his audience with his goofy-ism and skill.

He was a damn good performer too.

Geez… Courtney, just pure sexiness to the core. You could tell Gev was more than just “in character” in that routine.

I’m not saying Benji didn’t deserve to go that far, but ultimately, I think Travis should have won…

ummm…that wishin on the star…that girls outfit gawd damn.

Yes, the famous half dress…Katie wore one also that season, but not at the level Courtney did…

I think it was a good start. Some strong dancers in there. I wanna bring my glides up to the level of that turf dancer…holy shit…

So, there were some impressive hip hop and street dancers during the LA auditions. Can’t wait for next week.

i didn’t realize it at the time but that hiro chick is from we are heroes.