Replacing Hori Fighting Stick 3 PCB for PC use?

Hello. I recently obtained a Hori Fighting Stick 3 (for PS3) with high hopes of using it on my PC, but I have had no sucess getting it to work. Before getting the stick, I was playing with the idea of building my own, but I’m not very crafty with wood so I was going to buy a case somehow. The way I see it, is that now I have a case, buttons, and a joystick. So, im thinking that I can just remove whatever PCB is in the FS3 and replace the PCB with one from a psx controller (or dreamcast if that need be). Theoretically it should work because its just like building a stick from scratch, but the parts just came, already assembled in the case kinda (I think u get it) If I do that, im thinking that I would need to use whatever plug interface the pcb thing uses (for example playstation) and make due with that because I dont know if you can run wires into a USB plug from the PCB. Anyway, does any of this seem feasable? I’ll open up the FS3 tomorrow and post pictures. Thanks for your input.

I don’t really get the last part of what you are asking, but yes you can mod the fs3 from usb to psx.

yeah, i thought the last part might be confusing. Basically, 99% of the time im going to be using this on my PC (dreamcast would be cool too but not super important). Im saying, if I use a PSX pcb, would I leave the wire that runs out of it and connects to the playstation as my primary connector, or can i have it going to USB so i can use it on my PC (using the PSX PCB) Sorry if that’s just as confusing, mabey it will be clear to me once i crack open a controller (ill be doing that tomorrow) Thanks for your reply RockLee, im excited to get this done.

Ah, I think i get it now, if you put a psx psb in it, it’ll have to be a psx wire coming out.

Any way to get a usb coming out? (i guess i could get a generic usb controller like the belkin nostromo n45 but i but those would be pricy and hard to find used) If there no other way, I guess playstation would be best because I have a SmartJoy already.

you’d need a pc usb pad, im pretty sure any pc gamepad would work. would have to be expensive.

I just modded mine in a smilar fashion only i changed the buttons too but it’ll still do what you want it to do. I will have pics up soon.

hmmm instead of having to buy a psx usb convertor you could use an XBOX pcb and cut the cord and join it to a usb !

ah. xbox! well. i already have two PSX to USb adapters and PSX controllers so ill just be going that direction. I opened up the FS3 and it didnt look like there were many cables, it looked like the buttons plugged directly into the PCB. Ill put pics later, but if you said you changed yours, i’d love to see some pics.

Ok, after reading the this thread i have some questions:

That would get it working for PS2 via USB? If so, is that compabile on PC (a usb PS2 controller).

IF NOT: When removing the HORI PCB, would the buttons still be useable seeing as they are directly soldered onto the PCB? (I’m going to take a picture in a minute)

not sure how the horiFS3 pcb looks, but as far as convertors are concerned only a small few work lagless, so if you can get the pelican ps2-ps3 one go ahead
i just joined cords but uploaded lots of pics here

Yes, you can still use the buttons

@MM i already have 2 different psx>usb converters and as far as i can tell they are lagless.

@RockLee, umm i’m assuming that i’ll need to de-solder the PCB but i dont know how the buttons would look after that. I guess i’ll do what needs to be done, but i’d feel better if i saw some pics before. So i think im going to go out and buy a desoldering and a soldering iron in a few minutes, can someone reccomend to me some good wattages for PCB work, speficically modding arcade sticks. Thanks

Here are pics of inside the HFS3:
(i messed up the codes a little, but the bottom thumbnails are to show how it appears that the buttons are directly on the board.

Easy to use PCB for connection to a PC

May I recommend using a GPWiz controller from Groovy Game Gear. There is no soldering involved just attach the wires to the screw terminals. The GPWiz is then recognized as a game pad on the PC. Of course please ignore me completely if you still want to use this on the PS3.


oh cool, thanks for the reply, but after shipping thats going to cost nearly as much as my FS3 did. For right now, im going to try to use this PCB that i have lying around and see if I can get anything working. That might be useful for building a stick from scratch and for someone without any PSX controlelrs lying around, but i don’t fit any of those categories, but thanks, i’ll deffinetly bookmark that.

There is an eco version that is right around $22. You have to do the soldering then but the functionality is still the same. I have used this one in my Kustom built desktop MAME controller.


hey boogie… so you noticed already when u looked @ the pcb inside the FS3 the buttons were already soldered onto it, if you desolder it… the microswitches will be pins, you can still solder the pins on a wire to connect it to whatever pcb you wanna use, just remember one pin for ground wiring, and one pin for common(button) solders. i dont know if the original pins on the buttons would melt if you soldered…pretty sure it wont.

oh yea…keep the top pcb thats wired with the start and select and all that…trust me

if you order buttons, the microswitches would most likely look like plugs, so you can either use quick disconnects on them or just solder then straight on…it wont matter.

if you dont wanna use those buttons you can order em cheap online, shippin wont really kill ya that much if you order from UK, well depending where you order.

google up starcab, whats where i got my buttons for cheap, and they have every types of buttons you can imagine, from illuminating and such.


greattt, thanks for that info! I just need to find/purchase a new soldering iron. I’m taking things one step at a time and researching/ asking for help with each one.

Now to remoce the PCB. :slight_smile: As for the smaller PCB on top with the turbo and all that jazz, It seems like more troble than its worth (unless its auctually really simple) because im going to be using this stick on my PC (probably mapping the “game controller” buttons to keyboard keys via xmapper or joy2key). I don’t own a PS2 and there might not be enough fighting games on PSX to bother (and i probably wouldnt bother with a psx, i’d just use an emu and it wouldnt really be necessary, besides i have 8 face buttons, more than enough for most games, but who knows, we’ll get to that when the time comes)

now to remove that PCB…

The GPWiz has plenty of room for all the buttons on your stick. If you are using MAME then you don’t need to worry about joy2key or such. You can map directly in MAME for all those buttons. There are plenty of fighting games in MAME to keep you busy for years. Now I don’t know anything about emus for psx or ps2 so I can’t help you much there.

btw; Take a look at the stick I have for sale in my for sale thread (link in sig) I use a USB hub and memory key to hold MAME and some choice fighter games. All I need to do is plug it into a computer anywhere and I am gaming.

better yet here is a pic…


Oh wow, thats really an awesome idea, I wanna do something like that if i decide to build a stick from scratch. But first i need to finish this FS3. I got a soldering iron today, lets have at it.