RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada's Fightin Game Scene)

Ohhh, You were the one beasting everyone with Rufus haha. Congrats on advancing!




Sup guys, this is Warren Stevens from the SF IV Gamestop tourney. I did win the tourney but I still think I need to practice more to make technique with Ryu a bit more solid. I will gladly practice any day thurs-sat at anytime and anywhere. I have been waiting to find the fighting scene in Reno, Nv. I will see everybody next week for sure at the tourney next saturday at mae anne. Keep Street Fighting your neighbor for cake and bullets! BTW my XBL Gamertag is Totalrecarl24.

I’m hosting a Street Fighter IV at my house on Wednesday the 25th 8Pm till whenever. I have 3 TVs and one xbox with two sticks.

PM me for directions if you don’t already know.

I would like to host something weekly and have at least 1 tournament monthly (once we get enough people coming).

Eff this shoryuken being busy. If you guys are interested I highly recommend for social networking. It’s a lot more reliable right now >.>

hey… I will be there on Wednesday…

How many SFIV do u have?

How many sticks do u need to have all three tv going?

How do i get there?



I’ll be there, I have an xb360 stick. Need directions too!


I have 2 (Hori ex 2) so I will need 4 more.

yo guys what up, this is Chris the guile player, ggs to everyone, nice to meet you mark. GGs everyone Rob, Kyle, D lewis, Nelson and some good folks I forgot their names, sorry. That was a crazy night at Robs, never saw so much hype for a game.

This sounds like a great idea you have koikaze and I would like to attend if that’s cool. See you later guys

Yeah Ill be there also, but directions also needed. I dont have any sticks, but I can bring my copy of SF4 if you guys want or an extra xbox360.

Oh Chris btw, because of you I have been practicing Guile everyday alongside my E.Honda trying to get him good. Haha

Koikaze for the win. I’ll see everyone on wednesday.

Awwww <3<3<3

Alright I sent you guys my address. I’m super pumped to get a scene going. You should let me know what times are good for you. If you could bring an xbox with SF4 that would be awesome. I’m guessing that Rob will also be bringing one with some sticks. 3 total should work out fine. <<< if you guys wanna join that would be cool, else I will just post info on both.

ROFL at your avatar chris


getting my joysticks today. :333 now i can commence hardcore practice

You never saw us play GG. Hope to see you weds :smiley:

wabkia? who are u?

sorry trying to remember everyones names now…


Richard, I play Ky in AC and Viper/Cammy in SF

u played Guilty Gear in Reno??? when???

I dont recall a richard…

this old age is probably getting to me… XD

rob he’s a top player

top player at sucking dick

[spoiler=]like paul[/spoiler]

It’s true! BTW, how do you do a burning kick backwards? ><

you do a backwards jump into the motion
so you’re actually doing the aerial version, but going backwards.