RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada's Fightin Game Scene)

Once upon a time, RENOROB moved to Reno, dominating the arcade scene, playing many old school favorites and having the most old school knowledge from his experiences living in So Cal and Vegas. SHINOMORI came along and learned how to play thanks to him. KOOGY and PSYCHOBALLZ jumped into the fire with the release of CAPCOM VS. SNK 2. Then came along GUILTY GEAR XX, bringing NYACONO, HAH COE, TANTIN and MONTAGUE into the mix. Years after… a new scene developed with SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE, giving us** FUTURECHAMP, BPC, FFOXXTTROTT, CBK, POTE, CORIMON, MY ROBOTIC CLAW**, and others. It seemed the fighting game genre was done for, with no new games coming out. However, one day… STREET FIGHTER 4 was announced. On launch date, many new players joined our crew, helping rejuvenate with such players as SHINHIDEAKI, YAO, SENRYUOKU, MR IGLOO, LORDXXRAHL, MARVAS, EXCELREAVER, SUKAFRE, AXZONEWOLF, DARRIKSON, MITSU X, WOOT-ELITE, HULA, LEIPZIG, SONNYWORTZIK and others.

Many years have passed since we started gathering together, some of us making it to the very top of the fighting game competitive scene, some of us moving on. Our scene is still small compared to many larger cities, and we want to change that! We want YOU to join us, and help us grow!

WHAT WE PLAY: SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 (AND ARCADE EDITION), ARCANA HEARTS 3, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3, BLAZBLUE: CS, GUILTY GEAR XX: AC, and many other old school games! We’re always adding games to our list as they come out and become available!

WHEN WE PLAY: We are currently shifting around our fight nights, and hope to have a definitive answer soon! If you are curious, post in the thread, and we’ll let you know!

HOW WE PLAY: We’re competitive. If you are looking for a casual fight night where you can mash and never improve, we’re probably not the scene you want. If you are a beginner and want to get better, you’re more than welcome to join us!

I’ll definitely be there along with Tantin and Claw. Rob was telling me that another tv would help big time. Unfortunately, I can’t bring one. Maybe someone else could?

One day pedos will invade from the frosty west.


Well my friend and I are looking for people here in Reno and it seemed there wasnt any kind of serious gamers. Was for a while with Smash but it seems to have just fizzled out. Was some pro team here for smash but they seemed to exclusive.

Looking for a good group of consistant players who wanna train and whatnot. And to travel to tourneys with.

We are still new to the 2D Fighting but over the last few months been getting somewhat better.

What games yall play ?

We play SF2HD and Smash the most but have almost every fighting game.

And starting tommarow will be on SF4 all the time.

I play HDr and SF4

I do play Tekken, GG, and pretty much any other fighting games out there…

I’ll post here when we practice at my place… if u wanna come just let me know…

Glad u found us…


Kool. Ya we will be at the gamestop thing on saturday , the on S virginia by Neil Road.


Sat - Three Reno Gamestop - Disc, MaeAnne, and Sierra Pkwy holding 1st Round SF4 360 console pad only tourney - free entry (also one in Carson City south end of Carson)

After which practice will be at my house - CALL before coming to make sure I’m not still at my tourney

Sun - Play n Trade - $10 entry fee SF4 tourney 360 console and controller only they feel sticks will give an unfair advantage (WTF - **I URGE EVERYONE TO CALL THEM!!! **and convince them to allow joysticks. I will personally provide 2 madcatz tourney edition joysticks for the tourney so that those who want to play on sticks are allowed to use them and those who want to use pad are allowed to use them)
4751 Galleria Pkwy
Sparks, NV 89436
(775) 626-3030

Please support the scene and make it to those events.

Those participating at the Gamestop tourney PLEASE let the competitors know about Play N Trade’s tourney Sunday AND about

From all the locations in Reno and Carson I’ve gone… it seems like each location has anywhere from 15-30 competitors per store thats bout 45-90 locals thats interested in SF4 and think they are competitve at it… so tell them about up coming events and

and if they are good (i know thats relative) they are invited to my place also for some SF4 practice on Saturday


FYI - I will be at the Sierra Pkwy Gamestop (proabaly around 11am)
Jason Nelson and Koogy will be at Disc Dr.
Tantin and FuturChamp will be at MaeAnne

Ya I was pissed to find it was Pad only. Yea we will be at the sierra summit one too. But I wont be their till like 1:30 since I work in the morning but at least its across the street.

We wont be hard to find since we will probly be the only " Brown Guys " lol.

Kool might try and go on Sunday. What time?


Sunday is at Noon at Play n Trade - Make sure u call them and bug them about joysticks :wink:

Hope everyone’s having fun with SF4! I currently have 77% win ratio on Live, it’s too good! I’m completely addicted.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow! I’m going to the Disc Dr GameStop. :333

Damn you, I got a 75.5% lol . But have only done 75 or so matches matches. Did like 40 on my friends name and he is like 7x%.

Anyways , hope to meet some new people this weekend.

Hey people hows it going? My friend and I came up from Winnemucca to participate in the SF IV GameStop tourney on Disc Drive (needless to say we got beat of course :-P.) Not sure how many of you I saw there, but I was the guy with the long hair. It was pretty disappointing with some of the rules they had, like barring us outside during the matches. :rofl: But it was fun and everyone I saw there was laid back pretty much so it was worth the drive!

Thank you for everyone that came to my house after the tourney…

4 setups of SF4… INSANE!!! TOO GOOD!!!

I will definately host more of these …

I do work two jobs so… its not often i get to do this… but whenever i can I will definatley post it up

Congratulations to:

Sierra Summit:
Dave Lewis

Mae Anne:
Jason Nelson
Chris Campbell

Disc Dr:
Paul Kugler

Good luck next weekend… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Represent Reno PROUD!!!

Ah, yeah. I was the fatty with the white trackjacket + bandana. :3 Nice seeing you there! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon! It’s nice to have people finally interested in playing again!

holy god

viper’s level 5 hard attack is impossible

C.HP -> QCB+P (cancel) -> C.HP -> EX Seismo -> super jump cancel GROUND qcb.HK -> Ultra

@_@ fuuuuuuck i’ve been trying for 4 hours

I got a hard attack from not seeing a furry on your new avatar:rofl:

Good games today everyone. Awesome to see so many new faces. Hope this keeps up.

This is Mark Taylor.

Big football player from the bay area who used Balrog and E.Honda.

Hit me up again when you people play again for sure.

Xbox live : OC Reaver

paul why aren’t you on steam anymore