Regency fun center 3s players

hey miguel give me a call tomorrow to set up the time to go to family cause i might need a fucking ride aaaight. orale pues cabron, al rato

coo, just give me a call. ^^

time to get some practice mothafuckas, there will be a tourney at family fun before the 26 and ranbat will start on the 26 so we better atart practicing, miguel, hit me up if youre going to family tonight

yo miguel, we might go to ffa tonight so give me a call if you wanna roll whit us, imma call john to see if he wants to go 2, aight mothafucka, latez

lol dammit, i would of gone for sure, but i was out pretty much all day cuz i had relatives over =/. But there always next week!!!

anybody going today

hey ray, you going today to rfc(wendsday)? give me a call later on today, i actually got out of work early today so i wanna go to regencys^^ . anyone else going???

dont think im gonna make it today perro, i feel like shit, im sick, tired and shit, i drank like a 12 pk of coronas to see if ill get better but naaaaa. i think it fucked me up a little more so im gonna drink another six pk. to see if ill get better this time or really fuck me up for good, maybe tomorrow ill be there, call you if i go.

Pizzarino and myself may show up tomorrow. Probably around 7ish.


ffa tonight assholes who wants to go

oh man. ray, i see you around all the time. you’ve handed it to me on more then one occasion at regency and ffa. but i wants to get betta. can you big boys show me the ropes?

Ray sucks at 3s though. So its pointless to try to learn anything from him.

fuck you one two and three times J.R, by the way, volta who are you dog.

the name’s roland. im the tall lanky mexican dude that shows up every now and then. i usually play either Alex or Necro, sometimes Elena for fun. i used to be pretty decent, but im outta practice. And my school’s arcade, the CSULB game room charges 50 cents for 3rd strike. its only a quarter to continue, but still. i’d happyily accept any lessons anyone is willing to teach.

I’m down to play. I sometimes get down at CSULB (shaved head who plays Alex) but there isn’t too much competition there and I’m not that good anyways.

I’ll try and make it whenever some people post up.

Ray you suck ass in 3s my makoto kicks your ass all the time. i dont even play 3s i always play marvel. but shit hit me back if you gonna be at rfc. tell mike he need to stop runing from me all the time

that mike has got to stop talking shit, acting like the shit and stop being shit before he runs away…

have no idea who in the fuck are you but no makoto player had fuckrd me up at regency man you were problably dreaming or something but if you say youre that good lets play some money matches just post whenever youre gonna be at regency and bring some money whit you, by the way, one again…who in the fuck are you

dude ray i play you all the time im the tall skin dark asian dude the play marvel and i play makoto in 3s and other peeps

Ray. bicycle. Saturday. Be at family by 10.