Regency fun center 3s players

ok, this is a thread for the 3s players at regency, everybody talks about marvel and cvs 2 even though they dont have it, so hope this thread will bring more 3s players that live around the long beach area to regency, so if you like the thread post if not get the fuck out of it.:badboy:

I like Q.

i go to regency sometimes.

When does everyone show up? Btw I play hugo

randomly show up between classes, or after work, or whenever i feel like it so i can bring in some Total Destruction

one time i showed up and played like half-buzzed on beer and was told i “power up” under the influence of alcohol haha

evreday day we got a group of guys not to big but the best days to go i think is wend. and thurs., most of the time is always the same guys, but fuck it, thats pretty good to kill some time.

Yo Ray, you going this thursday?

yae why not, if youre going for sure, post and let me know

alright mothafuckasss im showing up tomorrow, so hope theres some mofos playing, hey alex you still going whit robert and vito

need a time man, plus i was gonna try and drop by in the afternoon but i’ve run into car trouble but it all should be done by 5-6ish… i’m guessing your showing up around 8 am i right??

I got the fucking night shift so no go on my end. Maybe friday.

no big deal alex, and yeap, thats right robert ill be there like around 8 the lates, hoping and praying tha turtle mike is there so i can kick the living shit out of his ass.

GG’s Ray and his Mexican associate.

ggs alex you and robert got me a couple of times whit the fucking total destructions, so, fuck you guys haha, got shit, see tou guys next time.

DANGER!!! lol good times

lol yeah man good shit Greed, i was having a blast with hugo lol.


fuck yea, i know im a family player know, but remember i started here, this is my first home, if it wasnt for regency i problably wouldnt be playing 3s, so regency nad ffa for life homie…
forgot to tell you… fuck you J.R, lol… see you friday dog…

I’m planning on going to rfc tomorrow (thursday) ^^ who’s going?

i’ll be there around 4/4:30-ish(thursday)