Red Letter Media: Attack of The Clones Review

We waited and it arrived 3 days ago. I didn’t see any threads about it so, boom!

Attack of the Clones Review:


Avatar Review is up.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Red Letter Media’s upcoming video review of “Attack of the Clones” I’m opening this tread so SRK can practice their movie critiquing talents before the masterful reviewer at Red Letter Media.

I’m more excited about this review than any other movie coming this year. As a story telling fan I’m looking forward to sharpen my analytical chops.

Maybe you like the movie an want to speak of it in a positive light.

Trailer for the review :

" No, this party just started. "

answer me, “thing in the mouth-face”…what is that anyways… what’d ya smoke too much?


also FYI, if you post a comment on his webzone, he’ll send you some pizza rolls.

That scene is episode 1 was really disturbing. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m glad he pointed out to me how out of place and completely irrelevant it was.

Looking forward to it. Watched the Episode I review and it basically said what we were all thinking but put it into a proper format and owned that movie’s anus. Funny, I was watching Attack of the Clones yesterday on Spike and remembered how much it blew ass.

im watching the episode one review, some of the things the guy says is kinda dumb but he makes up for it with the points that he makes that are right

Avatar Review is up. Let us enjoy this delicious meal.

Jesus, I only saw the Phantom Menace one last week (little late). Still haven’t watched Avatar… I’m behind on movies. Might as well ruin it with this review, right?

God that guys so hard to listen to…

After sitting through The Phantom Menace review, I’m inclined to never watch any of this guy’s stuff again. All the retarded humor and the cartoon voice mask the fact that his argument isn’t nearly as well constructed as the unreasonable running length would imply.

I feel the same way.

Seriously, how can you NOT love this guy? It’s rare… RARE… that I laugh out loud watching stuff on the net, but this guy did it with the Phantom Menace review.

I guess he’s either hit or miss, and it works for me.

Dude has some of the funniest and honest reviews around . He brought up some good points like what if the Navi were ugly would we fill sympathy for them and how the fact that the movie is full 3d while the characters are 1 dimensional.

Yeah, uncalled for. I’m pretty disgusted by ‘angry gamer nerd’/ mountain dew humour, but this guy’s sense of timing and understatement are way more developed than most of his peers.

Thank god it wasn’t an hour long. THe phantom menace review took about half an hour too long to make ti’s point.

Ok, so not only is this mothafucker NOT funny in the very least, he also uses that sillyass cartoony voice.


y’all aren’t gonna get any Pizza Rolls like that…

You all don’t understand, one day you are watching a shitty movie and the next you got to get rid of your ex wives corpse.

I’m glad I’m not alone this time, I had this fuckin mofo jumpin down my shit for bailing on TPM review. This guys terrible.

Me…? I jumped on you?

Nope not you. Someone else. Sorry didn’t mean to make it sound like it was you.