Recent MvC2 Vids

Anyone know of Youtube accounts or the like that carry newer matchvids? X360 and PS3 would be fine. I follow this one currently:

On that note, I did take a little initiative and recorded some of the locals in their arcade casuals. The thing with the Philippines though, is that it’s level 1/low damage, so it’s quite different from the regular game. Lots of Iceman/Iron Man/Doom/Cable for example. :rofl: As there are more UMvC3 players than MvC2 players now (the latter are still more of arcadegoers than console users), better something than nothing.

Edit-- a couple more recent MvC2 vids from the Philippines, I just remembered these accounts

Strider/Doom benefits a lot from level 1 damage.

Iron man actually gets fucked because he often can’t kill you in one infinite chain which takes away the guard break threat.

Iceman is a garbage player at all levels.

Cable benefits pretty well because AHVB doesn’t scale as badly as the other attacks do.

Magneto at high level play benefits because you can just do infinite to temptest instead of 5 fierce, and it gives you more chances to survive DHC of doom and unblockables.

Storm is negatively affected because her bread and butter is significantly weakened as well as her DHC of doom.

Sentinel is fucked over the worst. His damage output drops significantly, but he gains relatively little to offset it. HGxxTemptest is still going to kill you in 2-3 repetitions. AHVB is still going to kill you. Only matchup where he goes up a bit is Storm, but considering the damage drop you get, and the fact that you still can get ground infinited, it’s about even.

At least from this video: [media=youtube]ol01R2kH9yg[/media]

You guys are at a 2002-2003 level.

Iceman is not garbage. This video proves he is quite capable:


Many people think he is a limited runaway/keepaway character and so that’s how they play him. He has high priority normals, decent specials, hp throw has solid range and priority, and his kara cancel into arctic attack does massive damage for only 1 meter. Plus he has several favorable matchups vs mid tiers and top tiers.

That is the dirtiest Bobby Drake I’ve ever seen. Don’t touch that yellow snow y’urd

Haha thanks man.

Please explain? Because I main IM HEAVILY. Guard break will remain a threat. I play combofiend. Iron Man paired up with sentinel will kill anybody. Not to mention you can launch with sentinel and smack em down for a guard break. That often needs to be taken out. I’ve made so many comebacks with IM for that fact alone. A good IM will find a way to kill you. So I really need your reasoning for that one.

There are plenty of setups that can kill a character off in one guard break. What is particularly strong about IM is that against most characters his guard break is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to escape. On normal damage IM becomes crazy because he can often kill a character from near 100% to 0% by himself. Then he can guard break the next character, rinse wash repeat.

On level 1, IM cannot kill a person off of a guard break by himself. It’s impossible. So while his infinite is still there, he can no longer 100% your entire team.

You become no different than a magneto guard breaking cable, then doing ROM to unmashable temptest for a kill. You lose your point advantage and the ability to repeat your guard break.

It’s like being able to eat that THC of juggernaut, bbhood + gambit (whatever dumb fuck strategy) and surviving. The gimmick is done. And no I am not implying that IM is purely a “gimmick”, but it’s highly unlikely for you to land 2 perfect setups into infinite against an equal skill player.

Were you the guy in the NJ area that wanted to MM?

That’s why there are resets and grabs. But more than likely you can spam assist to help build meter with IM, That’ll get you past 2nd Level. You can easily get over 2nd LVL after that guard break. So I’d say it’s still a threat. Not to mention the amount of meter you build hittin someone with RB. Nah I’m not him I stay in GA LMAO. I wanted to go to NY though so I can hop on some DC Mahvel and whoop a couple of people that talk shit online lol

Your video proves that when Iceman lands a clean hit he can do a lot of damage with perfect setups and assists.

Iceman does have near storm like normals, and the good glitched artic attack super. + no damage on laser projectiles.


he loses free to BH
loses free to S/D
can’t comment on how he does vs iron man
loses to cyclops
loses free to cable despite viper beam chip gone
doesn’t do particularly well against storm
loses free to sentinel
does OK against magneto ala storm because of his normals.

How does this make him a good character?

Perhaps “garbage” is too strong of a word. Nowhere top tier or god tier then.

The moment you have to reset with IM or grab into a reset you lost the point of picking IM. Plenty of characters with far better zoning and mobility can kill you off of 1 reset or throw.

Again, IM’s strong suit is that on normal damage he can solo guard break into 100% on many characters with little to no way to escape. The moment this becomes <100%, the person can recover and make a comeback… what was the point of picking IM then?

yeah hes totally right KD IM sucks stop picking him theres no point

IronMan Sucks???
IronMan can’t do a true 100%, without A DHC??
Is this what I’m fuckin reading or do I need new Glasses???

Ironman can’t do a 100% on level 1 damage. He can do it easily on level 2, which is the default, but there are some places where level 1 is default (like where the OP is from).

Are we talking about no assists??

Recent tourney at StriderVM’s mall apparently, lots of new vids.

Dude come on now do you even play the game? Turn it on to level 1 damage and try it out it’s pitiful even with an assist.

Omg, never mind I was confused about the "level"
And yeah I don’t play this game SMH

I upload a lot of FT5 sets of myself in MvC2. I ain’t a top player or anything but not really a slouch

OK I’m terrible, check out my vids =)

lol dont even bother

dont check his out, he sucks :stuck_out_tongue: look at mine

I have a bunch of MVC2 videos on my channel. It gets updated from time-to-time. Here’s the link.