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Any tech talk think out loud?

uh… I think I broke it…

Hey d3v, i compiled all three lists into one big ass list and emailed it to you d3vunity email. :slight_smile:

The Tech Talk Think Out Loud thread has been moved to EFNet #srktt, so people will actually talk in there, even when SRK is up. :smiley:

Just kidding. One of our members accidentally obliterated the thread with their newfound awesome superpowers.


I’m constantly on SRKTT. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ben Blunts

alot of threads dissapeared for me.

Where did “Check out my new arcade stick” go? :frowning:

I posted on that one too… and noob thread… =( they are all gone now…

There were dropped threads in some other forums too. I guess the bug is fixed now, since we’re all still alive here. :slight_smile:

Edit: Anyone have the new URLs for the Check Out My New Arcade Stick thread and the noob thread in their browsing history? It might help to get them restored. I only have:


Sorry just testing… I think that there may be a 1 picture limit now for a single post.
Picture 1

Picture 2

Yep just confirmed. Looks like nobody is writing tutorials anytime soon.

Damn… that should pretty much take care of my subscribed threads for hardware and mods! :smiley:

… alluding to my question. Were our subscriptions deleted when the site was revamped?
I can’t seem to find my subscriptions which were moved to “Settings” on my front page tab after the last revamp.

I’m not complaining, really. The site does look snazzier and seems to load faster now, too!

Do we have to “Watch” threads now instead of subscribing to them?

EDIT: Never mind… Apparently, we have to “Watch” threads now for subscription and all our past “Subscribed Threads” are under Watching on our Profile tabs. Got it! I’m good.

Site does look better!

Okay, what the hell is up with that? D:

What was the point of taking out that feature?

Not everything is done yet, a lot is still being fixed or added.

hmmmm…does anyone know about post count errors? i seem to have lost about 150 posts from my count.

Here’s another Parts/Accessories thread that needs to be added:

One thing I like to suggest …
If the Thread post size gets too big we can split it into 2 or more threads.

My idea would be

1st would be Essential and Basic guides
2nd Advance Guides
3rd Other Guides, for guides that are worth wild but they do not fit into the above two categories.

TTTOL make big badda boom!
Glad to see signature font color adjusted!
Enjoying the changes thus far.

Sounds loke a pretty good idea. That way people may get an idea just how much work they’re in for