Realistic changes that can save SFxT?

As many have noted, lp, lp, lp, jumping attack/crossover. Seems to be the way the game is played. Even though the game is still young, I am having a very hard time seeing how this game can progress. Maybe landing a jumping crossover to a near infinite amount of damage? I believe it is only a matter of time before an unstoppable team is configured which will make people flock to emulate… I really want to like the game, it just feels, well… Blah.

So- I ask, what are some realistic changes that can be made and implemented to save the future of this game? Is it possible to buff up the anti-airs of characters across the board? Is it possible to change start up speeds of attacks? Can this sound issue ever be solved?

List your realistic changes here…



Rename it Skullgirls and change everything about it to play exactly like Skullgirls.

A slight bit more pushback on block?


advancing guard


Reduce health recovery speed
Reduce grey damage

Add a guard meter. :slight_smile:

dark phoenix

What do you mean by guard meter?

X-factor? Dark Phoenix? Really? smh

Buff Pandora, we need a proper comeback mechanic.

Can you prove that this game is dominated by lp, lp, lp, crossover and not that you have bad fundamentals or get hit too often for your own good? Could you post your team as well?

I play Balrog. Do any of his specials anti-air cross-ups? No. Does he have the best reversal on wakeup? Hell no (unless you have meter). To compensate, I use his st.:mp: to anti-air crossups, or until this game is swarming with jump-in option selects, I dash. Dashing is fine :shy:.

I realize that a lot of the Tekken cast have bad anti-airs, but on the other hand, they possess a ton of mixup options that the SF cast lacks. Do you believe the Tekken cast is affected by what you describe, or everyone?

+1 on the X-factor idea btw. Also Ultras.

Give us the damn dlc for free. NOW.

It needs a proper comeback mechanic, I can’t scrub out wins with cheesy ex seismo>ultra or XF3 Alburt in this game. This is what this game is lacking, a comeback mechanic like we’ve been used to in recent capcom games

Add Wolverine and parry. Done.


The problem I am seeing is cookie cutter play. The same repetitive thing over and over, and apparently I’m not the only one.
The systems implemented tend to slow things down instead of speed things up, with a wonky feel to it.
A bland and repetive fighter is like playing a clunky driver or unresponsive shooter. Perhaps street fighter and tekken are two great tastes that don’t taste great together? I have a very disheartened feeling about the future if this game, and what could potentially happen with Tekken x Street Fighter

turn the game into marvel

i think people would rejoice at the opportunity to play marvel without wesker, phoenix, and zero

and holy shit we get raven and poison? in there.

maybe one day out of sheer laziness capcom can mash marvel vs capcom vs namco and due to their extreme laziness the game may end up being as enjoyable as marvel 2

  • Less recoverable health
  • Slower health regain speed
  • Option to not play against assist gems online
  • Non cinematic supers
  • Better hitboxes on every normal
  • Shorter stages
  • Roll costs 1 meter
  • Increase throw range and/or reduce startup to 1 frame
  • Revisions to a lot of the members of the cast (Yoshimitsu, Steve, etc)

Make the meter function like A-ISM instead of the retarded piece of shit that it is right now.

Give characters multiple supers, and different strengths for those supers. Remove EX moves entirely; meter can only be used for alpha counters and supers.

Make the game more fast-paced, make walk speed faster so footsies and zoning are possible, tone down the idiotic focus on combos and remove the high/mid/low blocking system entirely in favor of a more traditional SF-style high/low blocking system.

Take away the stupid floatiness after being put in a juggle state, make hitstun function like Third Strike’s hitstun. Make tech rolls like those in 3S, as in, done with only an IMMEDIATE input and only a very short distance.

Freeze clock during supers, or rather, make it so that it doesn’t time out during a super.

Honestly, there’s a LOT of shit that needs to change, without even getting into the gem system. I think this game is beyond any hope of redemption.

Give Hwaorang his godlike stance back.

Ground Bounce limits, seriously how the fuck did they not think of infinites from this?

If the throw range is shitty, at least make it a 1 frame throw again.

An option for me to replace the game’s music permenatley. My ears have suffered enough and switching it is a hassle.

Give everyone a second/third super because i miss shinryuken bad.

The option to limit gems in ranked.


The to turn this game into Capcom Vs SNK 3: Billionare fighting 2012

seems like when you bout to die they go for that launcher combo… thats xfactor enuff… i traded in this game for 20 bucks