Real Urien Unblockables/combos

Real Urien Unblockables/combos. (Strategies too???)

The Aegis breaks their guard BY ITSELF. The reason for this is because when the back of the Aegis is at their back, the first hit is blocked in a normal fashion. All the following Aegis hits will be needed to be blocked IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Any normal attack from Urien will be needed to be blocked IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION, and because you cannot block both ways (pretty much NEAR impossible), you get THE UNBLOCKABLE.

These combos have ALL been tested on the ps2 and the arcade, and are practical to use in real matches. I’m basically posting the best POSSIBLE (key word) combos/unblockables to use in a certain situation with Urien. Note: these are all on Ken unless noted otherwise.
What to do off:

Cr. Fierce, midscreen

If you don’t have meter, the best thing to do is a lk or mk tackle. It does the most damage and pushes them to corner, which is where Urien should usually want them to be. Another thing to do is mp headbutt. This does less damage, and knocks them right down however. This should only be used if you want to dash over them while they’re quick-standing (character specific, might not work on some) and set up another cr. fierce or whatever.

If you have an aegis stocked, the ideal setup is: Cr. Fierce, lk/mk tackle cancelled to fp aegis, rh tackle to hit WITH the aegis, immediately dash partition mp headbutt, dash twice towards the aegis, and f+mk to break guard. The partition headbutt might seem hard to some, because they immediately assume that it’s too hard when they see the word partition. The partition headbutt in the standard midscreen unblockable takes no timing whatsoever. After you cancel lk/mk tackle to fp aegis, you immediately hold D/B (NOT back), do the rh tackle, immediately go back to d/b or d (at this time, it doesn’t matter), dash, immediately charge a little more IN the dash, press UP and mp. Everything’s done with no pauses in them, like another common (and misunderstood) midscreen unblockable, which brings me to my next point.
MOST people (most meaning too many) think they can replace the dash partition headbutt with a simple rh knee drop. This is the most commonly misunderstood unblockable setup of all time. The rh knee drop setup ONLY (and I mean ONLY) works on Chun-Li, Makoto, and shotos who aren’t ken (kinda harder IMO because you have to dash with little to no gaps) because they get up slow enough.

Alex, Dudley, Remy, Necro, and some others’ Midscreen Unblockable:
You can do cr. fierce, lk/mk tackle cancelled to fp aegis, DASH TACKLE UNDER (not HIT), dash towards aegis twice, F+MK to break guard. Dudley and Necro (and probably some others I’m forgetting) must have slim/no gaps between dashes. Everyone else, you can wait for them to get up to space yourself so that if they parry low, the F+MK won’t knock them OUT of the Aegis. My personal trick to the dash tackle partition: I trained myself to get my dash special after Aegis down to just about 99%, because I first started partitioning by sound. When I heard “gis” in the “aegis reflector!”, I began to charge. It worked for me. Now, I don’t use it anymore because I’m used to the timing, which would be preferable to get to either with my “gis” method or whatever you want.

Cr. Fierce near the corner (with the corner not being visible, but you know you’re close)

When you don’t have meter, it’s best to just try for a f+mp after your lk/mk tackle off cr. fierce. It resets and adds a little damage and meter. Better than nothing.
You can also do an ex tackle after the lk/mk tackle if you have the meter for an ex instead. The ex tackle pushes them to the corner and sets up for another possible juggle with a rh tackle (which you can cancel to jab aegis to set up corner unblockable. Try to find RX’s “Wanted” online vids. RX shows how everyone’s corner unblockable works).

When you do have meter for an aegis, what you do is cr. fierce, lk/mk tackle cancelled to JAB aegis (this aegis is only to cancel the recover of the lk/mk tackle, and is NOT meant to hit), rh tackle (you should be at the corner by now), buffer a mk tackle, to another mk tackle. This builds back a lot of your meter with just hitting tackles after the aegis, and you can cancel to another jab aegis after the last mk tackle for a corner unblockable.

Cr. Fierce in the corner

If you don’t have meter, the ideal combo to do is a mk tackle, buffered to another mk tackle, buffered to an mp headbutt. This combo is actually a little easier than it sounds. When you buffer the tackles, make sure to buffer them D/B to charge for the headbutt as well. The real hard part is getting that second mk tackle in. It’s usually rushed and doesn’t come out. You just need to slow down, and make sure you hit that first mk tackle as early as possible.

When you do have meter, what you can do is a mk tackle, buffered to another mk tackle, cancelled to jab aegis for that corner unblockable. This is sometimes a little hard, so it’s prefered if you do another cr. fierce after the initial cr. fierce, to mk tackle cancelled to jab aegis for that corner unblockable instead.

There are other character specifics, which I might post later.
Edit: Here it is. RX’s Urien corner unblockables (plus other stuff)
2nd Edit: Corrected Kneedrop unblockable and added the other midscreener.
3rd Edit: Not that much.
4th Edit: How the unblockable works.

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RX = urien god.

“works on Chun-Li and Makoto because they get up slow enough.”

I beg to differ on that one, it also works on Urien (he wakes up slowly and sticks to the aegis). By the way, makoto gets up faster than the shotos but she seems to be airborn a few more frames.

Thank you for the post. Do you have any tips for the double crush juggle after a crouching fierce on the shotos? I am more consistent with MK takcle + Sk tackle, maybe I should train more on the double forward tackle juggle. :xeye:

Got me.

I tested both midscreen unblockables and found them to be equally as fast and equally as hard to do. Both setups performed as fast as possible on Ken. Comparison point: Ken’s position at the end of Urien’s first dash. Result : Ken’s position was identical in both setups, i.e. bent backwards, feet just touching the floor, palms facing upwards.

If you want me to prove it, I can’t. Don’t know how to make videos. Just have half an hour’s worth of sweat and blood.

How did you test it? It’s so hard to test the difference between the two.


It’s a good idea to clear up confusion or dispensing of impractical combos.

My experience with the standard mid-screen unblockable is that I have had it work (quasi) on Ken a few times, but it was very odd looking. He was not “inside” the aegis, but I got it off by breaking guard with t+forward and proceeded with launcher. Very sketchy.

I have for sure had it work on Ryu, Akuma (not a good Akuma of course), Hugo, Alex, Sean and Urien.
The twins, Ibuki, Dudley and Oro (I think) require different forms of the unblockable.

I don’t see this often (ever), but I do it all the time…
While having about a bar and a half (enough to do one ex) if you get a launcher off (d.fp) go into ex.HB-sp.sphereXintofp.aegis(charge)-fp.HB (knocked down, on top of aegis…if they don’t roll, just do mp.HB for unblockable, to be safe do either dash HB or mk. kneedrop and play high low games)…I find it to be a more reliable set up than than standard unblockable and does great damage (and stun).

I’m sure this has been done before, but I thought I would share what I find effective.

Also, if you have two bars, proceed with that same combo I just mentioned.If you get the unblockable off, (you will have enough meter) cancel a sk.tackle (after launcher)into fp.aegis and proceed with standard unblockable (rh.shoulder,rh.kneedrop…). IF you manage to get that second unblockable off, you will have enough meter for an ex after the last launcher for ex.HB-fp.HB… :clap: then it’s pretty much the end of the round. I’m almost certain this does 100% stun on sean (that’s who I tested it on).

Also, If you get the following in corner: chun, dudley, urien, alex, q, mak, necro,… do a sk.shoulder and juggle with mp. or sp.sphere (more reliable)-mk.shoulder-and end with either mp.hb, sk. or mk. shoulder or st.fp. If you end with shoulder, cancel and proceed with correct UB setup.

Hope this helps.

Something I like to do midscreen is c.fp xx EX headbutt, hk tackle. I don’t know if it’s a waste or not, but it does a load of damage and almost puts them to the corner.

BTW, does corner mk tackle x 2 work on everybody? I can’t seem to do it yet. The only tackle series I can do are either c.fp>EX>HK>MK or AA mp sphere>HK>EX>HK>MK.

No, they don’t.

I was wrong about the partitionless midscreen unblockable working ONLY on Chun and Makoto.
It works on shotos (excluding Ken: he wakes up slightly faster).
However, when it comes to shotos and comparing the two midscreen unblockables together, the kneedrop one must be done as fast as possible, meaning slim to no pauses between your dashes. Dash headbutt is a little more lenient. About Makoto, she does technically get up faster than she should, but she bounces off the ground a lot slower, making it work.

Regardless, I still see people doing the kneedrop one on someone like Alex. :confused:
Which brings me to the edit of the first post.
Press UP to see it.

Edit: About mk tackle x2 in the corner, I find that a lot easier than mk tackle to lk tackle. Like I said in the original post, the only tip is to just time the first mk tackle as soon as possible, and don’t rush the rest. If you don’t do the first mk tackle early enough, you obviously won’t get the second. If you rush the rest after it seems that you’ve done the first mk tackle early enough, you’ll get a st. mk or f+mk or whatever else that isn’t a mk tackle because you didn’t charge enough. It’s definitely hard to get used to.
And they work on most people who you can’t lk tackle, lp fireball, lk tackle to whatever. Most kinda meaning more than where you can’t.

I’m surprised to hear so many people say use short.kick Tackle in juggle combos. I seem to get pushed OUT of the corner too far for shortTackles to connect so I stick with Med.Tackle with almost 100% efficiency in my corner juggles.
I too used to have trouble jumping on the 2nd tackle too early in the combo. Be patient and let it go when it’s time, not “on recovery” as most people try to do.
It’s really to fit in the Med.HB at the end of the combo if you’re having trouble with a 2nd tackle. Just buffer the charge by going from db(charge) to df+med.kick (Tackle) then keep charging df and at the last moment do uf+LP (Headbutt). The headbutt has less startup than a tackle so it hit quicker and doesn’t suffer from corner-pushout like the tackles do for me.

Well, for me, you don’t need to time the headbutt. I just do the headbutt whenever. You have enough charge for it already after your second tackle is finished, and since it’s a headbutt, you have MUCH more time to do it anyway.

this ps2 or dream cast?

Anyone have any tips for doing the midscreen one, at the dash forward, mp headbutt part? I’ve tried for like 15min now and I can’t EVER get it to work. Urien either jumps straight up after the dash, or does nothing. :sad:

I’ve tried on a Hori SCII stick, a custom Happ stick and the PS2 pad.

EDIT: Ok, I just got it to work ONCE. :lol:

PS2/Arcade, Chunkbeast.
Both in the same.

DC doesn’t have unblockables.

i think you are talking about charge partitioning. you will need to store some charge before the dash, then buffer down (or back/down) during the dash. when you recover from the dash, press up and punch. simply dashing without charging before the dash, then charging down during the dash wont store enough charge for the headbutt. maybe thats why you are jumping afterwards? thats my guess.

I dunno, I’m doing what Emphy suggests…charge, dash, up+mp. Do you have to charge during the dash as well?

is you store enough charge for a headbutt before the dash then you dont need to i guess. if you dont store enough charge before the dash then you will have to charge down during the dash for the headbutt to come out.

Yes, you charge immediately after and during the dash. And as I’ve said in the first post, this shouldn’t take any timing. It’s just a matter of doing it as soon as possible.
First post edited.

Ahh, thanks. I can do it fairly consistently now. :smiley:

When your partioning can u save your partition longer than 2 seconds…for example if i hold onto it by pressing down for 4 seconds then dash if i press up punch out of the dash will this work. Or does it have to be exactly 2 seconds…somebody please explain

4 seconds is damn long.

When people say 2 seconds, they mean counting “1, 2” in seconds. This basically means that it’s really 1 second. Counting doesn’t start at 1. It’s 0.
This pertains to the actual charging time. If you mean moving around (“saving up”), there is a somewhat short time you can. It’s less than a second, that’s for sure.

It HAS to be 1 real second (it’s not too strict, but not all that lenient either).