Real Arcade Pro: Virtua-On Mod? Should I?

I have more than enough arcade sticks so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth losing one and gaining a Virtua-On specific controller? Are there any PC/PS3 games to come, that would benefit from this?

No, but Virtua On is a fucking awesome game and it’s worth it just for that, but I’d recommend trying to find an official Virtua-on stick. It’s based on the Japanese arcade parts.

Yeah, I’ve never played it but, I’ve been hearing how awesome it is. Are you saying the Saturn Virtua-On stick is based on Jap parts? I was/am going to order the Sanwa pieces if they aren’t too expensive.

Now that I think about it , I rather hack up the coveted Virtua Stick High Grade for this project.

I think your wasting money. Just make your own from a piece of metal and buy some Sanwa or Happ parts.

In this hobby, we all waste money:wgrin:

^ Are you planning to mod the case for the sega ages version on PS2, or VOOT on DC?

As the maker of several bastardized sticks, i totally support this. How would you be able to map the layout tho? If you’re using a standard controller pcb, there aren’t dedicated buttons that mimic the second stick on the saturn version. It’s all fakey toggle buttons for turning. You’d need the pcb from the twin stick which defeats the purpose of making a virtual on stick. I don’t know about the sega ages version/pc/VOOT layouts tho, so someone let me know if these are worth getting for ghetto twin stick fun. :slight_smile:

the VO stick for saturn uses crappy ASCII sticks. i don’t think that’s what the arcade uses, because they were much looser the last time i tried, which was back in 2003.

I’m exploring the possibilities. I’ve already realized that the actual arcade Virtual On twin sticks are too large to fit the VSHG case so, I may bastardize an actual Saturn stick and kinda defeat the purpose. Kinda.

I’m modding for the Saturn version and DC VOOT. I’ll update the PCB accordingly, for the PS2/PC/PS3 or any new versions to come (if I even like the game that much to own them all:wonder:)

Do you feel this affected gameplay?

Well if you’re willing to use a twinstick pcb, you can go to goodwill and find a million nice old pc flight sticks to use for a twin stick mod. They’re prolly just as mushy as what the ascii sounds like tho. Plus there’s no telling if they’re digital, but they’re usually dirt cheap. The actual cabinet worthy 8-way stick is like $120 for one. If you wanna get really ghetto, there’s always something like this: . :slight_smile:

Ideally I think i would get two hori sticks and try to find a way to mount some flight sticks onto the shaft. Maybe get some of those adapter bolts for a sanwa bat top and wedge it in real deep with a drill and some industrial adhesive or something. Just batting around ideas. I wanna see this made! :slight_smile:

Don’t Sanwa & Seimitsu sell flight sticks in their catalog?

sanwa has a few nice ones. I don’t see prices on it tho and i doubt they’re any cheaper than the happ ones. I didn’t see any in the seimitsu one.

Not sure how much this would help you, but here’s a link of someone modding their Virtua Stick Pro into a Twin Stick for the Dreamcast. He used the PCB off a DC twin stick though. I thought it was awesome when I first saw it.

now that’s a clean mod. nice to know ebay still has lots of VO stuff too:

You can get the sticks for 85 dollars actually not that it’ll take the sting out of the price x.x;

edit: Speakign of which, looks like some tranny owns the best collection of virtua on stuff ever.

Just bought a pair of sticks from him outside of the action:lovin:

Damn I want a HSS-0133:sad:

The project is underway after I find a cheap VSHG

Finally got the Twin sticks in and they’re way to big to fit any arcade stick.


ouch. what does that bottom thing do that’s cropped out of the 2nd ebay pic? Is there a wire attached to it? if not could you file it down, top mount with a plexi, and then cut out an opening in the bottom black plastick of the t5?

Oh awesome, why not the Twin sticks use Ace Comba game by Namco?