Re: Mike Z, Alex Ahad and Peter Bartholow (Lab Zero)

Didn’t know how else to do this so I figured I would just resurrect this topic since Skullgirls is back to life now. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling again with this super creative fighting game. The 3 character/assist concept is very rare in fighting games and it’s good to see an indie game hold it up so well. The new training mode beats the pants off of any training mode I’ve seen and the GGPO is truly top notch now. Only had one match over across 4 different players where I caught the old slow down issue. 35 ping or 100+ ping I was able to cancel, link, block mix ups and tech throws without too much trouble.

Good to see that you guys have your own development company away from Reverge now. Hopefully that makes updates occur more quickly as you had originally intended.

Looking forward to buying all of the colors and characters DLC that won’t actually break my wallet.

Also look forward to hearing more updates from Ravidrath and seeing Alex’s and Mike’s work get going through the woodwork again. Hopefully Xbox patch, DLC characters and colors can be a reality soon.



Mike Z: Thanks for working on your dream for 6 to 10 years or whatever it was. I remember when it was just some shit I read about on a website. Come 6 months before I heard it was releasing and the game was gonna be old school with 6 normals and you could make your own assists…I was in there. Game feels great and love how it brings in meaningful new stuff while keeping what made older games interesting. The fact that we can talk to somebody on the forums regularly who developed the game and made the game for the FGC…the game is worth more than 15 dollars on that alone.

Alex Ahad: Thank you for sticking with your vision and your art despite the controversy. I think this is a game where when people actually play and use the characters and see all of their mannerisms they’ll grow to like a lot. I respect when anyone sticks with what they know and what they want to do. If people can make female ponies hype then this can work too. I haven’t seen high frame counts in animation like this since 3S. Everyone just motions so fluidly I love it.

Peter Bartholow (equally known as Ravidrath): Thank you for being what was I guess you could call the Seth Killian of the game and smiling often even though it didn’t look like you wanted to smile (jokes). Keeping everybody calm and collected during the release date fiasco was really cool. You were the other big face of the game before it came out so I respect the work you put in to keep people informed through this “maybe successful” IP.

General thanks on behalf of making a game for the FGC BY THE FGC.

You guys need to talk to capcom about making MvC3.


as someone that has (somewhat publicly) hated on the sg concept and artwork, now that i see it in front of my eyes and am playing the characters, i have to offer an apology to alex, the character designs that he has created really come to life when in motion. the stage and background art are exemplary, this game looks REALLY good. streams make this game look bad.

and at mike z, what can i say, you sir have a winner here, congratulations, this game feels great and ALL the characters that you have designed feel like real, completely fleshed out, and DEEP characters. kudos!

cue the slow clap


Thank you for this game. Last night I got beat up pretty badly by a 1 char Parasoul team. I will learn your engine and bring it to casuals. Hopefully people will play it even though everybody is playing the big 4 for Evo (KOF, SF4, MVC3, SFxT)

I just love how much this game offers for 15$, washes away the sfxt salt.
Came to know about it pretty late but thank god not too late.
Kudos to you guys :smiley:

It brings manly tears to my eyes

I hear ya on the art thing Dime. I was somewhat skeptical, although I’m willing to give anything a chance before I bash on it and completely dismiss it.

And I’m glad I did.

I don’t even know how to describe my sentiments really. When watching the game in videos and on streams, it looks… a little off? I suppose the necessary compression of the videos/streams of the game just rob it of its beauty to a certain extent. It’s like the game, despite being actually beautiful, isn’t very stream/video “photogenic.”

But seeing it on my own calibrated set in all it’s glory, the game has a very unique but beautiful look about itself. Even now, I’m watching a stream of it and it still just doesn’t look quite right, but I know when I’m actually sitting in front of it, it just looks amazing.

It’s very strange and hard to explain honestly. I’ve never had a game that looked strange and/or bad to me in videos/streams that didn’t look largely the same when in front of me. For example, I don’t like SSFIV’s art style. I don’t like it streamed, on video, or in front of me. I just don’t like it. Skullgirls… I won’t say I don’t like it on stream, but I can’t say I like it either. There’s just a level of detail that isn’t there when it’s streamed. That’s not a fault of the game of course, that’s just the interwebz at work.

And the music… I tell ya… THE MUSIC… genius. It might even put in work to keep my blood pressure down when/if moments in Skullgirls start making me salty. In fact when I get some time this weekend, I fully intend to pull out my bottle of Disaronno and tinker around with things almost entirely to just listen to the music haha.

Anywho, this indeed is a very fine game here. It’s pretty incredible to see that such a small team of people have managed to design, create, and produce something that rivals the “big names” in fighting games. And I hope that it sells so well that it puts Capcom on panic notice.

Also I’d like to mention that, although SRK alone will give this game legs, we need to put in a little word-of-mouth to make the game walk. I’ve already got one friend (a designer) who barely plays fighting games at all interested based solely upon the art style, and I fully intend to try to get more people into it if I can.

After a pause, joins slow clap…

Accelerates slow clapping


Hmm… There is stuff I want to see indeed.
I want to get t-shirt with Shark smoking pipe with the line “The reports of my death are GREATLY exaggerated” below him.
Can you make this happen, RL? =3

It’s kind of surreal to actually have this game playing on my Xbox right now.

You guys actually made your dream happen, which is unbelievably awesome.

This dream doesn’t stop here though. Still more yet to be done with all of the patches and DLC characters to be made. Just the beginning

BTW, with the movelists, I’d love them super-convenient SNK-style. No swimming through a sea of pause menus like SF4 and SFxT.

If anything, I’d like to thank the team for putting in the awesome tutorial mode. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a tutorial for any game that actually teaches me to be a better player in any game of the same genre.

Screw the slow clap, this game deserves a standing ovation.

I’ll be honest: watching the credits kinda makes me teary eyed.

Thank you guys for this amazing game.

I remember arguing on FGD a while back about how all SRK does is complain, and that if people want change then they should start doing their own shit, like .JP indie devs do in. Then people started talking about Skullgirls, and how it was nothing but vapourware, which was kinda sad to hear. I’m glad this game was finally released.

Youtube, GT, streams even the downloaded vids watching at 60 FPS on my laptop or PS3 seem lacking compared to game running.

The presentation is awesome. The music, the sfx, the art, the menus, etc. It’s all good.

Thank you.

Thank you for making a fighting game that isn’t all Capcomnized.

Thank you Mike, Alex and Peter for bringing us all such an amazing game and product. I have to say that this has to be the first fighting game I have ever played where I didn’t have to worry about no wonky comeback mechanic that raises my blood pressure. Its a new learning experience for me, but a very welcome one as I had invited all of my friends over to check it out before they bought it. It was love at first sight. They started asking a load of questions about it, like who made the game, where could they buy it etc and I couldn’t help but grin and feel proud of you guys. You and everyone involved in the Skullgirls project did an amazing job and for that you have my deepest thanks and utmost respect. Finally, a game where I don’t have to worry about everyone maining a bunch Op characters, while the rest of the cast is either garbage or not equipped for high level play.

So far everything is balanced, and my complaints are far and few but not enough to pull me away from the game. Though if I may make a suggestion, would it be alright if you guys happen to make a trial mode of sorts for each individual character. I feel that it would make using certain combos in different situations really helpful. Sure the tutorial taught me the bare essentials like blocking high/low mix-ups, chains and everything else, but I feel a trial mode would add more to it so people won’t feel like their floundering around when their trying to come up with combos for each character. Again, thank you guys so much for making this game. I wish you all the success and money that we can throw at you guys to make an amazing patch with hopefully a trial mode and other essentials needed in the game.

They are waiting for combos to surface from the community so they could add good ones.