Ranked is a joke

It’s not even just rage quitting. That’s really not the right title for it.
It’s simply point obsession and abuse lol.

I’m not really that good at this game, I’m ultra bronze ATM. I was a silver for a bit.
But recently I only get ranked matches against golds and ultra silvers+
I basically only lose points because if I win and with no exaggeration the players will just close their game or turn off their machine probably about 65% of the time.

I’m not sure why I don’t get paired up against people in my skill bracket anymore.
Maybe 1 out of 10 matches I’ll get paired up with an ultra bronze.

Anyone having the same issue?

Ranked is pretty terrible for many reasons. But you seem to be under the impression that there’s such a thing as ‘‘abuse’’ or ‘‘exaggeration’’ in gameplay. My scrub mindset detector is going off right now.

maybe it’s the amount of available players in your region?
If you are US, I think you are exaggerating or just have really bad luck
Last 2 weeks I ranked up 3 separate accounts from rookie to super silver and ultra silver
When I was bronze/super bronze/ultra bronze, I was matched against bronzes and rookies 80% of the time and 20% were silver/super silver/ultra silver/2 or 3 golds

I doubt you are being matched against ultra silvers and gold more than you are bronzes
About the ragequit thing, i only had about 20% quitting on me even when I was bronze playing against ultra/super silvers/golds

if you want to play people more on your level, go to battle lounges
There are plenty of bronzes and rookies battle lounges

I feel for you buddy and I would say that unfortunately this game has not done enough to spur a big enough online community to have even matches at all levels like a StarCraft or some other 1v1 matchmaking game

My best advice to you is to find someone that you feel like is close in skill level to you and add them, try to play them a lot - maybe find someone in a battle lounge, or someone you have seen in ranked a few times, here on SRK or maybe at local sessions if that is available to you.

I really started leveling up faster a few years ago when I started adding people that I had close matchups with so that we could play longer sets, rather than just jumping back to into the pool of ranked where you might end up fighitng someone laggy/much better/much worse than yourself and not be able to learn a lot

Great and close matchups are sort of the exception more than the rule with online fighting games

glad you’ve seen the light and realized what a sham online ranked play is.

now go to a tournament. go to evo.

We’re closing on 5,000 people at Evo so it seems like everyone is already there.

I told you I wasn’t good lol but unfortunately I’m not exaggerating. It wasn’t like that until maybe the Guile update? I used to always get players around my skill level. I wouldn’t lie, maybe I’ll film a night of ranked and post it lol because it honestly boggles my mind

Next to no one’s playing the game nowadays, I found out. I wait for a Ranked Match to come up for about 10 minutes, but nothing. The ones playing are doing Lounges.

I don’t see the problem. I’m pretty solidly Super/Ultra Bronze. Sure, I’ll temporarily slide down to Rookie because I get paired up with guys with twice my amount of points pretty often. But I still learn and every time I work my way back up a little bit faster. Hell, I probably learn even more getting bodied by a Silver/Gold player who outclasses me in every way than beating the Bronze guy who keeps doing the same unsafe stuff over and over seemingly without understanding that I can punish him for it, because the good player actually forces me to learn good habits and not throw out random sweeps/supers/wake-up attacks. My approach is that rank doesn’t matter all that much. Sure, I would prefer not to be matched up with Platinum guys who are playing on a level I can’t even begin to comprehend, because at that point I don’t get anything out of it and might as well just put my arcade stick on the floor, but I just don’t have a problem with getting bodied by guys who are genuinely better than me as long as they’re not being dicks about it and I understand why I lost.

Maybe it just comes from me being very much of a basement king from back in the pre-online days, thinking I was genuinely good at Soul Calibur II because I could beat the everliving shit out of friends who didn’t even own the game, until I played against people who genuinely played the game at a decent level. I’m not very good, at absolutely best mediocre, at fighting games and I’m fine with that. I occupy that comfortable spot of being better than people who just play casually, but way worse than people who put the time in and actually learn the match-ups. I don’t need to beat people as long as I’m having fun and/or feeling like I’m improving. I’d like to think that I’m better now than I was a few weeks ago even though I’m more or less the same rank.

If you stop obsessing over points and ranks, I think Ranked is actually pretty solid (aside from the rage quitting problem). I rarely get matched up with guys where I just go “WHAT THE FUCK IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW”, and I feel like with almost every match I play, I figure out a little bit more. Like how Mika’s rolling slide thing will usually lead into a throw, Cammy has a weird jump that will often go past a medium Nishikyu that will hit almost everyone else, or how a lot of Kens will try to bait you into pushing a button after something that looks punishable so they can make you eat a heavy DP. I can genuinely say I’ve face quite a few guys with roughly 2000 points who I feel were worse than me even though I was currently sitting on a scrubby 980, but I don’t begrudge them that. It’s just a number. I don’t want to be LTG or DSP, crying about how someone doesn’t deserve my points or how guys who are genuinely better than me don’t win tournaments so it doesn’t mean shit anyway. And it’s not like I don’t get salty. I’ve faced Mikas that I felt were brainlessly throwing stuff out because all they had to do was guess right once or twice to get me into the corner, get me stunned and take the round while I actually had to put in work to win. But I also realize that if it was that easy and it was that big of a problem, I should just pick Mika myself and do the same thing.

tl;dr: Are you having fun? Are you learning how to play better? Then wins and losses don’t really matter (unless you’re a tournament player and there’s genuinely money and sponsorships on the line).

Not totally picking up what’s being put down here. My experiences in rank have been good. More often than not, I am matched up with players that seem to be right around my skill level. A couple of times when in Bronze I came across players that had a lot more LP than me, but still had good fights with them. And losses against some of the better players I was matched against were really good to analyze for errors and match up info. Lag has been very minimal against PS4 and PC users alike (PC user myself). I’ve had an enjoyable ranked match experience so far, and anticipate it will stay that way. Input lag doesn’t seem to have a huge negative impact on my execution… but even if it did I usually blame myself for input error and adapt so execution becomes more and more consistent regardless of any input delay. Just have to account for and adapt to.

edit** also, I have not played against 1 opponent that has quit mid match. And players seem to be respectful enough to accept a rematch when they win. I always offer a rematch if I beat my opponent so they can strive for a 2 out of 3 and possibly gain points instead of just losing.

edit 2**I keep realizing there are other points I’d like to share about my experience so far after I save my post. One other detail I’d like to point out is that I have not had to wait long periods of time for the matchmaking to find an opponent for me. The time I do wait is good for a quick thought reflection on the last fight I had.

This thread should be renamed, “I’m salty because I keep losing”. B)

OP literally states they aren’t great and lose but are salty because they can’t EARN points because anyone they beat in the higher tiers just ragequits. How the fuck does that translate to “I’m salty because I keep losing”?

This is SRK. It’s a forum but nobody can fucking read.

The main goal of an elo-like system is not to give you fair fights, but rather to place you in an imaginary ladder and keep it as updated as possible. This is achieved by matching you with people of all skill level. You should win with the ones below you, lose against the ones above, and go 50/50 with your same rank. If you don’t get these results, then you rank up or down accordingly.
SFV’s system is busted because of rage quitters and maybe point distribution, but the theory behind its match making is correct

Maybe they shouldn’t have used some chit mobile company for the network/matchmaking of the game.

Cant stop…
Wont stop…
Obsessing over points

slicedmass you have a good point. I enjoy the battle lounges but as a PC player I’m having a hard time finding steady partners to play with. It’s much more difficult than it should be to add someones steam ID after a match, SF4 was simple. And the “favorite player” system is a whiff IMO

Also LOS you have a good point, fortunately I kind of stay at ultra and it is good practice with all the golds

I prefer this, Silver getting matched up with Golds, even if I take just one match I still get more points than if they beat me twice muahaha.

Said from before the first beta: SFV should have an internal private messaging system (not just that bollocks pre-approved messages that are probably designed so you can play with non-native tongue speaking players), and should have an internal friends list/system. Not just the “favorites” but an actual friends list. You can see who is online, they can see when you are online, you have to actually accept being friended, and you can create a “friends only” lounge where you don’t need to invite or send out passwords but anyone on your friends list can join.

The fact that there is no messaging system in CFN when there is also no way for PSN/Steam to send messages is a huge oversight.