Random Ibuki Tricks

This one is super random, and not useful at all…

But Ultra 1 combos into itself. The fireball version of course. Its weird, but it can happen.

Here’s a tricky reset

close st.hk sjc dash, cr.hp sjc dash

df.mk slide goes under sagats U1 at the right spacing and as such should go under tiger knees. Much easier against ultra though, cause you get the cinematic that lets you know it’s coming.

If that does work, I wouldn’t try it too often. A kara uppercut could be waiting for you next time. Great thread. keep em coming :china:


option selects:

Kara Raida/EX Raida All grab defense: HCB lk (hold)~LP/LP+MP

  • A kara Raida that beats command/Ultra grabs and breaks regular throws to keep you from getting thrown out of startup. EX is a good wake up option against people trying to bait you from a safe distance and is not as punishable as regular raida.

Kazegiri throw break: f,d,df LK~LP

Hien throw break: same method as above

Also, c.HP and close s.HK can be easily SJC’ed into Focus Attack since they both allow normal jump cancel. For some reason, this makes all SJC/JC options easier… The method I use is d,df,f,uf (hold) MP+MK

cr. mp seems to work really well against rufus’ jumpins, including divekick. it’s a really meaty attack so he seems to land on it with his vulnerable parts before he’s able to hurt you or touch the ground.

grrrr I’m beginning to hate this character already. Never played 3S

No, I’m not trolling your Ibuki board. I have a question about her “Elbow” ultra 1. Is this like a command grab/ start up 1-frame or something.

This dude I player just randomly threw them out when i was in close or on wakeup and even down blocking i still got hit. I mean with rog I might have throw a jab out on the wake up, but I’d always recover in time to block with other characters ultras.

Is there a gimmick I’m missing here?

Its a one frame start up command grab. However, it seems to have 0 frame start up on reversal properties… at least i think thats what is being said on the other thread. In any case, if you are in neutral, you can just jump out of it.

Ibuki’s normal neckbreakers go under Gouken’s fireballs.

You can cancel command dash into neckbreaker

I wonder what else we could cancel



I couldn’t really see it, but it sounds intresting. Was it canceling the startup of CD or was it half way through it?

It’s start up , and I believe I gained slightly more range

I couldn’t really see it either. But in any case what do you think it would be useful for? Now if she could cancel that into raida, then yes that would be quite useful.

I guess another cool trick is df mk into ultra one. Since the kick leaves you at negative frames or around zero if you hit at certain ranges you would usually reset with a throw. You condition people with that and since they will usually attack you first because you have the negative frames, you ultra 1 them when they try to grab or OS grab.

Keep this thread alive y’all. Shenanigans keep things interesting lol.

After sweep, dash forward and tk lp kunai toward the corpse. You’ll get a meaty crossup kunai with combo potential. NOT DP SAFE.

U1 is great mind game tool. Empty jump to U1, HK command dash u1, while waking up U1 to beat meaties. EX neckbreaker hk command dash twice to u1. No one will see it coming and will probably works once. But once is needed to get into people’s head to start jumping.

J.lk air to air reset, hk CD, sweep.

Free knockdown if they decide to pyschic tech throw,

Has anyone messed with whiffed Hien’s after a throw or neckbreaker to screw with your opponent’s head?

Works pretty well. Not sure if it’s super safe, but a random trick for sure.

Forward Throw/neckbreaker then lk Hien to land in front, mk Hien to land behind, and hk Hien to land behind and in a pretty good spot for c.MP. I like to ultra 1 off whiffed lk Hien. Caught a few people with that.

Off Back throw hk Hien puts you right in your opponents face.

this is an awesome find dude!!!

unfortunately i cant find anything useful from it… HOWEVER i did some experimenting and it seems that both command dash and tsumuji are kara cancelable.

cancel tsumuji into raida for a VERY nice kara boost, almost kenish… but not quite… lol.

you can also cancel command dash into raida AND ULTRA.

the easy way to see if you are canceling command dash into any other special is to look at the “siluouette” ibuki does when she does a command dash or regular dash.

but since ibuki can easily cancel into any special move anyways… it seems pretty useless to me… so i wonder why capcom put it in… and the only thing i can come up with is to kara cancel command dash into tsumuji… if its even possible… cause doing that might give ibuki longer loops…

presumably ibuki could also cancel into u1 and the opponent wont be able to jump out bur=t will instead have to eat the chip damage without possibl=ilkity of ultra reversal cause of the op being still in block or hitstun… but meh.

also regular cancels are faster than sjc cancels so that may have some impact somewhere down the road as well…, as far as theory fighter goes.

i think everyone should brainstorm possibilities as to what canceling her kick specials into each other or into her punch specials might give her… there has to be a reason why capcom let ibuki cancel them right?

also the cancel seems to be like a true kara cancel… ie 1-3 frames is all you get to cancel into a different special move… thank god for sf4 lenient ass buffer in this case or it would be impossible to do this “GLITCH”

and afaik raida wont cancel into any other special… i only got the kick specials minus kazekiri to cancel.


First of all, it’s kazegiri, not kazekiri…

Ok so can we get vids on the range of command dash and tsumuji kara cancels? Specifically into raida, because with range boosts, raida could be the go to punishing knockdown for a lot of things.