Random Ibuki Tricks

Didn’t wanna toss it in a general thread to get lost after 2 pages, and it doesn’t really fit in any current thread. I’ll update this post when I find anything new. Props to Nydrin for putting me on to most of this.

b + mp makes Bison’s headstomp whiff.

f + mk stuffs Honda’s headbutt at range.

hk command dash goes through ex messiah if you predict it.

Stay out of his s.fp range, and you can Raida Dhalsim’s limbs.

Command grab cannot be thrown; punishes Zangief U1 and Abel U2 free.

Ibuki’s option select is jump in (any move), Neck Breaker. Press a button in midair, then quickly buffer a slide. If it gets blocked, continue pressing buttons and finish the blockstring (target combo). If it hits, finish the combo (maybe into vortex). If it whiffs (opponent backdashed), he gets punished with a slide.

c.fp beats lariat. Easy knockdown is c.fp SJC qcb + K.

EX Neck Breaker beats at least the dust cloud of Cody’s U2.

Kunai beats a lot of weird things, such as EX Blanka Ball and Juri’s U2 (at least after it starts; dunno about its initial startup invincibility, if it has any).

Raida beats Dhalsim’s U2 and Blanka’s ball.

Blocked Cannon Spike can be punished with a reversal Neck Breaker for free.

I talked with kai about some of this stuff already. Good find. Eventually when things get organized we can put this in the strategy thread.

(Loving the idea of this random list, intresting to read through)

cf.mk gets under most hadoukens/projectiles ect and hits opponent on the other side. (good for surprising them)

Ex Neck-Breaker gets under any projectiles (Same as above)

Possible to do, f.hp x 2, c.hk x2. f.sjc. in air h.k, <------ repeat untill enemy blocks your hits or is stunned/dazed

f+mk beats dudleys jet upper on wakeup

Saying that ex neck breaker goes under fireballs isn’t really accurate. Ex neck breaker will even pass thru Juris low fireball and u can’t df+mk slide under that. The better term is that ex neck break is invincible to plasma/fireballs.

Never actually tried this before. Does that mean it will go through low tiger shot?

Yes Jord it does

Alright. I’ll chime in some.

vs. Rufus use the cr. lp + lk + mp for the double dive defense

Also for an option select for backdash use cr. lp, cr. lp + hk, or cr. lp, cr. lp + mp xx hcf hp

You can even DF+MK slide under low tiger. Reg neckbreaker actually goes under high tiger :wink:

Damn vgambit posting up my tricks! :E

All my stuff is a work in progress and I figured eventually people would find most of them. I’m still finding new shit and talk about them on irc majority of the time. I’m too lazy to post, so expect other people to throw them up.

df+mk under low tiger? Nice.
I’d have tried this shit out if I hadn’t sprained my hand, looks like I won’t be playing super for a few days :frowning:

yeah, it’s always funny to hear people go “lol wut?” when they see that.
you can f+mk pretty easily over the low tigers. basically, there’s no reason to block a tiger shot at all.

something else worth mentioning is that ex raida has ridiculous range and seems to have some invulnerability tacked on to it (I could be wrong though, we should wait for frame data to confirm) so you can use it to beat a lot of things, including pokes, you’d (and more importantly your opponent) never think were possible. Of course the recovery is ass so use it on laggier moves at first (like the scrub favored guile c.rh)

Yeah I’ve been able to grab Rufus out of his dives from like half screen. Shit has crazy grab properties even though it’s not really a grab. Kinda like an attack based version of an SPD with even more range.

Is Kai playing Ibuki? I’ve noticed quite a few people who’ve used El Fuerte a lot in Vanilla moving to Ibuki, myself included. I wonder why.

I had raida beat Fuerte’s Ultra II in a match.

was that on reaction or did you have to anticipate it? because the U2 feels like a 4 frame startup and I don’t think raida is that fast.

also noticed today that a max distance df+mk can be linked into the short dp pretty easily(maybe the forward or rh, IDK, I haven’t tried it). good way to get a KD. I’ll have to experiment with other moves to see if they can also be linked off of it.

Ive been using her tsuijigoe flip jump off kd. I follow w a kunai, if it hits i go into one of her light kick target combos (the other ones whiff on some characters) if its blocked I ultra 1 while theyre in blockstun. U wanna start the jump a few steps back so u land close enough and buffer the hcb motion right after the kunai. it took a little bit of practice to get the timing and spacing down without thinking about it too much but it’s not hard and it nets big damage either way. Im still experimenting w it but its been working like a charm for me when i execute it right

Well Kai said he picked up Fuerte because for him he felt the closest to the play style of a 3rd Strike character. So with Ibuki being in the game he pretty much jumped ship I guess. Plus like El Fuerte, Ibuki is a character heavily reliant on wake up pressure and movement.

how would this benefit a player over a normal SJ vortex setup?

People gotta stop calling me by that name, it confuses too many people. I am the irc Kai people talk about but my real name is Nydrin. On irc I go by chaosDUNK (people confuse me for ski there).

I seriously think the strategy thread needs to clean up

there’s too much info just floating around instead of being right there for you to read… geez

plus I did alot of researching to try and to give my two cents