RAMnation Tournament 5/23 at tyram's house (SF4,STHD,MVC2)

yup thats right!!!

finals will be over and I’m moving back to Fairfield this week so I want to get this shit started off with a BANG! With all the hype of SF4 and EVO on the way we need more tourneys to get us ready to throw down come July! I hope that all of you can make it and good luck to all.


SF4 (xbox360/ps3)
STHD (xbox360/ps3)
MVC2 (Dreamcast)

NOTE: if 2 people can’t come to a choice on what system to play on then a coin will be tossed and the winner will get the choice of system. This is just to make things fair.

Sign Ups: will start at NOON and will end at 3 pm matches will start at 3:30 pm.

**Entry Fee: ** $5 per game

Pay out: 70/20/10


all games will be 2/3 double elimination 2 rounds for each game!
Akuma is banned in HDR


2428 Sunrise dr.
Fairfield CA 94533


I have work from 9-1 that Saturday, so I can make it and I will be there. :tup:

Summer tournament hype, let’s go!

hellz yeah fools. gonna be in ff this day anyway.

I should be there.

You should rename the STHD tournament to “donate to play Rudy” :razzy:

is this open to newbies? never been exposed to the tourney seen til now…

All is welcome.

I don’t know if im going to be able to make it to this. etd.POP is same day:sad:

Anyone from Sac area going? I wanna go, but would like to carpool. I can drive.

^ you might have better luck asking in the sac thread.

i’ll be in there. whats up with the ufc card that night ram?

machida vs evans!

machida will win
hughes will win

that is all



Not if Spider Dan makes it out. And you’re lucky I’m going to be elsewhere that day!

more like ur lucky dat im not dere :bgrin::bgrin:

I’ll be here for Marvel and SF4 :tup:

I might come out for some SF4…no one plays Rog here right?

dude postpone this tourney man, its the same day as etd popsicle…

i wanna go lol, any 1 goin to empires comics turny today n sac?

Please bring TVs sticks and dreamcasts with marvel memory card if u can guys. Thanks in advance and ps3 and xboxs would be awesome too!!! Thank u. Very much all.

C u tomorrow!!


Also PLEASE! get change before you come. I am not an arcade and can not break everyone’s $20’s so please do what you can.




ram nation popping off.

sign me up and sign up my bottle of hennessy.

I’m about to win all the games.