RAMnation Tournament 5/23 at tyram's house (SF4,STHD,MVC2)

oh shat up. cuz ima be there fa sho with no dough. so i’ll be shit talkin on tha side me, mack-los, and uncle scrubskis on dub-skis is gonna roll through. they might come with me but ima be there off tha top aha! holla when ya hear me! i got’s tha hook-up.

peace out cUDDY:cool:

ok well sorry for the late start up but it was good to see some old faces show up and kick it and play some games!.


Street fighter 4
8-man bracket

1 Mark : $28.00
2 Pilipino Champ : $8.00
3 Larry S. : $4.00
4 Tyram
5 Beef
5 kyoshi
7 jerkface

Marvel vs Capcom 2
8-man bracket

1 Tinh : $28.00
2 Pilipino Champ : $8.00
3 Wentinel : $4.00
4 Stiltman
5 Beef
5 Mark
7 Tyram
7 Larry S.

Super turbo HD remix Round Robbin winner “Stiltman”

The games are still going on NOW so come on over and get in on it.


Who else was in SFHD? Tyram, kyoshi, beef, jerkface?

And me. After I left, I seriously just went home and checked the hitbox on Cammy’s j. strong :rofl:

Too bad Spider Dan wasn’t there to put up a decent fight and give the rest of us a fighting chance. :looney:

For Marvel, is that Wentinel from Sonoma County?

I think so!

anyways shit is still going DOWN!

more people came later in the day and here is the mvc2 $1 winner take all tourney.

16-man bracket

NOTICE: One or more participants have NOT paid entry fees.

1 Tinh
2 crizzle
3 scrub
4 Larry S.
5 RJ
5 SoulStar
7 Chucky
7 BlkBrotha
9 Tyram
9 King Kau
9 Mark
9 Steven
13 Eddy

Had a great time in both tourney. Thanks for tyler for hosting. Shoutouts to all 707 folks you know who you are, crizzle,ryan,wentinel,eddy,steven,ilikemarconi707,carlos,mike… everyone.

Sorry Ram, that i couldn’t be there for the tourney.

Hoped the tourney was hype

I hear you down here for awhile. hit me up, if you down to play anything

Nah, I’m from Socal and just recently moved to Sacramento. There’s another Wentinel that’s from Sonoma County? :confused:

GGs Tinh (teach me Santhrax), Filipino Champ (teach me Dhalsim), StiltMan, Larry, and all the people I played in SF4. Big thanks to Tyram for hosting!

It was hella fun + ggs to everyone. Larry why is bison/rufus matchup so stupid?

i dont recall crizzle being there yesterday… weird

Fixed. :sweat:

My niggas it was too poppin at the eternal RAMnation last night:lovin::rock:!!!

I’m glad ever1 came thru that night that nigga the rim-fuckin-rattler was on boss-mode last night and was feeling himself too much:wasted:!!! but we owe it to him guyz that nigga is winning and he’s so surrious and thats word. then uncle scrubskis rolling on dubskis with the chucksta all nite long oh boy!? WHADDAYA MEAN:looney:!? then my lil’ chipmunk friend tinh along with the larry-s’skis. i can keeps goin. The CRIZZoski with that fiesta storm:lol: alwayz a fuckin fighting game slugfest, never a dull moment. this nigga mike gave me the taper of a lyfetime the boi is lookin fresh to def.

All in coutesies of Ramsey Louis on the morning show every1 kept it lit. especially that nigga mark lmao. cuzen you were big-headed last nite but you deserve the bragging rights homie. hah win another 1 for me cuzen. lets seal the deal. but the prodigies are the one Rudy with that silly hot bision. RJ got perfected twice":wow:!!! aye cuz, welecome to the new world of mahvel shit happenz every1 been there b4.

about that bison and rufless matchup yes it is silly and me and my eternal rival have them destiny/animosity battles it’s ugly:arazz:.

eddie and that other guy was under the pipe matches. bring back the memories and i’m still reminicising. in the words of mark we shoulda brought a camera let niggaz know how we party.

as far as that goes time to play kof um 2k2 more destiny battles to come… good shyt tyram i’m out.

peace out cUDDY:cool:

Fuck. Sorry Tyram. For some reason I thought 23 was today. I woke up at noon today anyways, so I would have missed it twice! :lol:

haha yup :wgrin:

It’s all good I was confused too. Welcome to NorCal!

GGs guys. Time for me to start lvling up on Marvel…- :karate: Steven

I hope you guys got a laugh out of my drunk ass last night, you won’t see me like that again. I drank waaaaaay too much, my bad dudes.

Did the alcohol give mark sagat/colossus powers?

All good Mark, I’ve been there many times.

do what’cha do, you and yo crew, they got playaz and thugz doin it to. (e-40)