Rain City Grind (Tacoma) Off Week / Hittin Up 6th Ave

Ok Guys, we’re a week out to Fight Night. I have two set ups confirmed and a few people confirmed.

I’ve also decided since this is the first of many Rain City Fight Nights, it’s special… and it warrents me picking up some grub for the crowd.

So If you’re in the Tacoma area, want to level up, and want some free food. Let me know. I’ll text you with directions if you PM me your number.

LMAFO not intended as a joke, but man that is a good one.

freeness on the brain huh? u got trolled too hard. REAL LIFE MIND GAMES hahahah. GL on fight night hope its fun.

I’m down for this. PM me the details.

I totally would Frank but it seems your inbox is too full. lol

make some room and I’ll send the message.

yeah jimmy was asking if he should bring some pizza or something with him to this,ill probably be down to bring something too

Good shit.

hell ya man. gonna be a feast in here. I’ll still pick some stuff up.

Oh BTW, I got one of my old wood panel TVs working so don’t worry about bringing yours. It’s not the best picture but it’s pretty similar to the Gameclucks set ups so it’ll definitely work.

So ya man, just your system and we’ll be set.

@Everyone else. If you’re down to come and have a set up to contribute let me know.


I’m still trying to send you the info for Fight Night but your inbox is full. Let me know as soon as you make some room so I can get you the info

Yo Shred is it koo if i head down for some serious grinding? Cause i need to level up my Roo cause i feel like i’m plateauing ):

hell ya man. I’ll shoot you my number so you can text me when you need directions or my address.

thx bro i’m needin the practice haha

ok guys, 1 more day.

Still could use 1 more setup. Just need a 360 and a copy of the game. I even have extra plugins so you barely need to bring anything. if you can, just show up with it. The turnout may be more than I thought, so 1 more set up will be nice.

Again, just bring your console and a copy of Super and we’ll be gold.

Chris never mentioned there was a thread about this lol

Oh well lol, had a good time guys :3

Fight Night was a rousing success I think. Good casual play, swapping strategies, and good grub. We will definitely be doing this again in the near future.

Big thanks to Frank for stopping by and holding it down Mr. Miyagi style.

Thanks again for coming guys. Can’t wait for the next one.

How many people showed up?

only like 7 but it was good. we had two set ups and it was a pretty appropriate number for a casual grind session.

You guys should try to go to the Olympia Fightclub…Im pretty sure they will return the favor, that way you guys get good decent group leveling each other up.

lol, totally already did that. We went about a month ago. Haven’t been back since, mostly cuz the space was a little cramped.

word on the street someone went 40-6 down there. LOL