Rain City Grind (Tacoma) Off Week / Hittin Up 6th Ave

The next Grind will be TBA.

These sessions are meant to be scheduled around bigger events so the date is subject to change.

House Rules:

1.) No going upstairs
2.) Smoking of any kind will be done on the back deck.
3.) Brake it = Bought it
4.) If you want any food/drinks, feel free to bring them. :slight_smile:
5.) I have close neighbors, so it can’t TOO hype.

Attendance Conditions:

These are grind sessions dedicated to leveling up quickly. As these fight nights are few and far between we need to be as productive as possible. We’re still gonna have a very good time, but if that’s all you’re interested in then you will not like my conditions. If you want to have a good time and see dramatic improvements in your game, please come down.

1.) Set ups are now going to be limited to 2. My t.v. for rotation of casual sets and 1 extra set up strictly for training mode. This means a longer line for the casual rotation. Losses will be more frustrating because you will have to wait a while to play again. If you don’t play your best, you won’t be on the set up for long.

2.) On the casual rotation, you can pick any character (preferably your main) for the first rotation. If you happen to cycle through everyone in the rotation and it starts over, you must switch to another character (unless your opponent requests to see your main again). I encourage everyone to play more than just 1 main and this will help with that. This should also keep the rotation moving smoothly.

3.) Everyone must get on the Training Mode set up at least twice. Once to train, and once to be a training dummy. The Training Mode set up will stay on training mode. Everyone has things they need to work on that can’t be practiced alone in training mode and this is the solution. Even if you don’t have any specific ideas of things to drill, just turn off the meter and practice corner pressure, footsies, or option selects.

4.) No one at these sessions is “daddy” or “sensei”. None of us have mastered these games and thus no one is going to be talking down to anyone. There will be a mutual respect amongst all of us and helpful, creative, suggestions are encouraged.

Respect each other, respect the venue, and respect the grind.

I’m extremely dedicated to training and leveling up. If these conditions don’t suit you, I’m definitely not going to 86 you but you won’t have much fun here. So if you’re near Tacoma and can’t make it to the great Dojos up north, this is a good alternative for leveling up. PM me your number for directions.

Happy beasting folks. :nunchuck:



P.S. - Kudos to any other hosts that have adopted these attendance conditions for their own level up sessions. They will make for stronger players.

Props, good stuff Shred-san.

Way to go, Shred! Gogogo Tacoma!

GO SHRED! Yeah I need to visit Tacoma after this quarter is over with and play you guys.

What happened to Play Smart ?

I don’t really know all the details but from what I can tell, the turnout has not been worth the money the venue is making according the owner. But again, I’m not sure.

I know Terrance is working on a bigger status of tourney but until then PlaySmart is a no go.

:china: I think afro dojo is Thursday nights again so no infringing… except for maybe most majors. Friday is dead if you’re also free then.

My Friday > Your Friday

I would totally do Friday if I could. I gotta do right by the roomies though and Saturday is what it’s gotta be. Should still be good times though.

Edit: Makin free jokes Eman? lol

I’m gonna be there for sure,are you doin this on Saturday or mondays?

This will be Saturdays only. It will most likely be once every other Saturday unless there is a major somewhere.

Talked to Jimmy today and he’s comin too so we’ll be leveling up for sure. lol

Dec 13 is a monday tho

lol, woooopsss! wrong month. ok so it’s Dec. 11th. i’ll change it.

How’s the parking & neighborhood? Would it be safe to bring a bimmer there?

Well it is right between Hilltop and Downtown. My roomies and neighbors have nicer cars and they stay safe so you should be fine. You can park in the driveway if you get here early as I can fit 2 cars there but if those are taken then the street has plenty of room.

I’ll PM you my number so I can give you directions if you’d like to come.

I laughed

So I’ve got a couple people confirmed so far, but still just my set up. Can any body bring anything??

Otherwise it’s gonna be Thursday night at Gameworks in my house.

i can bring a 360 and two te sticks,if we really need it i can probably bring my 32 lcd tv too

that’d be cool man. I have a couple shitty old tvs that we can definitely make due with but if you want something a little nicer, you might have to hook it up. lol

I’d rather not have to carry my tv around in the car haha,like i said tho if we really really need it im down

ok man… well ill break out my old ones this week and see if any of them will work for what we need. I’ll let you know whats up though.