Rage Quiters List

So as with most games we know there will always be some rage quiters and Xbox One’s reputation system will hopefully sort some things out with them soon enough (Actually being hopeful on that one). So I’ve decided to start posting up these rage quiters whom I or others may deal with. I’m not just gonna go by saying their names but I will list them with a photo of them rage quiting. The point of this is to avoid these players and can choose to block them so they can’t waste our times because of a good match that is in our favor.

-The List-


Peter Campbell






Elmo Joon




OgK x PwneD (The name alone screams salty)


Painbarrier 212




If anyone else does see anymore get a photo and their name and I will get them on this list. The first part of getting this community to be strong is going to be dealing with these weak links who are wasting people’s time.

I will start soon just getting the visuals straight from my Xbox One soon so no more of these nasty looking pictures…

Rage-quitters are getting more and more common after Christmas. Thanks, moms of the world!

i wouldn’t be too quick to judge that these are all rage quitters and not victims of a piss poor network

After you’ve had a desync issue, it’s 100% obvious to tell when someone ragequits vs. having a desync. And I agree I’ve seen A LOT more ragequitting recently, hell even in exhibition I’m getting ragequit on. But I’ve pretty much stopped playing ranked for now due to rage quitting. It’s just not fun to get ragequit on like 50% of the matches you are going to win, then stay in all your matches that you lose because your points will be going backwards more than going up.

damn so many ppl RQ in KI?
And I thought the RQ ratio in IGAU was bad

So many rage-quitters outside of the normal because the rage-quitters get an XP boost in ranked. So they can literally rank up by rage-quitting.

wait, what is this BS? Really? Ranked matches and XP is one thing i really think needs to be patched.

Besides this above please tell me why when i match against a fighter that is 5 ranks above mine ( was a level 7 and fought a 12) and win i get a bs fraction of XP but when i lose to an level 8 takes away like 60% i can see if me losing say 30% but damn 60%?

The XP you get from winning and losing is really messed up right now. If you beat someone that is more than 2 ranks below you, you literally get nothing. I beat someone that was 4-5 ranks above me at the time and maybe got like 25%. He probably lost 50%, which just plain sucks. It’s barely rewarding to win vs. extremely punishing to lose right now. Which is why I think we are seeing more rage-quitters than normal right now.

Also, I only found out about the XP boost by accident. I was doing ranked one night and fought a guy, that had more lag than UMvC3, 2 times and I got him again. So I said fuck it and loaded up another game instead of selecting my character. The match never even happened, but after I killed some zombies and came back later I noticed that I had got a huge XP boost after my next match which I lost. I got like 30% when that guy I left was I think the same level as me. I never did it again mainly because I don’t get mad at losing (most of the time) or at least enough to quit. Then I heard on one of Max’s videos that he mentioned people are boosting up by rage quitting and I figured that it’s related.

KI is an utter joke online with the number of quitters.

A few from tonight!

Yeah I am a measly level 7 (8 now) and I faced this Jago that was I think level 9. He was doing nothing but jumping back and throwing fireballs and then doing windkick when I came towards him. As soon as it said “winner” after I won, he ragequit. And I didn’t get the points even though I heard it say “winner” because I know where I was before and after that fight. Retarded.

garak001 - May I add your videos to a KI quitter playlist?

If anybody else has videos let me know here or PM if you want me to add them. It has to be an obvious rage quitter, with no chance they lagged out. Had a few matches where they quit while I was getting my ass kicked. They mos

I don’t find as many quitters when I play as it sounds like you guys have. Maybe 1 in 20 matches. However I am also only winning about 50% of my matches, so that could be a big reason why.

No problem! Thanks for asking bob101910!

Volume 3

I’ve got a couple more for the list along with images, I just need access to a computer to upload them. I’m on my iPhone right now.

Fancycandyman13 = Rank 23 Rage Quitter

make sure u block this chump

full KI rage quit list = http://pastebin.com/XUqu7G0m

Now that they are going to jail, we should see less of them.


I got the best of him with Thunder v his Orchid, as soon as I put the final blow on him, Opponent has left the lobby. And best of all I got jailed.