Rage Quiters List

Now that I’m in jail. I’ve been playing less quitters and winning more. I actually get matched with people my rank, not people 10+ ranks higher.

It truly is ridiculous how bad the rage quitting this game is … and I’m talking about in Exhibition.

I don’t even play ranked right now because of how jacked up it is, and I’m getting rage quits in exhibition left and right.

Yeah even when they fix the ranked quitting, people will still rage quit in exhibitions where there’s no penalty. The average joes just don’t like holding their L’s.

I don’t play this game at all but this thread is a brilliant idea.

I’m out of jail now (rank 4) and I’m getting matched with level 13+ I like jail a lot better

Vegie Mite. Good job with the last second rage quit.

Also, sucks being in jail because people quit on you

these rage quitters are really annoying. have they sorted out the jail problem yet, i keep getting sent there everytime someone quits on me or disconnects.