Rage quit hell exist in ultimate?

Ok, so we all get our fair share of ragequiters on us. I personally don’t let it get to me that much even though it’s a waste of your time and you still get cheated out of a win or whatnot… but today I was playin some ranked matches. Fought some dude who had Vergil, Dante, Wesker (derp).

Before the match begins i notice his record was like 63-0 at the time. So I’m like hmm this should be interesting, lets see how legit he is. The match is underway and I’m gettin the best of him, he wasn’t doin anything too remarkable but he wasn’t terrible but he wasn’t good tbh. I start to wonder about his record. To make a long story short, he quits out as I’m finishing his 3rd character off with a hyper combo.

But here’s the kicker, his name didn’t show up on my recently met people and I couldn’t report him so I got pissed off. What is with that and does rage quit hell exist? I seriously don’t understand what people are trying to prove by quitting out. Really, who gives a shit if you lose or not, it’s not a tourny where you put money down to play…

Nothing has changed since vanilla in that you can trick the system to think you “accidentally lost connection” instead of “pulling the plug or turning off your console” Also the XBL system seems to be glitched out where you can’t see people you just played. Also also, you can’t report them for leaving the game. You can only avoid them via preferred players.

Isn’t there a little sticker or something by each player’s name showing how often they disconnect? Idk as I don’t really play online, but I do recall something about it in the instruction book. The FULL COLOR instruction book
God damn do I miss reading those things all the time, back when they were good.

I don’t rage quit to much often anymore, or least, I’m trying not too. I just get really mad when I can’t defeat characters in SSF4 Ae, such as Gief, Adon, Vega, and Balrog, and in Ultimate & Reg MVC3, Sentenial (Excuse my spelling), Wesker, and Dark Phoniex, Haggier, and sometimes, Dante because his extremely long combos.

I never rage quit.

But yeah, people have done it to me. You should check there badge, if it’s a start it means the player never rage quits | if it’s a skull, you better leave that game before they leave during the game. There’s a symbol for inbetween, I forget what it looks like. (It’s shown in the instruction booklet, like chirp pointed out.)

When you land that objection, all you see is disconnect…


Oh ok thanks, didn’t know about the badge. Hopefully it’s accurate, gonna only face star badges for now on only.

Good information on that badge. I never rage quit, the only time I drop is if my system freezes. That has only happened 2 times sine Ultimate. Stupid 360!
I dont let the rage quit bother me, other then in ranked. I feel that they should give the win to the person who does not drop, rather intentionally or unintentionally. That would stop the rage quitting.
I try to take rage quitting as a compliment. The best is when someone rage quits and sends you a hate mail along the lines of “Noob behavior.”

Don’t you think that makes you part of the problem? Combos too long = rage quit?

so…you’re saying you suck and instead of getting better you just quit like a bitch?


I have no idea why people rage quit, do they actually think their online record means shit? Seriously. This is a game meant to be played side by side on the same system. Cool, you’re 250-0 on Xbox, how many tournament wins do you have? Because that’s all that matters.

I’m pretty sure I faced the same guy, and he left before cap’s level 3 animation went threw. lol

So my girl has tripped over my ethernet cord like 4 times over 3 weeks, during games.

Still have a star on my profile. Have about 800 games played online total.

Avoid people will Skull icons. That’s basically an indicator of a ragequitter, and it takes a lot of disconnects to get there. You have to earn it.

I fought a tasky/dorm/??? player who was 24-0 and he rage quitted against me when I got his last character with Ace Attorney. Then a bit later I fought him again and he was 34-0 now, then he rage quit against me AGAIN when I got his last character with Ace Attorney again.

His name didn’t appear on my recent players list so after fighting him again the second time I wrote his name down before I clicked OK from the “lost connection” and sent him this message.

“Just letting you know, you won’t be able to rage quit in real court when you go there”

I keep getting disconnected in this game. It’ll say that I lost connection of live but i’m still online though. annoying.

You know, I’ve been having a lot of weird disconnects from Live while playing this game as well. I’ve even had the game stop, cut me off live, tell me my account has expired, but then if I restart the game everything’s fine.

Also, ha, didn’t realize you posted here too, go Hype-SRK!

yea man, discovered the site for vanilla SF4 and its been a great place to come to

Same thing here man! I thought it was just me, maybe my internet. But I also heard that you can’t look at recent players(I also thought that was only me) Combined with the lack of rage quit hell (I keep playing quitters) and replay function…the promised improved online is actually quite lackluster.

The random XBL dissconnects have been happening all over with gears 3, and even the ESPN app at times. Not just UMvC3.

I’ve played a very small amount of online in UMvC3, but my 5th or 6th match I played against a Vergil/?/Wesker team. Right before I killed off Wesker I noticed that he had stopped moving, and he quit right as I killed Wesker. The guy had like a 2-0 record, who the hell just ragequits at such a low amount of games played?