"Rage quit" and "Taunts"

Yes, I know the fact that since I made this thread discussing these 2 sensitive topics, you must think that I must have been very much bothered by people who taunted me and such. well, believe it or not, I am not bothered at all by being taunted; instead, I want to talk about their motives of doing so. In fact, I registered this account just to make this thread =D

First of all,
Rage Quits:
I really don’t understand why people would like to think whenever another player quits in a middle or near the end of the game, then they are “rage quitting”. Yes that player might indeed be raging, but there are many, many other reasons that he quit. I quit at the end of a game really often because 1) I didn’t feel like playing anymore 2) I have to go 3) I need to take a break . And then next time I log in, I would get messages like “lol fucking noob rage quit”. I’m sorry, should I waste 30 seconds of my life in order for the game to end properly and for you to get my battle points, and then press alt+F4? will I not be considered “raging” then?

And sometimes, in those youtube sf4 “rage quit” videos, the description would state “blah blah didn’t want to lose his BPs so he rage quits at the end”. If he quit because he wants to keep his BPs then he didn’t “rage quit”, dumb tard. He quits because he doesn’t wanna lose his pts

unnecessary taunts. I really don’t understand. I would understand if you taunt in the middle of the game to mess with the other player’s emotion; to make them rush you or something. it’s all a strategy in the game. but what’s the point of taunting another player when that player is dizzy with 1 pixel of health? Enlighten me, but the only motive I could think of is to be an asshole and put the other player down.
I get taunted at all the time. I am a noob to fighting games and I surely can beat 0% of this forum’s population. so I am not bothered by people trying to mess with me in video games. But, sometimes I just can’t understand what is going on in those gamers’ head. Is it really necessary to do so? Do you really need to degrade another player in a game for absolutely no reason? I am not a serious gamer at all. maybe that is why I don’t understand. maybe being good at this game is just a trumendous pride to them that they have to step on every little bug and burn their corpse? Don’t get me wrong. If I am god-like at this game, I would be pretty proud too. but I wouldn’t go around slapping people around for no reason.

I’m just saying. gamers nowadays like to label everything as a degradation to other players and try to step on others as much as possible. Why? to make themselves feel better. At the end of the day, it’s a freaking game. you must be a real winner in real life if you need to resort to such ways to boost your self-esteem.

let me know what you think, or flame me for being a little sensitive bitch that I appear to be.

people taunt because it makes you feel big pimpin

i wish people would do that to you in 100% matches you win online.
i bet you dont alt+f4 when you win a match and wanna take a break. you quit properly,after u gain bp. but u do when you lose a match so you dont lose any bp.
i wonder why its that.

I can tell this thread is going to go well

This is the same behavior you will encounter in most competitive games. You either learn to deal with it, or you uninstall and play games like Minecraft where mean people can’t reach you.

Why does the game have to be competitive? Beats me, it just is. Unless you can somehow convince everyone in the world - or at least just the people you’re playing against - to stop wanting to win, I doubt that’ll change. (Almost everyone wants to win. Not winning is what probably inspired you to make this thread - wouldn’t you have been a bit happier if you were a winner?)



Some players draw inspiration when told that they’re trash, need to l2p, and should uninstall and kill themselves. They head to training mode, they find as many ways to improve their game, and then set out to prove these people wrong.

And then some players go on the internet and complain about the mean people who hurt their feelings :frowning:

i taunt at the end of a fight to be an ass hole and so i can get some hate mail which i love so much i do what ever i can to get it except using a scrub character.

this +1000.

op is an idiot and that’s why he created a new account just for this thread. He was probably ashamed to write such bs under his real name

I taunt all day, win or lose. Not because I’m good, but because I can.

Also, OP’s name is awfully close to this guy’s: http://www.rage-quitters.com/default.aspx?s=cs99321

^lmao exposed

Don’t you lose BP and PP if you don’t finish the match properly? I lost more then I would by loosing if I’m not mistaken.
My provider sucks and I get disconnects like 3-4 times a day, thats why I noticed.
I also noticed if someone RQ on me on ranked, we both lose points, which is pretty dumb.
Points don’t matter anyway, I’m mostly playing endless because its just more fun.

I rarely taunt, when I do then only if I have a mirror match at the beginning of the match.

itt someone is a ragequitter who is salty about getting taunted

Same thing.

FYI the whole point of the point system is to match you up more accurately to your skill level. If you keep trying to protect points you don’t deserve, you’re just going to keep getting bodied because you don’t actually belong at that skill level. Especially at lower levels, where players are almost guaranteed to suck unless it’s a veteran making a brand new account. Once you cross a certain threshold the points don’t even matter anymore anyway.

Well it almost looks like a serious post so I will make a serious post in return. I am a bit guilty of taunting when my opponent is dizzy in his dying moments. To be honest, it was never about being an ass, but more about finishing the match in style especially if the match is ending with a perfect.

Taunting on the whole imo is supposed to generate an emotion. Its supposed to bring us closer to the game while playing or just watching. Its supposed to make us frustrated that we are having a had time, show off that we actually have some skill or just (as the viewer) make us say that guy looks cool or make the entire moment look cool. I will admit that excessive taunting is unnecessary. There is no reason that any given player needs to do more than 6 taunts (2 per round in a best of 3) but imo taunting does not make you an asshole. Sending messages to your opponent to kick them while they are down does.

If you’re that serious about a measly 30 seconds of your time wasted (Hell, I count less), then I really want to know what more important business you have. Because seriously, someone wins, and you just take their prize for winning away from them because you don’t feel like waiting a few seconds? Give me a break.

And people taunt just because. That’s really the best answer I can give.

If someone does a lot of taunts during a match, just handle it like an adult: send them a message telling them that they’re a stupid faggot who only won because they were spamming.

Taunting is part of the game… deal with it.

Quitting before a match is actually over is lame, as your competitor has no idea as to why you actually quit. I’ve only left a game early and that was because my son fell out of his bed and was screaming like a banshee. I had just won the first round, so it probably didn’t look like a rage quit.

El Fuerte’s Viva, Abel’s Happy Birthday, and Dan’s Air Taunt are the reason I mash RH and Fierce all the time. Nothing against other players, I just like to see them

I taunt when I want to indicate I’m impressed with something the opponent did, but there isn’t a “hats off” button. It always gets taken the wrong way. :frowning:

For that I usually send a “really good game” message or indicate what i am impressed with in a message after the fight. If you won the match dont expect them to be too appreciative of the comments though…

Taunting is bad?

I’m not being an ass here, I just never considered that people would get upset over taunting. I have been adding in taunts since day one into my juggles and combos or during resets when there is that dead time when you are already in the position you want to be and are waiting for your opponant to stand. I guess it all depends on who you played with in the early days as all of my friends that I grew up with have a “taunt whenever you can” mentality as well. But my friends could just be dicks.

The game has a natural rhythm for taunts so when I don’t see them where they can be placed it throws me off a little… plus its not as if you get just one taunt, the game offers you a ton as if to say “Find one you like and use it often!”

Also… yes you should waste 30 seconds of your life so your opponent can get their BP. They won, you lost, they get the reward, you do not. If that is something you cannot deal with, do not play competitive games.

That being said, sometimes people have bad connections, or the internet hicups or GFWL craps out… stuff happens. When someone quits out of a match I will try to rejoin them or find them again and if they start booting me from their game then I figure they are raging.

about taunts - if its making your opponent do rage mistakes its silly not to exploit it.
mental training is as important as combo training. without clear mind you wont win even if you are better player.

I don’t care if the opponent taunt in game.

I can even understand a rage quit, some people can get emotional.

Those who are sending a message insulting the opponent after a match (won or lost) are the biggest losers IRL I can think of. Not even worth replying, too much time already spent reading those pathetics beings.