R.Mika Matchup: 'cus pro wrestling is... the very BEST!

Isn’t it cool that any time Chun Li comes up as your opponent in the rankings your points are stolen, just because it’s Chun Li? I think that’s super cool. If anyone has any info on how to not make this fight 8-2, I’d love to hear it. I’ve never in my history of fighting games seen someone shit on another character the way Chun does on Mika. This is way way WAY worse than the Birdie match. And please don’t tell me how to whiff punish her, I know. That’s not good enough. You can’t even turtle against her because her projectile is like a damn sonic boom now with the release and recovery.

When I see Chun Li come up on screen, if the person is vaguely decent, I might as well let go of the controller. It makes me seriously want to uninstall the game, that’s how bad this matchup is. Help because that sound when Mika loses and goes UWAHHHH is so sad and I don’t want to hear it!

Bison has been giving the most trouble. His buttons tanks everything I try to throw at him. I’m able to punish his scissor kick with EX command grab. I actually managed to grab him out of scissor kick with wingless airplane.

My strategy is just to block bison, let him hang himself. After all if he comes towards mika he’s just a mp away from getting slammed into the wall. It’s not that big a problem getting pushed to the corner so I just block. What’s he gonna do, dash towards us and throw? I know that’s not the easiest thing to react to but when that’s his only thing it makes it easy to smack him out of.

Ok, I’ve joined the forums just to share some matchup knowledge with my fellow Mika players. It is a struggle playing against the majority of the cast. The worst matchups I’ve come across so far are Cammy, Bison, Karin, Chun and Ryu. There’s just a lot more risk than reward against these guys. Mika struggles a lot with neutral jumpers.

Anyway, some of my experiences getting around them.

Vs Cammy - Her hooligan move can be jabbed out of on reaction, except for her ex one, which is just a struggle to react to. A lot of her normals are + on block so you can only really punish her HP, HK or cr.MK with a low jab into light shooting peach. If you are good at ground footsies game then you can whiff punish a lot with forward MK. EX wingless airplane can condition her to stop doing dive kicks. I save my ex bar for this in the match-up. cr.HK can be tempting but don’t use it often cause one neutral jump can lead to huge damage. Watch out for the frame traps and use V-Reversal if you have to. Watch out for cannon strike. The timing is pretty tricky, but you can react to a blocked one with a dash forward fwd.HP crush counter punish.

Vs Karin - You want to try and rush her down early on because she has no ex bar to do her reversal. Condition her early on with command grabs so that when she gets her bar she’s tempted to use her ex reversal. Use charged HK to get in. You want to either be full screen away or really close. She controls the mid-range pretty well with her buttons and has good pokes. Full screen away you can time that scrub up and low move that players are using online - just neutral jump and combo when you see it coming. Up close her pokes seem unsafe and can be jabbed inbetween strings - but note I am not too sure as I haven’t tested this myself. A good punish for her HP anti air is to do a jumping frog splash move (d.MP in the air). Because this move delays your landing, it can punish normals, but use sparingly as it can be punished if blocked.

Vs Bison - You want to get in his face early on. That frog splash move with punish his anti air cr.HP (I think is the button he uses). When close you can frame trap him using LP and forward HP into crush counter. You can EX Wingless Airplane a blocked headstomp. You don’t want to be mid range against him as it’s a risky position to be in. Bison can use his slide to punish a charged HK and get a counter hit from it. When bison is pressuring you, you have to V-Reversal as he can lead to some huge damage. His HK is +3 on block!!! Also, his scissor kicks can be punished with a LP + Shooting Peach - all except his LK one.

Vs Ryu - Play the patient game. When full screen away use v-skill. If timed correctly, it can absorb the first fireball he throws at you and the mic will hit the next fireball the player throws (cause all Ryu’s like throwing back-to-back fireballs, right?). Use cr.HK to get under fireballs or V-Trigger (if you have that) to react to them. A lot of Ryu’s will block and neutral jump a lot. It’s best to slowly close the distant. When you’re at a mid-range anticipate the jump in. If you notice the Ryu is expecting you to jump, do a charged HK to get in. If blocked, do a rainbow typhoon (it has great range for a throw and use your v-skill to charge the next throw). Once the player gets frustrated you can annoy the Ryu with d.MP anti air or wingless airplane to catch his jump ins. If you manage to get Ryu into the corner then do your usual mixup game. Respect the DP though!

Vs Chun - pray that the servers disconnect you.

Thanks dude!

V trigger against Dhalsim players is pretty useful. When you see that teleport or v skill in the air, you can call nadeshiko and follow up with ch rh into ex wingless airplane. Also if you do the v trigger while holding the buttons down you can make it scary for sim to tele since there a chance he could eat a combo.

Yeah, dive bomb can be very useful with delaying your decent just a little bit. It is super effective against normals, as you float above their button and come down on their recovery. It can also be effective against wake up anti airs when people are desperate to cut the pressure, if you do it right it can win or dodge their move. I’ve taken out ex spinning bird kick and ex shoryuken clean with this one. Just don’t do it a second time :slight_smile: or you’ll eat whatever combo they can muster.

Are Gief and Bison even possible to win against? God damn.

Hi guys. Got 7th at my locals yesterday solely because I don’t know what the fuck to do vs Ken.

Anyone have any tips on the matchup? what are you guys doing? I’m super lost.

Watch the archive from Daigo’s stream last night. 2 Mika players (one of them was Fuudo) faced Nuki (Chun-Li).
Mika won every time. It could be 5-5 or maybe even in Mika’s favor.

Got a link?



Chun li has excellent fundamentals. Probably some of the best in the game. However, I would have to disagree with her being an unfavorable match up against R.Mika.

The reason I believe people have been struggling fighting her in general is simply that to fight Chun Li you must:

  1. know your reactions

R.Mika’s buttons are not great in terms of start up time or active frames, but she does have some great tools that can help you get around a novice Chun Li player. As a novice yourself, the key is to block her cross ups. It is easy to chain damage from them and requires ‘easy’ inputs from the Chun Li player (well relative to Chun Li’s other stuff.) I know this may come off as condescending but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to force myself to just block her damn cross up and ‘do nothing while Chun Li does a lot of leg work’. If you don’t you’ll get blown up by Chun Li. Her rushdown is too strong for R.Mika to fight aggressively.

Use Wingless to condition Chun Li to fear it enough so that she spends a lot more air time doing things that would punish it. It can stop things like her V-Skill if timed right. You can’t beat Chun Li in the air but R. Mika does have decent anti air options (standing medium kick, wingless, peach, cr. medium punch.)

You will do most of your damage by reacting to things she does. A lot of what Chun Li can do is safe on block but you have a few things in your favor here. R. Mika’s decent anti air options, jab confirms (punishing whatever she uses that is /not/ safe on block. Read up on her frame data.), and your higher throw range (she will try to throw you or shimmy if you let her get too close and stay defensive, but since your throw range is longer you can use that knowledge to your advantage.) These give you the defensive edge needed to level the playing field.

  1. play R.Mika in a non-standard way

So you got your defensive game up to snuff, but how the hell do you damage her? The biggest problem I have seen so far is that standard R.Mika likes to play footsies and use mid-range pokes. But who else do we know likes to do this? The queen of fighting Chun Li. Both of you share a niche in this sense, and more importantly you both are pretty versatile characters. So how do you get in on her given her pokes and footsies are better? Be slippery. R. Mika has a ton of weird tricks.

Dive bomb, for example, while not safe allows you to punish a lightning legs if you jump over her. Drop Kick and Shoulder Roll on the other hand allow you to hit her safely from a range, getting Mika away from the zones where Chun Li’s Hakkei can out poke her jab confirms.

Another non-standard thing you need to focus on is using meaty moves to your advantage. Without meter, Chun Li has poor wake ups, almost all of which can be beaten by command throws and Lady Mika. Therefore part of your goal is to try and bait out her ex meter. She builds this quickly, however, so your windows and timing will be narrow. But if you focus on baiting out her ex legs and ex spinning bird, you can start going on the offensive more safely. A meaty command throw and Lady Mika can be interchanged to force Chun Li to lose on wake up nearly every single time if she she does not have meter.

Chun Li is forced to play fairly predictably as a general thing. Because of this, R.Mika’s toolbox becomes a lot more subtly destructive to Chun Li, since R.Mika has a lot of different ways to get the same result. For example, ex Peach and Ex Wingless are great for escaping, yet have very different vectors for doing so. This makes it harder for Chun Li to keep her in a corner. Combine that with Rainbow Typhoon and the option set becomes even more of a headache.

I realize a lot of what I said is fairly basic stuff, but Chun Li is a character that forces you to know your fundamentals and know them well and yet play in a way that isn’t really standard to how R.Mika fights. But like most opponents that face R.Mika her strength is that she can adapt due to her wide toolset.

Try lk.wa (wingless airplane) to beat Karin’s RessenHa. It’s really fast. It also works against nash’s moonsault (the jaguar kick from the air) if done from neutral.

Karin’s moves are really weird. Almost /all/ of her specials have some weird air time despite mostly being on the ground. They also have slight pauses, making them ex peach-able. Pretty much all of her special moves that aren’t Guren Ken can be punished by these.

Nash’s moonsault can also be wingless punished as 3nigmat1c but be careful of his ex. You have to wait a lot longer on block or you’ll get hit with it anyway. The first ‘pause’ isn’t safe to punish, so wait till the whole damn thing is ‘done’ but he is still in the air for safest results.

Okay lets cover a matchup I haven’t seen yet…

R.Mika - vs - R.Mika - what do you do!

Here is the tech - when the match starts you have to immediately back dash, and charge your v-trigger. Keep charging, the other mika, if she isn’t a scrub, will also begin charging… and it’s all a game of chicken.

So what is the best way to go from across the screen to a 1hko throw as mika v mika?

srs question pls only srs answer.

Is Rashid punishable ever? Can’t seem to ever stop him from just doing whatever he wants.

So playing on Saturday and a Ken with decent fireball pressure seemed basically untouchable.

I know that with crouching roundhouse we can inch forward, but his mobility just made it so he ran away if I got too close.

You can use EX shooting peach for absorbing fireballs and hit him if he comes too close

I’m having such a hard time against Necalli, Cammy and Chun. I lose almost Eeeeeeverytime against them