R.Mika Matchup: 'cus pro wrestling is... the very BEST!

Pro wrestling is the strongest discipline
Nothing compares to how perfect it is
No matter how hard the opponent tries
They can’t move my marvelous might
’cus pro wrestling is… the very BEST!!!

This is a directory of the various match specific threads. Each thread is focused on up to date tactics that helps you take out any specific foe. The original threads are updated, so finding information should be fast.

In this main thread we can also discuss general matchup information, such as how to overcome zoners, pokers, rush down, ect. This is all community driven, so post your questions, shared your answers, please :slight_smile:

[] [Ryu](Mika Matchup: Ryu
] [Ken](Mika Matchup: Ken
[] [Chun-Li](Mika Matchup: Chun-Li
] [Cammy](Mika Matchup: Cammy
[] [Nash](Mika Matchup: Nash
] [Dictator](Mika Matchup: M. Bison
[] [Claw](Mika Matchup: Claw
] [Birdie](Mika Matchup: Birdie
[] [Karin](Mika Matchup: Karin
] [R.Mika](Mika Matchup: Mika in the Mirror
[] [Zangief](Mika Matchup: Zangief <3
] [Dhalsim](Mika Matchup: Dhalsim
[] [Rashid](Mika Matchup: Rashid
] [Laura](Mika Matchup: Laura
[] [F.A.N.G.](Mika Matchup: F.A.N.G
] [Necalli](Mika Matchup: Necalli
[] [Alex](Mika Matchup: Alexplain it to You Planely
] [Guile](Mika Matchup: Guile
[*] [Survival Mode](Mika Matchup: Survival Mode

(I can only make so many threads at a time, so I will complete the list shortly)

I don’t have the game yet (digital pre order), but I already know from my beta experiences that Birdie gonna be a headache for us Mika players.

How deal with him? He got great range and damage; it seems he can neutralize pratically all techniques of hers.

My Roommate mains Birdie and I can tell you its a problem. The only advice I can give is pretty general. As Mika players we should try to get the life lead and wait for him to come to us as his approach is rather predictable. Dropkick is unreliable because he can essentially press any of his many good buttons on reaction to beat it as well as armor through it with I think its his f.HP.(The one where he shoulders you)

I’ve had success on EX shooting peaching his V-skill on reaction which is really good. The armor eats through both the banana and the soda can and it gives you a free way in. We can’t play the footsie game with him so we have to play kind of reactionary to him. Watch out for his command grabs though because his beats Mika’s grabs clean every time. I work a lot of F.HP into my game when fighting Birdie since all his stuff is too slow to contest it.

If you somehow manage to get in on Birdie though then he gets absolutely mauled by Mika because her up close game is insane and that on top of Birdie’s poor defense almost means the round is over if you play your cards right. I was also having middling success with c.MK. It seemed to beat a lot of Birdie’s normals or trade but I haven’t done any real testing with it.

Anyone have tips for the Mika vs Ryu match-up? Having a heck of a time getting in. Using f+mk and mp for pokes but just cannot do much. Getting crushed by Ryu’s c.hk but after blocking doesn’t seem like I have any options, except for c.lp, c.mk, or f.mk. However, I have discovered I can punish his c.hk with ex.peach, but was really looking for something more.

Birdie seems real. Thanks for the tip on EXing through the banana Blackout.

If you don’t have meter and there’s a banana out, you really just have to chill. If you try to jump over it, you’re eating anti-air. If you try to hop kick, you’re eating an armor shoulder. On the bright side, waiting for it to expire isn’t so bad; he can’t use his V-skill while the banana is on the ground, so there’s nothing useful he can do while hiding behind it except hope that we jump in.

The main thing about ryu, and ken honestly, is that you have to condition them in order to win. Mika has a lot of tools at her disposal against them. For example, :hk: when charged and close enough to hit, can go over fireballs if timed right since it is airborne. At further ranges, her cr. :hk: allows her to get past them and her shooting peach right after can close the distance in time to at least trade and make them wary if not completely catch them off guard. Disabling their fireball game is crucial to getting anywhere.

Ryu has strong normals though no doubt. You will have to force them into a game of punishment when in neutral. Wingless can make them wary and if you go over them only a standing light button can hit you as punishment. This dangerous yes, so you’ll need to use it at your own judgement, but making them scared of wingless forces them further to be more hesitant about shoryu’s and air attacks, leaving you with the ground game where you can mix it up between her crouching buttons and her stand :lk: and :mp: to poke them to a corner. These are safe and tricky and are the key to getting would be shotos to corners.

Once you have them in a corner you need only fear their wake up shoryu’s and ‘crazyness’, which unfortunately I can’t give advice on. At least at the lower levels Ryu’s and Ken’s are about this sort of conditioning described above. Obviously stronger ones are harder to generalize, but the game is largely the same. Punish, condition, and be good at blocking shoryu’s.

To address your more specific concern their cr. :hk: is mostly a problem up close, but in neutral game you want to stay fairly mid-range around Ryu for maximum effect in terms of your poking. Mika is great close up, but she needs to use her poking tools from mid-range mentioned earlier, first before she can get in on the opponent. Another useful thing, which you had found that I will further explain is that ex. peach is indeed a good punish for a lot of things they do. Her ex. peach is probably her most useful out of any of her ex moves against Ryu and Ken because of its ability to punish and its armor. Almost all of her ex options are useless in comparison unless you are really hurting for options getting them into the corner. Saving your ex meter, here, is therefore more threatening to them and will force them to stay on guard (unless of course they are ‘crazy’ but again we can’t really plan for that).

Birdie is definitely a problem, but I find him interesting. The neat thing about fighting Birdie is that you can use her heavy and medium peach to punish his chain grab after block. I somewhat disagree with the plan to try and get up close as possible, partially due to his command grab. From what I have found, keeping him at about just a crouching :mk:'s worth of space seems to be the most effective in terms of responding to him without getting clobbered. This is because while Birdie has really good buttons they tend to be slower than most others, making him REALLY punishable.

The reason I personally find him a problem is two things: 1. You can’t really have corner advantage against him due to his size and buttons. Frustrating for Mika who’s main strength is in the corner. 2. His V-Trigger makes all of his moves super dangerous. When it activates the only real solution I’ve found so far is to just try and get it to run out, keep distance, and block as much of it as possible. If they are stupid enough to activate it near you though you can get a crush counter with your slide kick.

Other than that though he is a menace for sure. I think he might be in the top five most difficult match ups for R.Mika that I’ve seen so far, especially if he is put in the right hands.

Double post

Birdie definitely is a problem… I had a match and it was a brick wall. Jump = anti-air, and his headbutt thing has crazy priority so you’re not trading, you’re just eating. Can’t even get over him with cross up. It’s worse that he has the same game horizontally.

What I don’t know - does his headbutt have counter hit recovery like the srk do? If so the game to get in might be to bait it out, crush counter, and then get your closer footing where you can stand a chance.

I’m sad to hear his command grab beats out Mika’s though, so I guess you want to be in mk range, just outside of your own throw range.

I wish I could play the match up more, but online I seem to find karin, ken, ryu, and nash are the most popular. I think I’ve only seen birdie twice, once was a noob, so I won without a fuss, but the other was just a brick wall… unlike anything I’ve seen in a while :\

His headbutt is definitely punishable on block with cr. :lk:. I have found that the key is indeed baiting him out.

Any ideas on Necalli? Getting in on him seems to be quite the problem. Add in that he has his own command grab, and I’m having a rough time figuring him out.

I think the key against Birdie (and other characters who tend to out-range you with their pokes) is to try and whiff-punish or contend their normals with c.HP when possible. It beats out lights and mediums due to the priority system, seems to be decently safe on block as long as you make sure that it just barely grazes them, closes some distance, leads into target combo on counter-hit, and IMO has deceptive recovery timing, making it decent for tick throws. It’s not some end all solution to footsies of course, but it’s useful in situations where you feel like you can’t get in range for f.MK.

Yeah I think you’re right. My goal today when playing Mika is to use c.hp a bit more, as well as tick throws. I haven’t really focused on throws yet with Mika, and after seeing some of her combos and set ups, it seems getting in EX Rainbow Typhoon is the best use of your meter.

Chun li’s HP CC… is stupid. How do you deal?

Any tips against fang? Having issues getting in and effectively punishing.

Don’t jump too much. Watch his jump cross up and ground cross ups. Cr. Hp to roll under his fireball lob on reaction. Ex shooting preach can blow through that move to and absorb one fireball. Inch your way in by walking and using f+mk. Be very careful not to abuse your v-skill. Many of his attacks hit twice at various ranges.

Is it a good idea to just ignore his v-skill fireball and just eat the poison so you can get in on him?

Hey guys im struggling against Nash players. Any advice would be appreciated

Some stuff I found against Karin:
[] Neutral Jump will make her wakeup EX DP whiff
] cr.MP, st.MP frame trap can be blown up by a command grab

Any advice for punish the Karin RessenHa?

I mean, this move:


Also, this 2-hit move on reaction completely destory the Mika’s V-Skill at any (almost) range.

Stand Jab can easilly stuff RessenHa.

Or just block high and then block low, the followups are either the sweep (you’ll block low and punish) or the air grab (that whiffs on crouch and you can punish).
She can also don’t do a followup so she can stay near you. I think if you block RessenHa and mash cr.LP immediatelly after you’ll beat all of her options.

If you’re in the proper range, charged HK goes over his v skill. If not, just neutral jump to avoid it or eat the poison if you’re really close to him and doing a neutral jump would be a risk.