R. Kelly forgiven. Then, backlash

Same goes for prison sentences. Doesn’t matter if it’s 15 years or 20, he’s still going in!

As far as aliyah go that’s old news she was banging DMX and I forget who else she was a lil skeeze. I guess more than anything its the fact it was a pattern that makes it bad if it was the one time it could be forgiven more easily. I am a believer hat everyone can be redeemed though.

Pretty sure she was only with Kellz and Dame. Everyone else is rumor.

Nah man that shit is just straight up broke. Its 10-0, 9.8-.2 at the worst because even in the cases that they actually do wind up in jail it isnt full length. I just find it sad that that man could have all the grown woman pussy in the world that he wants but chooses to get with these little girls.

Motherfuckers are just crazy.



Drip, drip, drip.

I’m getting dressed and dancing to it right now. It’ll never die.

Boondocks covered this

his song with with lady gaga is never off the radio these days, this is a mofo that pisses on and fucks kids. smdh


I’ve been laughing about that for years now. Every time I hear him being referred as the Pied Piper of R&B I imagine him prancing about with flute leading starstruck tweens into the back of a gmc rape van with spinning rims.

R. Kelly would’ve had a better chance of being convicted without the tape. It proved his innocence. Everyone knows from the age of 2, maybe less, that pee-pee is icky. Letting someone pee on you is an executive decision. It’s like people who commit heinous crimes and get tried as adults. She gave up her minor status when she let herself be used as a toilet seat.




LMAO… that argument can sadly represent the logic of the 'merica court system. Reminds me of The Devil’s Advocate court scene :coffee:

All I know is dude has some magical power for dodging trouble. If I was a defense lawyer before his trial, looking at that tape, there would be NO way I’d take that case. All that tape was missing was footage of him in the studio remixing Ignition. To this day, I can’t believe that “it wasn’t me” shit worked. The weird thing is, that’s it. I was looking into Kelly’s case, thinking maybe the tape got suppressed, or something else messed up the case. No. The tape was evidence. The jury just ruled that piss was digital. That’s it. It wasn’t me. Shaggy defense. Amazing.

black dude actually committed a crime and was acquitted? yeah fucking right. team kells, all day.

full disclosure: i just had a trapped in the closet viewing pre-game party at the crib a few weeks ago.

and for the record, he was calling himself the pied piper before he was acquitted of all charges because, you know…that’s how innocent niggas roll!

His new album got the cuts tho. Cookie, Legs Shakin, and Marry the Pussy put in work.

gets a like for the introduction to the boonducks, shit is unbelievable lol

You NEVER seen Boondocks?

been watching it all day man half way through first season, cant believe how a show like this could stay under the radar lol