R. Kelly forgiven. Then, backlash

Really, really enjoying how R.Kelly has been getting ethered lately. There was recently a really good interview with the journalist who first stumbled across the story (re: statutory rape etc) via the Village Voice.

Also, a nice dig at Jezebel, as I tend to dislike them and their ilk:

Bang! But, more to the point:

Having his goons take teenage girls to get coerced abortions, going back to his school in Chicago on multiple occasions to pick up underage girls, paying people off, etc.

About the case he was acquitted for:

The infamous tape:

In general:

Good stuff. Not good in a good way, but good work.

Not a fan of TP either, but an interesting piece about sexual predators in general:

Should have kept that one in the closet.

I feel like parents who lock their kids in the closet as a form of punishment would get more mileage out of it if they made the kids think that R. Kelly was waiting in there.

Hide a little bluetooth speaker in there. Every once in a while the kid walks by the closet and can faintly hear Step in the Name of Love playing. Horrified.

Lol real talk that was my favorite song though.

White people tell their kids the boogeyman is hiding in the closet. Black people tell theirs its R. Kelly with a full bladder.


People believe R.Kelly is an artist which is why he gets a pass. He deflects the attention he gets for the kiddie porn with songs people want to listen to and that’s how he gets away with it.

He should have been held to the fire years ago. I’m okay with him getting his come-uppance.

I always found it funny that after the allegations and controversy…his career just kept getting better and better.

*I still remember how it was never really seen as a serious thing when Aliyah seemed to have something “secret” going on with him when she was the new teen R&B singer on the scene…he would even be right there with her in interviews at the beginning, and it often looked like a couple that occasionally would shoot playful glances at each other, and everyone just laughed this (and the fact that “Age Aint Nuthin’ But a Number” was her song; I’m sure most remember that she was 15 when this song became a hit) off.

Sidenote–I hated his part in that song though…I remember cutting that part from the video when I’d record it back in the day.

Another layer of the comedy with the whole situation— when caught on video that one time, he basically just used that “Shaggy song” defense of saying “It wasn’t me.” and ACTUALLY GOT AWAY WITH IT. :rofl: …even though it was clearly him, and I think Tavis Smiley was the one interviewing him about it…he even said “Well, if it’s not you then it must be a twin” but Kelly just held his ground on that like “Nah…it wasn’t me.” Amazing. So, that teaches us that in order to get away with things like that…just be successful and have as much money as possible so you can afford to pay certain people off, and deny deny deny.

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Anyone read the full article? Crazy shit, dude raped dozens of girls and paid off all their parents. Roman Polansky fled the country, Paris Hilton got her jail sentence removed due to her psychologist saying jail time would be too traumatizing, even that kid who killed 4 got off due to being inflicted with “affluenza”. The lit of examples goes on and on.

Money especially with the celebrity status assist vs the legal system is a 9-1 matchup.

R. Kelly is a great artist and make entertaining music.

R. Kelly is also a pervert that even if allegations of picking up underage girls aren’t true between his music and related exploits that is obvious.

But any parent that takes money to cover something like their underage child being fucked/pissed on and not even enough to slow the man’s life style down in the slightest is not doing their job as either a parent or sleazebag.

Way of the world, get that money or fame and go crazy, 8 times out of 10 you will get off lighter then if you were broke and going crazy.

i said my piece in the rap thread about this. i think its thread worthy too. lemme repost what i said in there.

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this r kelly shit is worse then michael jackson shit, because if you look at the cases, they were bullshit, and even the first kid came out a few years ago trying to seek forgiveness and letting the cat out the bag that he lied, and his parents made him make all that stuff up. it got very little tread in the media, because its better to keep michael jackson the villain. mike was weird for sure, but the evidence on him being a child toucher is pretty shaky at best, with the latest shady character coming out like last year, wade robson, trying to say that oh yeah, he touched me too. which came at a hella conveinent time due to some legal shit the jackson estate was going through, and wade robson aint hot out here anymore, choreographing the top pop stars like he use to. probably hunting for a quick check, while putting his dignity on the line. dude been riding jackson junk, figuratively speaking, since he first got on, and now all of a sudden its fuck michael jackson, he touched me. ha!

now with that rant over, back to r kelly. THE TAPE, end of story. if that wasnt him, then im the fucking ghost of a dragon. lol. even his past with aaliyah also, that was kinda obvious. i mean, the dude is just a perverted predator, with tons of undeniable evidence against him.

Oh, ohh, ohhhhhh!!! I got this one:

“rape culture”

Ignition was da shyt tho

Paging @thurst, leader of the Pied Piper reputation squadron.

whats so hard about paying a hooker who is willing to drink piss? There are plenty of those.

That’s the funniest/saddest part-- After the tape came out and the police botched the case, allowing him to get off, this ninja had the audacity to refer to himself as THE PIED PIPER OF R AND B!

The. Pied. Piper. The dude that steals children away with music…

Ignition remix should still be the United States national anthem. I supported that petition.

“It’s the remix to Ignition, hot & fresh out the kitchen.”

Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce