R.I.P. Tim and Eric 1996-2010

good riddance to bad rubbish


but it wasn’t just that show. Hell, Metalocaplypse is the only decent thing on these days.

You do realize Mission hill was created before Adult swim existed right?

These two are absolutely hilarious


I dont think I’ve ever laughed harder then when I first saw this. But yeah definitly niche, most of my friends thought I was a fucking weirdo when I showed that to them (although everyone who I REALLY get along with were with me on this.) Tim and Eric, good predictor of long beautiful friendship.

good. less live action crap more cartoons.

King of the Hill is the best show on Adult Swim. Everyone should give it a try.

For every one good joke it has, it’s just fourteen lol redneck pride get r done.

The only truly funny thing out of Time and Eric was “It’s not Jackie Chan”. I’d link it on YT but I think it got taken down. :frowning:

lol…its cartoon network and april fools day…when havent they tried to prank people? i fuckin hate tim and eric.

Yeah this is probably a nasty April Fool’s joke by adult swim. Getting people’s hopes up and then shitting on them. The show is extremely bad and should burn in hell imo.

No they won’t be.

I wish this was true, but since the news came out on April 1st…yeah.

I love KotH.

as for Tim and Eric, I loved tom goes to the mayor but the garbage that is their tim and eric awesome show…YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL :mad:

Thank god this garbage is off the air.
And to all the people who say we “don’t get it”:

You are fucking dumb.

Too bad it’s April 1st :cry: T&E can go burn in a plane wreck loaded with thermite.

Funny thing is people watch that shit then had the nerve to try to boycott Freaknik before it even aired.

Edit: What’s even funnier is for some reason I get a smash boards vibe from the T&E board on adultswim.com aka they think T&E is the best thing ever and if you don’t get it then you’re below their level or not as good as they are some how.

you’d be surprised. I don’t know a single person who can even tolerate this show. and yes, most of them stopped watching AS altogether because of poor programming choices (not just tim and eric).

That guys post cited that show alone. Either way, watch the shows you want, don’t watch the shows you don’t want to. Why would you stop watching Adult Swim altogether because you don’t like most the shows. I barely like any shows but I still watch Tim and Eric.

That wasn’t my point. And still, I’ll point above. How hard is it to tune in for the shows you like, then change the channel for the ones you don’t? Like I said, its a niche audience. I know very few people that like it, and I don’t even recommend it to people even if I’m sure they will like it because of the vitriol this show seems to inspire. Obviously Adult Swim is still doing well enough to not be canned, so I don’t think I’d be that surprised.

I know for me I leave cartoon network on as background noise for adult swim, not something I constantly pay attention too. So often when I turn the TV off to save my brain cells from being assaulted by tim and eric, i just never go turn it back on.

Oh, thank whatever diety really exists. This was the shittiest show I’ve seen since that '80’s canadian kids show Happy Castle.

I personally know one person who enjoyed this show and when they showed it to me I couldn’t stand to watch a minute of it. I’ve seen some horrible shows but damn…
As for Adult Swim they hit the fan a while ago. I stopped watching AS years ago and I haven’t looked back.