R.I.P. Tim and Eric 1996-2010

u will be missed :crybaby:

What happened? I lost my Cartoon Network fill me in .

you haven’t seen the latest episode?

If this show is over. I’ll be glad. I have no idea how it lasted this long.

Assuming that the show is gone and not that they died a horrible death: good riddance.

Oh thank fucking god that horrible shit is off the air.

My calendar calls bullshit.

I feel this may be bull shit. Damn April Fools.

However, if it’s true, best news all week.


tim and eric is dope :clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos:

Abso, lutely!

egg zactly!

Finally their reign is over . That show was the worst shit to hit adult swim . Adult Swim fell off and lost a lot of its core audience when that shit was on air .

I realize the show has a very niche audience, so I don’t really care about defending it, but I doubt 1 15 minute show made such an impact on the block. Who has ever liked EVERY show on Adult Swim (and then was so enraged 1 show got on that they didn’t like, they protested the entire block)?

this better be bullshit, and if you don’t get meta humor you can GTFO, shit is the future of comedy

Fuck outta hear with the meta humor bullshit that shit was psuedo-gay all the time ain’t nothing funny about two males on top of each other putting their balls in each other faces If that was the case I would LOGO standup.

way to really miss the point bro, just cause you don’t “get it” doesn’t mean you should come in talking shit. When i don’t understand something i stay the fuck out.

This is most likely an April Fools joke, but I PRAY this is true.

I seriously can’t see why anyone would want to watch that shit.

worst show on TV, much like the other have said, assuming that doesn’t mean they DIED, I couldn’t be happier about a show cancellation.

edit: I would actually go turn off the TV whenever they were on, it’s literally the only tv show EVER where that is the case, it was just so bad.

I do understand meta humor that shit was just awkward , and gay for no reason every situation they were doing something wack. The show was terrible they should have brought back Mission Hill . I like Metahumor the office does it very well . You used that word out of context.